Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Stories That You Need To Hear About


Canadian singer and international superstar Celine Dion has always been thin. She’s even been criticized in the past for looking too thin, and rumors swirled around that she was suffering from an eating disorder. The singer, however, doesn’t infrequently remind people that she is, in fact, healthy, and accounts much of her weight loss to her love of dancing, which she says makes her, to a huge degree, feel “strong, feminine and sexy.”

It’s not clear how much weight Dion has actually lost from dancing, but people close to the singer also attribute her slim figure to her enviable genes—apparently, nobody in her family is overweight. Shorter than the average individual, which is surprising considering she’s only five years short of being 1 hundred years old. One of the things that Cicely also swears by is her Vegan diet, which she says is one of the best investments she’s made for her health.


Actress and singer Chrissy Metz, who is more popularly known for playing Kate Pearson in the drama series, This is Us, was always open about her weight issues. She shared that she’s always had difficulty with her weight, and even joined Weight Watchers when she was 11, in the hope that she could finally lose weight. Metz said that she was the youngest person in Weight Watchers at the time, and it was an embarrassing experience.

Fortunately, she eventually became scared for her own health, and that became the impetus for her to start working out to lose weight. Chrissy was, to her credit, reportedly able to lose 100 lbs by limiting her calorie intake (about 2000 calories a day) and walking 20 minutes a day. Metz thinks a big body is “great and sexy”, losing weight is just for her health. Although she has a long way to go, she’s definitely in the right direction.


Professional football player Antone Davis, who played offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, apparently joined the reality television show The Biggest Loser after the death of a few of his friends who were overweight. He used to eat an average of 6500 calories a day, sometimes eating three dinners – tortillas, pizzas, and pasta. His unhealthy diet led him to carry aspirin in his pocket every day. He said their deaths made him think long and hard about himself and what he must do to lose weight.

Happily, the show worked wonders for him. He became a runner-up, and was, to his credit, able to lose an amazing 202 lbs, bringing his weight down to a more manageable 245 lbs (By limiting the daily intake of about 2000 calories, coupled with strict aerobic exercise, the consumption of about 4000 calories). Since then, Davis now works as a Vol For Life coordinator for the football team of the University of Tennessee, where he himself used to play college football.


Following her birth to son Eissa in 2017, Janet Jackson, an American singer, songwriter, and perhaps the second most famous member of the Jackson family started focusing on losing weight. And, with the help of a trainer, she was reportedly able to lose 70 lbs. Jackson shared that it was a combination of a good ol’ diet and exercise. At least four times a week, each training time is not less than 45 minutes, not more than an hour.

The exercise, in particular, involved a lot of weights and was centered on building muscles, while the diet-restricted the singer’s caloric intake to around 1,300 to 1,600 a day. All the effort and investment Janet made in her health paid off after a few months—indeed, she looked stunning and as slim as ever for her sold-out Hollywood Bowl concert that was held the same year.


Adam Richman, a television personality who is popular for hosting various food shows, particularly shows that featured comfort food and eating challenges where he had to regularly consume huge portions of grub for his audience. He admitted that he knew what he was getting into and that unwanted weight gain would be the natural consequence of his job. But, someone had to do it. He was the host of the show, so he accepted the consequences with grace.

Eventually, however, the flab became too much that he had to ditch the show just to lose weight. Apparently, he went to a nutritionist that put him on a calorie-restricted diet. And, to his credit, after only 10 months of following through with the plan, Richman lost 60 lbs. He admitted that he had missed the food, but said, “it’s not as good as I enjoy the benefits of a healthy weight.”


The ever-bubbly weatherman for NBC news, Al Roker, has always been vocal about the troubles he’s had with his weight. Rocker grew up on a carbohydrate-rich diet, as an adult, he had problems with his marriage because of his weight problems. Until he assured his dying father, the 340 pounds Rocker was determined to lose weight. The television personality famously underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and lost 100 lbs. But just last year, he seems to have lost a lot of weight again.

He shared that it was all done with a combination of discipline and a strict diet. To be exact, Roker said he was on the Keto diet, the purpose of which was to get protein from fat rather than carbohydrates. And, because of this strict diet plan, Roker reportedly lost another 40 lbs. Roker is also known for sharing what he eats over at Instagram. Indeed, he’s been able to inspire many to make an investment in their health.


Actor, voice actor, host, and stand-up comedian Drew Carey, who’s more popularly known as the host of the hit television game show The Price is Right, shared in 2015 that he lost 100 lbs. The celebrity also shared that the impetus for him to try to lose weight was his son Conor, who he wanted to be around, but thought that he wouldn’t be able to for long because of the various health issues he was experiencing at the time.

Carey decided to make a drastic change in his lifestyle, which included reducing his alcohol intake and cutting back on the calories. He adopted a low carbohydrate diet, which included giving up all his pasta and bread he had previously enjoyed, and also replaced all sodas with healthy water. Well, the investment he’s made on his health seems to have worked, because he now looks much slimmer and healthier than he used to.


Academy Award winner, Gabourey Sidibe, who won the award for her role in the film Precious, and who is known for playing Queenie in the hit television horror anthology American Horror Story. After learning that she had type 2 diabetes and her life was in danger, she decided to undergo Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery in May 2016, it was reported that she lost a lot of weight after the operation. She shared that the surgery helped.

However, she also had to follow a strict diet and exercise plan to get to her desired weight. She started drinking ice water and lemon slices, eating vegetable chips, hummus, and biscuits to reduce salt and trans fat intake, eat fewer meals on small plates and increase exercise from low-intensity aerobic exercise. Indeed, she’s been posting photos of herself at the gym, and it truly seems that there’s been a huge improvement in her weight.


American actor and comedian, Jorge Garcia, who became popular for playing Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the hit television series Lost, is both praised for his skills onscreen and his perseverance. He was always referred to as the ‘large one’ because of his poor eating habits. After a change in lifestyle, he began to replace greasy food with fruits and vegetables, and gradually moved to low carbohydrate and high protein foods, quit drinking, and began to exercise regularly, such as arm circles, push-ups, sit ups, jogging or running.

Some sources said Garcia had gastric-bypass surgery, but somehow he managed to lose 30 pounds. He said he still has a long way to go, but the investments he’s been able to make in his own health is surely paying off. The actor is now often promoting healthy living on his Instagram account, and his followers can witness the healthy ways in which he eats and exercises on a regular basis.


American author and journalist, Keely Shaye Smith, who’s also known to be the wife of Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan, used to be a hot glamour model. Unfortunately, she’s also gained a lot of weight later on in life. Indeed, she gradually gained more than a few pounds following her marriage to Pierce Brosnan and gained even more after the birth of their kids. There are many differing reports online about how Keely Shaye was able to lose weight, but the common thread is that all the diet plans she tried failed to work for her until she coupled one with a proper exercise regimen. Suffice to say, she was, to her credit, reported to have lost more than 100 pounds sometime in 2015.