Sometimes, Plastic Surgeries Fail To Serve Their Purpose


As founder of the ’80s band Dead Or Alive, Pete Burns reached the peak of fame when the band’s single You Spin Me Round became a huge success in mainstream music. But it seemed that their success was not enough to provide Burns with self-confidence. He was always insecure about his looks. When they were set to appear in Top Of The Pops, the American musician wore an eyepatch to hide the bad side of his nose. After that, he underwent nasal reconstructive surgery, which marked the first of his many reconstructive procedures.

Before Burns succumbed to cardiac arrest in October 2016, people noticed the drastic change in his appearance because of bad plastic surgeries which insurance companies don’t cover.


Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur Donatella Versace inherited 20% of the company founded by her famous brother Gianni Versace after the latter’s death in 1997. She took the seat of Chief Executive Officer and followed her brother’s footsteps in leading the label toward fashion prominence.

The posh mother of two was not spared from the fashion industry’s obsession with beauty and youth, though. Donatella went under the knife more than a few times with hopes of eternal youth. But as any doctor or lawyer will tell us, anything excessive can be deleterious. Both fans and bashers observed that Donatella’s over-indulgence to invasive beauty procedures did more harm than good.


33-year old American reality TV personality Heidi Blair Montag became known after being cast in the MTV reality TV series The Hills back in 2006. Things were looking up for the pretty Colorado-born blonde, who also ventured into singing and released her debut studio album Superficial.

Sadly, it all went south from there. Montag’s debut album was criticized and did not even sell enough copies to break-even. She also had a major rift with The Hills co-star Lauren Conrad, marking the end of their friendship. To make matters worse, Montag underwent ten cosmetic surgeries in one day, soliciting massive backlash from the public. She was able to resurrect her career and avoid bankruptcy when she joined the British version of Celebrity Big Brother after two years.


Philip Andre Rourke Jr., who goes by the alias “Mickey”, is a film actor and former boxer. Because of the extreme physicality of his boxing career, he suffered from different injuries such as a flattened cheekbone, a broken nose, fractured toe and ribs, and a split tongue, prompting him to undergo several reconstructive procedures. But the Angel Heart star wasn’t very lucky under the surgical light.

In 2009, Rourke conceded that he went to the wrong person who disfigured his face and left it a mess. His on again, off again “affair” with boxing, although earning him belt after belt, hurt his credit score. He had one final fight in the ring in 2014 after more than 20 years of being away from it.


The Real Housewives Of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson was a pioneering member of the TV show, earning for her the title as “OG of the OC” meaning “Original Gangster” or “Old Git” in Hollywood lingo. But the 57-year old American reality TV actress has been into more real drama than reel. She consistently involved herself in needless controversies that hurt her career to a certain degree.

When news broke that she will be demoted to a “friend” role and will no longer be a regular cast of the franchise’s upcoming season, Vicki broke down. And probably in an attempt to stay afloat, Vicki went through cosmetic procedures, which were unfortunately botched.


American TV personality Janice Dickinson is one of the world’s first supermodels, having been the face of several brands including Revlon, Alberto VO5, Balmain, Obao, Christian Dior, Clairol, Hush Puppies, Orbit gum, Max Factor, Virginia Slims, and Cutex. She was also a fashion magazine fixture repeatedly appearing in the covers and inner pages of Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Photo, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Playboy. Aspiring models normally come across her name in online classes.

Not surprisingly, Dickinson tried to hang on to her beauty and youth by going under the knife several times, leading to her guest appearance in the TV show Botched.


American socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is known for her lavish lifestyle with an annual phone bill reaching $60,000 based on her own calculation. She also revealed a $547,000 budget for food and wine, more than enough to sustain a huge middle-class American family. Part of her luxuries are the numerous extensive cosmetic procedures that succeeded in making her famous albeit in a negative way.

Dubbed by plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn as the “poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong”, Wildenstein ended up with catfish-like appearance. She went through a much-publicized divorce from her billionaire husband in 1999 and filed a bankruptcy claim.


1980s actress and Golden Globe nominee Jennifer Grey is known for her role in the films Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing. Her acting career in TV and film had been up and down since then. She is married to Marvel Cinematic Universe star Clark Gregg, with whom she has a daughter and shared investments.

Due to deviated septum, Grey had to undergo two rhinoplasty procedures, but people believe that she had something else done to her face as she now looks very different and almost unrecognizable even to her family and close pals. Despite that, we hope that the procedure helped improve her breathing, even though not her appearance.


Kimberly Denise Jones, who goes by the professional name Lil’ Kim, is an American rapper and actress born in New York. She has a troubled past, having been expelled from home at a young age. Her friendship with rapper Notorious B.I.G. paved her way to the limelight. Labelled “Queen Bee”, Lil’ Kim derived inspiration from singer Diana Ross and rapper MC Lyte and is best known for her successful debut album Hard Core.

The 45-year old rapper never seems to have completely departed her disturbed past. She continued to invite trouble over the years. She had a public fight with Nicki Minaj, faced legal issues including substance abuse and illegal possession of a deadly weapon, and botched cosmetic procedure. Lii’ Kim’s attorney must be a busy guy.


French Italian ex-supermodel Carla Bruni tied the knots with former president of France and ex-officio co-prince of Andorra, Nicolas Sarkozy, in 2008, and probably lived with highly reliable home security systems. She also pursued a career as singer-songwriter in Europe with 5 studio albums, 6 promotional singles and 7 music videos.

But Bruni’s popularity was tainted with rumors of extramarital affairs with numerous rock stars including Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, and other men that she was not actually dating. To top it all, Bruni has been in constant scrutiny because of the obvious changes in her appearance, which she attributes to her botox treatment.