Robert Downey Jr. And Susan Levin – 15 YEARS

Love can truly change everything. Susan Levin is proof of such when she came into the life of Robert Downey Jr., who has a rough and troubled past. Now, Robert is among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood and had a wonderful 16 years of marriage with Susan Levin – and counting, of course. In 2002, Robert and Susan met on the set of Gothika. Robert, at that time, was recovering and trying to stay sober. It was not an instant attraction for both of them as Susan thought of him as strange and weird.

One night, Robert asked her out to grab dinner with him. After a few more friendly dates, they realized that they were dating. Soon enough, Susan saw the dark side of Robert, but instead of running away, she stayed and helped him. As for Robert, he was moved by Susan’s affection for him and made a decision to never touch a substance ever again. Moreover, he credits Susan to his boomed career as she is the one who helped him land roles. As such, the couple got married in 2005 and lived happily with their two kids.