People were shocked to see Adele so much slimmer than she was before. Many have said that her facial features are now more prominent; her nose has become thinner, and her cheeks have become more chiseled. Well, the simple reason for all that is because Adele has lost weight—a lot of weight, in fact. Adele reportedly 100 lbs. The really amazing thing, at least if the reports are to be believed, is that Adele managed to accomplish all this by merely changing her diet. Some close to the star shared that the investment Adele made in green juice—i.e., she drank a lot of it—helped, too!


Amber Rachdi, the woman who was the focus of the reality television show My 600-lb Life, is arguably the singular best example of what one can do if one puts their mind to it. The odds were heavily stacked against her, but she managed, at 24, to lose more than 400 lbs. Indeed, everyone around her thought that she wouldn’t live to be 30-years-old because of how freakishly overweight she was. She reportedly did three things to get to the weight she is now in, and it was diet, more physical activity, and gastric-bypass surgery. And, golly, did she succeed in extricating herself from a life of gluttonous bankruptcy, proving to others that nothing is impossible.


Angie Stone, the multi-awarded singer, songwriter, and actress who’s been able to work with some of the music industry’s biggest stars, decided to lose weight after finding out she had developed Type-2 diabetes. To make matters worse, she developed heart problems because of the diabetes medication she was taking. This pushed her to join the show Celebrity Fit Club, where she lost an impressive 18 lbs. This wasn’t, however, enough to curtail the many health problems she was experiencing. She decidedly went on a very strict diet, which was the investment she made in herself that eventually led to her losing an extra 75 lbs.


Famous television quiz show contestant Anne Hegerty, who became even more famous for joining the reality television show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, apparently lost one stone, or the equivalent of 14 lbs, after joining the show. And, of course, it can hardly be said to be surprising, since many contestants lose weight in the show, not least because it’s a show where people are forced to complete difficult tasks for food. The before-and-after photos of Hegerty, to a huge degree, confirm that she lost weight, too, since she now looks much slimmer than she did before the show started.


Cardi B, an American rapper, songwriter, and social media superstar, caught everyone’s attention when she came out appearing to have lost a ton of weight. The star belied rumors that she underwent plastic surgery, but she admitted that she had liposuction done. She’s also discussed her plans to get liposuction after giving birth to her daughter back in 2018, so it wasn’t really a surprise to her fans who’ve followed her on Instagram. In any case, Cardi B is now flooring her followers with photos of her abs, because she’s now looking as slim and toned as she was prior to giving birth.


Chaz Bono, a writer, musician, and actor who is famous for being the child of Sonny Bono and Cher, reportedly lost 85 lbs from a combination of following a healthy diet and a strict exercise plan. He has always been known to be overweight in the past, but if his latest pictures are any indication, he seems to have now gotten his weight under control. Chaz Bono also shared that after his gender transition, he was inspired to go all the way and make a drastic change in his eating habits, too. Because of the investments he’s made in his health, he was able to drop from 250 lbs to a more manageable 165 lbs.


American actor and comedian Chris Pratt, who was catapulted to stardom after portraying Star Lord in the Marvel movie franchise Guardians of the Galaxy, reportedly had to lose 60 lbs for the role. And, what’s more, he had to do it in 6 months, so filming for the movie can start on time. Pratt shared that the grueling workout sessions he needed to do just to reach the weight he was required to be in were nothing short of amazing, and it consisted of boxing, swimming, and running. All that investment he put in himself, however, paid off, and he was able to reach his goal before the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy started.


Multi-awarded singer, songwriter, and actress, Christina Aguilera, reportedly lost 49 lbs by de-stressing and watching what she ate. Aguilera shared that she initially had so much difficulty losing weight that she thought she wouldn’t be able to manage it. In fact, she attributed much of the difficulty of losing weight to the stress inherent in her work. This, she says, precipitated in a vicious cycle of eating to feel better. One thing Aguilera did that helped her was de-stressing. She actually took a break from work, and it worked wonders for her, allowing her to stick to a low-carb diet, which, to her credit, helped her in losing a whopping 49 lbs of unwanted weight.


Actress and former model, Cicely Tyson, isn’t really known to be overweight, but she’s one celebrity worth emulating, since, at 95-years-old, she seems to have the health of someone decades younger. Indeed, if her pictures online are anything to go by, the celebrity seems to work out a lot, as well as live an enviably healthy life. Many who know her also share that she can do more push-ups than the average individual, which is surprising considering she’s only five years short of being a hundred years old. One of the things that Cicely also swears by is her Vegan diet, which she says is one of the best investments she’s made for her health.