As co-vocalist for the rock band Kiss, Paul Stanley also lends rhythmic guitar performance and co-writes many of the band’s chart-topping songs. For this, the American musician earned the title as “The Starchild” of Kiss. Stanley represents this persona with a black star over his eye while his bandmates wore red lipstick over their white-painted faces. When Kiss disbanded, he slowed down on show appearances and focused more in his advocacy, although his financial advisor would most likely advise him to continue singing more actively.

Born with external ear defect, Stanley supports the charity foundation AboutFace, where he acts as a spokesman to inspire people with facial irregularities. But people can’t get over the fact that the former rock star’s brows and face appear to have been lifted.


Starting out in the Broadway play Barefoot in the Park in 1966, Joan Van Ark penetrated Hollywood and signed up for the role of Valene Ewing on the primetime TV series Knots Landing. Her fresh and beautiful face stunned fans and quickly brought her to stardom. She was awarded “Best Actress” twice by the Soap Opera Digest Award in 1986 and in 1989 and became a celebrity judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, gaining for her a positive credit report.

But the once delicate beauty rode the plastic surgery bandwagon in an attempt to maintain her youth. Sadly, the procedure seemed to have a less than pleasant effect on her.


Rose Gowan claimed her fame from her appearance as Paige Matthews in Charmed. She became a crowd favorite thanks to her innocent face and charming personality. Her breakthrough project was followed by other notable roles on hit movies like Jawbreaker and Lizzy Borden Took An Ax. Her career took a turn when she started dating singer-songwriter Marilyn Manson.

When Rose and Marilyn dated, Rose’s appearance changed drastically. Rose soon admitted to undergoing Botox only. However, many speculated about what else she might have swiped her credit cards for, as her current appearance is in stark contrast with that of her younger self-portraits.


It’s not enough to call Wayne Newton a legend in the performing industry. Apart from his incredible career as an entertainer in Las Vegas, Wayne also played roles in iconic films and shows like Vegas Vacation and The Lucy Show. To top off his impressive roster of projects, he was a voice-over artist for teen comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Like any celebrity, Wayne was subject to the unrealistic expectations of being in the limelight. He knew well to pour out investment money in his looks to keep his career. Today, Wayne is almost unrecognizable due to the cosmetic procedures he had performed on him.


The Jackson family is popular for their legendary contribution to the music industry. Their undeniable talent in performing gave them a spot in the limelight almost from the start up to end of their career. The fifth sibling of the bunch, La Toya Jackson, followed their success with two Billboard charting songs Just Wanna Dance and Free The World.

La Toya was also subject to pressure to keep an attractive image. Like many of her siblings, she had an extreme appearance change. Despite that she’s no longer actively belting out singles or participating in reality shows, La Toya can rest assured that she has enough insurance to live comfortably and retire early.


Jackie Stallone came from a popular family. Being the daughter of Sylvester Stallone and Frank Stallone, Jackie has been exposed to the limelight at a pretty young age. She built her career as an astrologer and has even published books on the topic. On the side, she appears on television shows and runs a psychic hotline to further build her credit score.
Jackie has long since left the industry. She switched to a quieter and private lifestyle after the peak of her popularity. There’ve been drastic changes to her appearance because of her lip injections and facelift, among many others.


Renne Zellweger gained her following thanks to her beautiful face and charming appeal. Coupled with her talent for the craft, she bagged multiple awards such as an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. One of her signature features was what her fans called the “pouting face” which drew the attention of men and women alike.

It’s been quite some time since Renne last made her appearance, and she’s unrecognizable to a great degree. Speculations of a possible cosmetic surgery surfaced after she attended the Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood Awards. Yet, Renne stands firm that her looks are all natural.


Priscilla Presley is a name almost everyone knows, partly for her short-lived marriage with music industry legend Elvis Presley and partly for her alluring looks. The gorgeous Priscilla claimed her spot in Hollywood after appearing in three successful films in the Naked Gun series and as Jenna Wade in Dallas.

Priscilla continues to work on her many advocacies today. One of her projects is with the Dream Foundation, an organization for the benefit of terminally ill adults. Priscilla’s investment planning is directed toward causes. However, it seems that Priscilla had a few transformations here and there as she looks quite different from her younger years.


Lauren Goodger had quite a lot going on for her during her time in the Hollywood spotlight. Apart from acting, she took on writing, singing, modeling, and cosmetology projects. Her breakthrough appearance was in 2010 reality series The Only Way is Essex. Lauren was fond of reality TV programs. In 2014, she took on the Celebrity Big Brother challenge.

As she furthered her career, Lauren met criticisms when the public noticed her slowly-changing appearance and unpredictable weight fluctuations. Many believe that her desire to look different through investment money-heavy cosmetic procedures is a price she had to pay from all her reality TV projects.


Elsa Patton’s iconic appearance on The Real Housewives of Miami made her popular in the eyes of the public. She was known best for being a reality TV star and a mother of one of the show’s main women Marysol Patton. From she first stepped foot on set, all eyes were on her because of how different she looked.

It’s evident that Elsa poured out quite the investment money on cosmetic procedures. This comes as no surprise given that her net worth could amount to over $10 million. Her success gave her the opportunity to work alongside legendary Hollywood personalities like Elvis Presley and James Dean.