Childhood Photos of Celebrities That Will Blow Your Mind

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Beyoncé rose to prominence in the late ‘90s as the lead singer of the pop-R&B group Destiny’s Child. Born on September 4, 1981, she began singing at a young age, competing in local talent competitions, and won many of them by wowing audiences with her singing and dancing skills. Her parents soon recognized that performing made their daughter happy and that she was talented enough to succeed. Knowles then auditioned for Girl’s Tyme when she was nine years old. She was then accepted into the group and began performing with them at local events after winning a spot.

Knowles created Destiny’s Child with her cousin Kelly Rowland and two classmates. With their second album, Bills, Bills, Bills, the trio scored their first No. 1 single on the pop charts. Knowles left the group and started her solo debut in 2003 with the arrival of Dangerously in Love. The album was a big success and raised her degree in the 2000s. Indeed, she grew up to become one of the most famous female artists of the decade.

Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken shot to a degree of fame with his performance in 1978’s Deer Hunter. Following its success is a series of slightly off-kilter but very entertaining appearances. Walken, then known as “Ronnie,” began his acting career as a child in the ‘50s with The Colgate Comedy Hour.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Walken’s destiny is to be in show business. At 14-months, he posed with a couple of kittens for a calendar shoot. Ronnie’s mother had long-held ambitions to be an actress, and in the absence of realizing those ambitions, she crammed her three kids into as many auditions as she could. For two years in the early ‘50s, Ronnie and his brother Glenn shared the ‘Michael Baur’ role on the long-running soap Guiding Light. He got rid of Ronnie for good after an off-the-cuff remark from a buddy, and Christopher Walken was born.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler’s incredible flexibility attracts people’s loud laughs while also warming their hearts. Growing up as an active adolescent with a passion for music and humor, the youngster struggled academically but excelled at amusing others. Sandler had always been the class clown at Manchester Central High School, but he hadn’t given much thought to turning his talent of humor into a career.

Until his brother, Scott urged him to do a spontaneous show at Boston’s Stitches Comedy Club. Adam realized he had a lot of potential in the field, so he went to New York University. Sandler began honing his comedic skills by performing shows wherever possible, whether in local clubs or just at colleges. After earning his degree in 1991, he decided to embark on a career in the entertainment sector. Since then, Sandler has risen to be one of the most prominent comedic performers Hollywood has ever seen.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has consistently demonstrated that she is much more than simply a pretty face in every part she has taken and thus truly deserves all of the praises bestowed upon her. As a young child, she began to exhibit an interest in dancing, particularly ballet. Dance was not her only passion, as the little girl spent her free time watching American movies.

Meanwhile, her ballet studies led her to Johannesburg, where she enrolled in a performing arts boarding school. Following her father’s untimely passing, she moved to Milan at the age of 16 to become a model. She then returned to her long-held dream of becoming a prima ballerina. Unfortunately, she sustained a significant knee injury in class, preventing her from pursuing her passion. As she expressed her sorrow, she recalled her childhood love of movies and tried her hand at acting. Theron swiftly packed her belongings and left for her next destination: Hollywood. Soon enough, Theron has established her degree as one of the most prominent stars of her time.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry first sought to break into the music industry with a gospel record, singing in churches and restaurants around town. She started attending singing lessons at the age of nine and learned to play the guitar at thirteen.

She opened up to another conceivable side of music due to hearing Freddie Murphy’s singing technique. Perry relocated from her hometown of Santa Barbara, California, to Nashville at 15 to work with songwriters. Jason Flom, a Capitol Music executive, noticed Perry and agreed to bring her to the label in spring 2007. In November 2007, she made Ur So Gay available for free download on her MySpace page. However, it was I Kissed a Girl that launched her career to a high degree of stardom. She gained numerous honors throughout her career and is one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

Brad Pitt

He has been in Hollywood for decades, and he’s now one of the most well-known people on the planet. William Bradley Pitt was born to a trucking company owner and a school counselor. He used to be a part of the golf, tennis, and swim teams at his high school. He was also a member of the Key and Forensics Clubs.

Pitt supported himself before becoming a famous actor by performing odd jobs. He established a substantial degree in the TV and film industry because of his brilliant acting with the late Roy London. Pitt’s first feature film role as a cowboy was in the 1991 picture Thelma and Louise, where his 14 minutes of screen time led him to perform in many subsequent well-known films. The actor’s career skyrocketed shortly afterward as a result of his appearance in Interview With the Vampire. While his good looks helped him land some early jobs, it took a lot of desire, talent, and the ability to switch between acting and producing to build a career that would last.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves’ career traveled a roundabout path to success, and it was only afterward that the world recognized him for who he is. However, before becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Reeves was living in Toronto and seriously pursuing a career in ice hockey.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, The Matrix actor has always aspired to be an actor. Despite not being an exceptionally bright student, he has always had a passion for acting. When he was nine years old, he became interested in performing. He appeared in various theater productions and was even cast as Mercutio in Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet when he was only 15 years old. Reeves had multiple commercial appearances in the late ‘80s, including one for Coca-Cola. He eventually made his film debut in One Step Away, but he didn’t find his footing until he relocated to Los Angeles. A young man with no investment money, he was determined to conquer Los Angeles. Soon enough, roles began to pile up quickly. Perhaps it was written in the stars for Reeves to become an A-list actor and conquer Hollywood by storm.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has gone through a series of changes in her life and profession, from Hollywood wild child to acclaimed director. Born to famous parents, she began performing at a young age. Jolie attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in her early adolescence and started acting in various theater productions after two years of studying. She dabbled in modeling and appeared in a few music videos when she was 16 years old. This profession, however, did not take off.

Jolie rose to fame after a star-making performance in Gia and maintained her meteoric rise in Girl, Interrupted. She proceeded to play a range of exciting parts in the new millennium, including Tomb Raider films. She starred in Disney’s Maleficent, which became a worldwide hit and prompted a sequel. Angelina recalls having a tough childhood, which is ironic for someone of her degree.

Kirstie Alley

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Kristie Alley is the daughter of a proprietor of a lumber firm. She was raised as a Methodist and attended Wichita Southeast High School. Alley then relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in interior design.

Her great luck happened in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where she made her feature picture debut. She went on to act a prominent role in the television miniseries North and South after that. However, her ascent to fame didn’t begin until she starred to replace Shelly Long in the hit sitcom Cheers in the late 1980s. Alley bagged several accolades to depict the neurotic and high-strung Rebecca Howe in 1990, thanks to her voluptuous beauty and comic timing. In 1988, she starred in the thriller Shoot to Kill, and in 1989, she achieved her first box office success with the comedy Look Who’s Talking. It seems like the stars have realigned for Alley to become one of Hollywood’s bankable stars.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon has worked hard to become one of the most important actors in the American film business, and he is a beautiful example of a Hollywood success story. He was born on October 8, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts. Coming from an upper-class family that included a tax preparer and a college professor, he enjoyed his early years in Newton’s high society.

Her mother then moved little Matt and his elder brother, Kyle, to a modest Cambridge area. He was a bright student who had a strong interest in acting. He later decided it was time to explore for a better opportunity out there, despite his parents’ criticism of his career decision. He used all of his investment money to cover his needs while he tried to break into Hollywood with his best buddy, Ben Affleck. They auditioned for Mystic Pizza, and the rest is history. Over the years, Damon has risen from obscurity to become Hollywood’s most significant actor of his generation.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is best known for her action movies such as the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises. Born in Rockwood, Tennessee, she is the youngest of two daughters. Her parents pushed her to begin theater and dance lessons at the tender age of five after noticing her early enthusiasm in the arts.

She entered modeling as a teenager and won various competitions. Despite her success in modelling, she aspired to be an actor. Her job ambitions drew criticism from other females, who she claims bullied her at school. Fox got the last laugh when she received her first acting role in the 2001 film Holiday in the Sun. She obtained a prominent role in Ocean Avenue and appeared in Hope & Faith and Two and a Half Men. However, her degree of fame skyrocketed overnight after she helped the Autobots in their battle against the Decepticons.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich has distinguished herself from other model-turned-actresses by successfully maintaining her degree as a famous movie star. The daughter of a Serbian pediatrician and a Ukrainian actress, she spent her early years between two nations.

Seeing that her father’s medical practice would struggle to thrive in the Russian economy, they chose to begin a fresh start in Sacramento, California. They eventually moved to the much larger city of Los Angeles a few months later. Jovovich spent the rest of her childhood taking acting classes, as well as ballet and music classes. However, modeling was her first love. In fact, she got included in Revlon’s advertising when she was eleven years old. Following that, she also began her career as an actress. Over the years, Jovovich continued her acting career steadily with a slew of films. Finally, her ability to project a tough-girl image led her to bag a role in the Resident Evil franchise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger rose to prominence as a bodybuilder before becoming a major Hollywood celebrity and, later, governor of California. Throughout his childhood, he participated in a variety of sports, including baseball and soccer. Arnold, however, devoted himself to weightlifting. His soccer coach introduced him to the sport, and when he was fourteen, he began serious about bodybuilding. Schwarzenegger began his competitive bodybuilding career when he was seventeen years old.

Unfortunately, this went against both of his parents’ wishes. His father wanted him to be a cop, and his mother wanted him to attend trade school. Despite this, Schwarzenegger was in love with the sport and believed he could succeed at it. He later got his Hollywood break as Hercules in the film Hercules. Although Schwarzenegger may not have grown to become a weightlifter, he excelled to something of a greater degree.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is most known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe. Born in Rosh HaAyin, her mother was a teacher, and her father was an engineer. Gadot grew up as a sporty child who studied dancing and participated in a variety of sports. One of her early career goals was to work as a choreographer.

At the age of 18, Gadot entered the Miss Israel pageant. This victory paved the way for her modeling career. She subsequently completed her necessary two-year service in the Israel Defense Forces before enrolling in law school. Gadot entered Hollywood and made her film debut as Gisele in the Fast & Furious franchise. Years later, she landed a once-in-a-lifetime role after earning the Wonder Woman role. Gadot dreamt of becoming a lawyer one day, but it seems like the world needs her as a superhero.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has certainly left his boyish looks for a more rugged look that suits him fine. Known as Star-Lord in The Guardians of the Galaxy, he has certainly evolved into one of the most in-demand actors of today. The actor started out on TV. He portrayed Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, which ran from 2009 to 2015. After his stint in Guardians of the Galaxy and in Jurassic World, more projects landed his way.

Other films that the actor worked on are The Magnificent Seven, Passengers, Avengers: Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Avengers: Endgame. Pratt was previously married to Anna Farris. He is currently married to Katherine Schwarzenegger, with whom he has one child. The actor has used his considerable earnings to buy several properties as his investments. Pratt is still busy with his acting job and is set to take on the lead role in The Tomorrow War, where he is set to be the director and producer for the first time.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has certainly turned heads with her impressive performance in many action films like Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Civil War and Infinity War, and of course, Black Widow. Though the actress wasn’t able to get a degree at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she was still able to focus her energy into becoming a full-time actress.

Her breakthrough role was in Ghost World, which caught the eyes of the audience. She went on to do more adult roles such as in Lost in Translation, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Perfect score, A Good Woman, and In Good Company. Aside from acting on film, she was also performing on stage and working on music. Johansson has received several nominations and awards in her career.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans transformed from being a young child with braces into a hunk of an actor. He is best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His career as an actor started when he got a role as a supporting actor. He followed this up with appearances in films like The Fugitive, Skin, Boston Public, and Not Another Teen Movie. His breakthrough performance was when he was cast as the human torch in Fantastic Four and its sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The actor has also been busy in his other endeavors, such as purchasing different real estates as well as directing a film. One of his projects where he used his investment money was for Before We Go, which was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2014. Evans has already stated that he was done playing Captain America, so we are waiting to see what his next project will be.

Priyanka Chopra

Photos of a young Priyanka Chopra have been unearthed and everyone saw how adorable she looked like back then. Her smile and the light in her eyes remain the same, but she has certainly grown up to be a fine-looking actress today. Chopra started out in beauty pageants and was crowned Miss World in 2000. She transitioned to acting, where she also found success. Her biggest success in the United States was when she landed the role of Alex Parrish in Quantico.

Aside from acting, Chopra has also been successful in music and doing stage plays. She is also a known philanthropist especially in her country. She established The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education, to which she gives 10% of her earnings. She might be aided by a financial advisor on how she can maximize her salary and use it to help others. She has been married to Nick Jonas since 2018.

Robert Downey Jr.

It is hard to tell that the young photo of Robert Downey Jr. is actually him. The doe eyed boy that has a winsome smile has become a man who had experienced plenty of ups and downs and, to his credit, managed to survive them. Today, he is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. He is best known for his portrayal of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thanks to fellow actor, Mel Gibson, who helped him jumpstart his career the second time around, Downey has managed to make the most out of his comeback in Hollywood. He found success not just playing Iron Man, but also the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. The actor has an impressive net worth thanks to his earnings in the MCU. We are sure that we have not seen the last of Tony Stark.

Ryan Reynolds

Who would have thought that Ryan Reynolds would grow up to be one of the funniest and highly versatile actor that we know of today? If his baby photos are anything to go by, you can tell that he had this funny streak in him which may have helped land good roles in Hollywood. The actor started out doing guest roles on TV such as in The X-Files, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place.

He later went on to do film like National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Blade: Trinity, The Proposal, Safe House, Green Lantern, and Deadpool just to name a few. He also lent his voice to animated films like The Croods, Turbo, and Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Reynolds has several investments to his name like Aviation Gin. Needless to say, his funny commercials helped increase the sales of the product.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto has never lost that spark in his eyes and that smile that could melt hearts based on his baby photos. The actor had a pretty interesting childhood, frequently moving around with his siblings. Their hippie mother encouraged her children to be creative which is why it is not surprising that Leto has his own band called 30 Seconds to Mars. The actor pursued a degree in filmmaking from the School of Visual Arts.

Leto’s acting career began when he was cast in the TV series, My So-Called Life. He followed this up with a film debut in How to Make an American Quilt. His other works included Urban Legend, The Thin Red Line, Fight Club, Girl, Interrupted, Requiem for a Dream, as well as American Psycho. His performance in Dallas Buyers Club won him several awards and nominations too.

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer’s signature blue eyes and smirk was evident in the photos of his childhood and are among the actor’s many assets today. Hammer started out as a guest in one of the episodes of Arrested Development. This was followed by other appearances in Veronica Mars as well as Desperate Housewives. The actor later got the lead role in Billy: The Early Years, for which he got a Grace Award nomination.

Hammer went on to prove that he was a versatile actor by taking on several projects in Hollywood like The Social Network, Mirror Mirror, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Call Me By Your Name. He already has several projects to fulfill such as in Rebecca, Death on the Nile and Next Goal Wins. He has also used his investment money on a property back in 2019, but later put it up for sale.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev hasn’t changed at all based on the photos of her younger self. She gained recognition for her acting in Degrassi: The Next Generation and from there, she carved a name for herself in Hollywood. She followed this with The Vampire Diaries, where she got the lead part. She was also cast in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Dobrev’s other works included XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Flatliners, and Run This Town. She used to date fellow actor Ian Somerhalder, who was also a cast in The Vampire Diaries. Later on, she was spotted with Shaun White and the two admitted that they were a couple. The actress is also into philanthropy where she has been putting some of her investment money in several charities such as Hunger Bites, Project Pink, and WE movement just to name a few.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively was a cute toddler based on her childhood photo. What a transformation she had growing up! It seems that acting was in her blood as her parents are both involved in the film industry. Additionally, her siblings and half-siblings are into acting too. Her breakout role was in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which raked in $42 million in the box office.

Lively was also cast in Gossip Girl, which helped her improve her acting skills. She gained a lot of praises for her performances in Private Lives of Pippa Lee and The Town. She later joined the cast of The Green Lantern, which is where she met her future husband, Ryan Reynolds. The couple have three daughters together. Thanks to numerous endorsements, Lively’s net worth has increased significantly. She and Reynolds have been putting their investments on several properties already.

Kerry Washington

If you will put up Kerry Washington’s baby photos and her recent shots, you will say that she did not change that much. She still has that distinct smile that gives her that mischievous look which is adorable at the same time. Washington pursued a degree in sociology and anthropology before she took up acting. Her first on-screen role was in Magical Make-Over. She then followed this up with Our Song, Save the Last Dance, Bad Company, and The Human Stain.

One of her most memorable roles was in Scandal, where she took on the role of Olivia Pope. Thanks to her impressive performance, Washington received an Outstanding Actress in Drama Series award from the NAACP Image Awards. The actress was paid more than $1 million per episode, which is not surprising given her caliber in acting. Her recent work was in Little Fires Everywhere opposite Reese Witherspoon.

Kumail Nanjiani

There is not much difference in Kumail Nanjiani’s child photo to his most recent one, apart from the fact that he has matured a little. The striking eyes are still there, and so is his cute smile. The actor started out in the TV series Michael & Michael Have Issues back in 2009, then on to Googy in 2011. His other TV shows were Burning Love, Franklin& Bash, and Newsreaders. He was also in the Silicon Valley series playing Dinesh Chugtai.

Nanjiani also showcased his acting chops on the silver screen in films like Life As We Know It, The Five Year Engagement, Hell Baby, The Last of the Great Romantics, Hello, My Name is Doris, and Meltdown. His movie, The Big Sick, was a commercial success, and he wrote it with his wife, Emily Gordon. To their credit, the story about their real-life courtship was both entertaining and heartwarming, which is why it gained plenty of attention when it was released.

Tom Hiddleston

It’s hard to believe that Tom Hiddleston was a goofy-looking kid when he was little, especially now when he seems to look so suave. However, the actor has certainly grown up to be one of the most sought-after actors of today. Perhaps his degree in acting has helped him become a versatile performer, winning people’s hearts in the process. Hiddleston started out doing stage plays but was later cast in TV films like Conspiracy and The Gathering Storm. His debut film was Unrelated, where he co-starred with his sister Emma.

However, it was Thor that pushed the actor into the limelight. It was then followed up by Thor: The Dark World, Avengers, and Avengers: Endgame. His other films included The Deep Blue Sea, Exhibition, Crimson Peak, and Kong: Skull Island. Given his extensive acting portfolio, it’s not surprising that the actor has already received several nominations and awards thanks to his impressive performances.

Matthew McConaughey

Judging by this childhood photo of  Matthew McConaughey, we can genuinely say that the actor always possessed an irresistible charm. That dimpled smile of his is hard to miss now that he has all grown up. Before becoming a prominent public figure, the actor has worked hard to get a degree in radio, television, and film. Initially, he was interested in becoming a lawyer but pursued acting instead. He started out doing television commercials until he got a supporting role in Dazed and Confused.

However, his breakthrough role was in A Time to Kill, which became a blockbuster. His other works included Contact, Amistad, The Newton Boys, U-571, The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Fool’s Gold, and Failure to Launch. The actor has received plenty of nominations and awards throughout his career, thus cementing his place in the cutthroat world of Hollywood.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen went from an adorable young lady with cute cheeks and freckles to a gorgeous model and celebrity today. She started her career as a model after getting discovered by a modeling scout when she was a teenager. This was the start of a lucrative career in the modeling industry, especially after becoming the cover for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition from 2011 to 2014. She later graced other fashion magazines like Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Italian Vogue, and Glamour, just to name a few.

Aside from modeling, Teigen also flourished as a TV host in various reality shows like Model Employee. Plus, she also appeared in shows like Extra, Watch What Happens Live, and America’s Next Top Model. Besides being John Legend’s other half, she is also known for her philanthropic endeavors. She and her husband have bought properties in California and in New York City, and with their earnings, they don’t have to worry about mortgage payments at all.

Grant Gustin

Thomas Grant Gustin, better known as Grant Gustin, is an actor known for his role as Barry Allen or The Flash on the CW show The Flash. Born in 1990, the actor who turned 31 this year is now among his generation’s most notable young talents.

Grant was first discovered in the film Rain in 2004. He was later cast in the Broadway Revival of West Side Story until he got his breakthrough role in the musical TV show Glee in 2012. After Grant’s stint on the series, he played Barry Allen/The Flash in the CW series Arrow in 2013. Due to the success of his role as The Flash, a new series based on the said character was launched, with Grant portraying the titular role. Thanks to the massive success of the program, Grant was able to increase both his popularity and his credit score.

Lea Michele

Speaking of Glee, who can ever forget Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry? The awkward misfit yet talented high school student who dreamed of becoming a Broadway superstar. Thanks to the role, Lea  Michele shot straight to superstardom.

In real life, however, Lea was already a Broadway actress. In fact, she even starred in Les Miserables as the young Cosette. Since she began her Broadway career at an early age, Lea was homeschooled. Lea also decided to put her college degree on hold and work full-time, specifically when she got cast in Spring Awakening. As her career progressed, Lea then debuted on the big screen and starred in the star-studded film New Year’s Eve in 2011 and later signed a record deal with a debut single, Cannonball. Coincidentally, Lea also faced several issues and controversies. That included the sudden passing of her then-boyfriend and Glee co-star, Cory Monteith. In 2019, Lea married Zandy Reich, a businessman, and welcomed their son Ever Leo in August 2020.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is an English actor best known for his portrayal of John Lenon in Nowhere Boy in 2009 and Kick-Ass in 2010. However, he became a world-renowned actor when he joined Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2005 as Pietro Maximoff. With numerous high-profile projects to his credit, Aaron has inevitably become one of the sought-after actors of our day.

Aaron has been performing ever since he was young. After joining theatre productions at the age of six, it became clear that he is meant to be an actor. Aaron also found love on the set. Aaron married the English director Sam Taylor-Wood whom he met at the set of Nowhere Boy. Although there’s a wide age gap between the two, it did not stop them from building a life together with their two daughters. The couple has also faced backlash but remained strong throughout the years.

Sophie Turner

Another well-loved English actor on the list is Sophie Turner. The 25-year-old actress got her first acting credit in the hit TV series, Game of Thrones as Sansa Stark in 2011. After performing splendidly on the said series, Sophie was given several filming projects such as Barely Lethal in 2015 and Jean Grey in films X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016 and Dark Phoenix in 2019.

Sophie was only 14 when she started filming. So when she grew up, many have noticed how Sophie turned out to be a fine woman. Among which is Joe Jonas, a member of the popular boy group, The Jonas Brothers. Joe pursued Sophie and started dating in 2016 before tying the knot in 2019. The two initially eloped and had an on-the-spot wedding in Las Vegas before jetting to France for a more lavish ceremony. Today, the couple are new parents to their little bundle of joy.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins turned 32 this year, but she definitely does not look a day older than 25. Not only that! She is also enjoying her rising career thanks to her hit Netflix series, Emily in Paris.
However, before she became Netflix’s newest darling, Lily already enjoyed a pretty comfortable life thanks to her parents. If you didn’t know, her father is the famous English musician Phil Collins.

Her mother, Jill Tavelman, is an American socialite. Born in Surrey, Lily eventually moved to Los Angeles with her mother. She finished her degree in broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California while actively working as an actress. Lily’s breakthrough work was when she played Snow White in the 2012 film Mirror Mirror alongside Julia Roberts. Her other notable works include The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Rules Don’t Apply, and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. However, her most iconic role to date is as Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris. Though very private about her relationships and personal life, Lily announced her engagement to Charlie McDowell, a film director.

Lucy Hale

We all know Lucy Hale for her breakthrough act in the hit TV series Pretty Little Liars. After years of being in the show, Lucy is now pursuing a much bigger passion— music.

Did you know, though, that Lucy Hale had her first taste of the spotlight when she joined a singing contest called American Juniors when she was just 14? That’s right! Lucy originally wanted to be a singer, so she moved to Los Angeles but landed acting roles. From minor roles in TV series The O.C., How I Met Your Mother, and Wizards of Waverly Place, Lucy ultimately landed a starring role in Bionic Woman in 2007. She then got her big break on the silver screen in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in 2008. Then in 2010, she was cast to play Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. As this launched her as an A-list actress, Lucy resumed her interest in music while still filming. Among her other film credits are Truth or Dare and Fantasy Island.

Kristen Bell

Before we recognized Kristen Bell as the voice of Princess Anna in the animated movie, Frozen, Kristen was already bagging several roles left and right.

Kristen Bell went to Tisch School of the Arts at the New York University to get a degree in film. However, Bell dropped out of school, pursued a Broadway career, and starred as Becky Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Following her first acting gig, she appeared in the film Gracie’s Choice, followed by Veronica Mars. Her breakthrough act came after she starred in the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall in 2008. After that, she began series of romantic comedy films such as When in Rome, You Again, Couples Retreat, and Bad Moms. Kristen recently concluded her long-running TV series The Good Place that earned her much recognition. After gaining so much praise and experience, we’re confident that Kristen’s career will only move forward from here.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland, born Thomas Stanley Holland in 1996, is the English actor who succeeded the role of Peter Parker in Marvel Comic’s Spider-Man. The 25-year-old actor began his acting career when he was 16 as Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot the Musical.

After his first stint, the actor with great dancing and acrobatic skills was cast in the 2012 movie The Impossible. As a newcomer seen with exemplary acting skills, Tom became the recipient of several credits, such as the Young British Performer of the Year in London Circle Award in 2012. Unlike many actors, it did not take long for Tom to win over the title role of Spider-Man in the lucrative Avengers franchise. Being the new Spider-Man gave him the privilege to be featured in several Marvel movies such as Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. He has also done three movies as Spider-Man – Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Matt Bomer

American actor Matt Bomer earned the interest of many viewers when he starred in the TV series White Collar in 2014. Before his breakthrough gig, Matt debuted in the highly acclaimed series, All My Children. Before that, Matt finished his degree in fine arts at Carnegie Mellon University before resuming his acting career in Tru Calling and Chuck and Flightplan. As Matt became a famous TV celebrity, especially among women, he began bagging more masculine roles. That included his stint in the comedy-drama film Magic Mike with Channing Tatum. It undeniably marked him as one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Among his other films are In Time, The Nice Guys, and The Normal Heart.

In 2011, Matt Bomer married Simon Halls, a publicist. At first, their marriage was hidden until 2014, when Matt publicly admitted his relationship and marriage with Simon. Today, the couple has three children through surrogacy.

Aziz Ansari

The Master of None star, Aziz Ansari, has been making waves as a rookie comedian, writer, and actor after showcasing his humor and quick wits in recent years. The 38-year-old star is also the first Asian descent actor to win Emmys and Golden Globes awards.

Aziz was born in South Carolina with the ancestry of Tamil Muslims from India. Hailed from a family of professionals, Aziz’s career in the entertainment industry must have been a shock to his family. However, Aziz did graduate from New York University Stern School of Business with a degree in marketing. Despite earning a college degree, he still chose to follow his passion as a performer and become a comedian. Aziz got his big break when he joined Parks and Recreations as Tom Haverford. Since then, his career as a comedian became even more prominent.

Michael B. Jordan

Hollywood today is saturated with so many emerging talents. However, no one can deny that Michael B. Jordan is among the standouts in today’s generation of performers. In fact, Michael got the fifteenth spot on the list of greatest actors of the 21st century. It is pretty hard to believe that Michael did not earn an acting degree, especially since he was nominated and won many awards in the past years.

Michael’s door to the entertainment business opened when he became a child model. He then shifted to acting and had his first acting job as a guest star in the TV series Cosby and The Sopranos. Michael then broke into the spotlight in the 2013 film Fruitvale Station where many critics praised him for his acting skills. Afterward, he started acting in mainstream films such as That Awkward Moment and Fantastic Four. Michael was also picked to play Adonis Creed in the 2015 film Creed – a sub-story of Rocky. Michael also played Killmonger, the villain with a purpose, on Black Panther.

Brie Larson

Speaking of Marvel, next on the list is Brie Larson, who played the titular role of Captain Marvel. Growing up, Brie was homeschooled. Because of this, she realized at a young age that her passion lay in filmmaking and acting. Then, at the age of six, Brie got admitted to the American Conservatory Theatre. Her first commercial break was performing a sketch comedy segment on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Brie’s big break then came in 2013 when she starred in the film Short Term 12. It was followed by her critically-acclaimed performance in the film Room in 2015, where she won Best Actress in the Academy Awards. Afterward, she starred in several box-office hits such as Kong: Skull Island, Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Endgame.

If you’re a fan of Brie’s Captain Marvel, then we’re sorry to say that we still have some waiting to do before the next installment drops. For now, we can catch the actress on her Youtube channel, where she shares a little sneak peek into her everyday life.

John Legend

The singer-songwriter and occasional actor, John Legend, is now one of the 16 persons who won an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) awards. According to sources, John is the second youngest and the first African-American man to ever won the said prestigious awards. With this, it is safe to say that John now is amassing millions of investment money.

As you may already know, John is an exceptional person. Homeschooled during his primary days, John quickly moved up the academic ranks and finished high school as a salutatorian. During his college days at the University of Pennsylvania, John was active in several extra-curricular activities. Despite his packed schedule, he finished with Latin awards. John got his stage name “John Legend” through the poet J. Ivy who decided to address him as John Legend due to his voice that sounds like one of the legends.


Zendaya Maree Coleman or better known as Zendaya, is an American actress, singer, producer. Zendaya got her first big break when she was around thirteen years old after getting the lead role, Rocky Blue, in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. The show catapulted Zendaya’s career. Later on, Zendaya made bigger waves The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

Zendaya reprised her role as MJ in 2019 Spider-Man: Far from Home. On the other hand, her latest film, Malcolm and Marie with David Washington, gave her an outstanding review despite being filmed amidst the current global health crisis. Zendaya also released an album to her name and collaborated with several artists, such as Chris Brown for Something New. Zendaya also sang a hit song from the movie The Greatest Showman with Zac Efron titled Rewrite the Stars. Zendaya has several upcoming projects to her credit. One of which is the third installment of the Spider-Man series and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Jimmy Fallon

James Thomas Fallon, popularly known as Jimmy Fallon, is one of the best comedians today. Jimmy admitted that as a child, he grew up with very protective parents. So much so that they might have installed home security systems if it was available back then. Jimmy says that they were not allowed to go outside and would only play in their backyard.

He was also raised in a religious household that he even became an altar boy and considered becoming a priest. However, watching Saturday Night Live inspired him to be a comedian. So in 1995, just a few crunches from receiving his college degree, Jimmy dropped out and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for comedy. After working for years to get into SNL, Jimmy finally succeeded in 1998. His stint in the SNL lasted until 2004. Jimmy also hosted Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from 2009 to 2013 and later succeeded Jay Leno in The Tonight Show starting 2014.

Orlando Bloom

Look at this cute photo of Orlando Bloom! Who would’ve thought that this British actor would be best known for his performances in the film franchises The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean? Growing up, he was raised by his mother and older sister Samantha in Canterbury. Then, by the age of 16, he left St. Edmunds school to follow his passion with the National Youth Theatre. He graduated in 1999 and landed a leading part in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy the following year.

He quickly gained credit and was offered prominent roles in films such as the Kingdom of Heaven. Aside from feature films, he showed an interest in investigating theatre, and in 2007, he gave his first stage performance at London’s Duke of York’s Theatre. Following that, he appeared in several successful films like Troy and New York, I Love You. He has also been on Broadway, where he portrayed the lead role of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom. Born as a natural singer, he began performing when he was a toddler. Later on, Sam studied music while attending St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, during their teenage years.

When his track Latch, featuring Guy and Howard Lawrence on electronic musical instruments, reached the eleventh spot on the UK Singles Chart, Sam’s career quickly gained momentum. His popularity as a vocalist expanded with the release of his next single, La La La, followed by music from Naughty Boy the following year. He was nominated for the BBC’s Sound of 2014 competition and the Brit Critic’s Choice Award and won both to his credit. His singing style spans a variety of genres, including pop, soul, R&B, and others. He is also a well-known social media personality with a sizable fan base on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Zac Efron

There have been numerous young stars, but Zac Efron is one of the few who has stood out in the past years. He was an enthusiastic participant in his high school’s theater plays, interested in performing from a young age. However, it only took one television movie to transform Efron’s career trajectory and establish him as a celebrity after several cameo appearances on television. The film was, of course, Disney Channel’s teen pop cultural smash High School Musical.

After a long career as an adolescent heartthrob, Efron transitioned to mainstream cinema with the successful film Hairspray. Following his role as the lead in this film, he went on to star in other films such as 17 Again and The Lucky One, establishing himself as a talented and versatile actor. Since then, he has gained acting credits in several films, including Me and Orson Welles and Charlie St. Cloud. Efron has proven his mettle with each picture, seamlessly transitioning from a Disney Channel teen star to a credited mainstream Hollywood actor.

Erica Campbell

Who would’ve thought that this pigtailed cutie would grow up to be one half of a soulful duo? Erica Campbell is an American singer and songwriter specializing in urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B, and contemporary R&B. She began her music career in 1998 as a member of the gospel music group Mary Mary alongside her younger sister, Tina Campbell. Her solo career started in 2013, releasing two albums with Entertainment One Music, both of which have peaked in Billboard magazine. In fact, during the 57th Grammy Awards, she took home the award for Best Gospel Album. She has been the host of Get Up! Mornings with comedian Griff since 2016.

Erica and her husband, Warryn Campbell, also starred in their reality show on TV One in early April 2018. Erica and her husband reside in Los Angeles, together with their three children, Krista Nicole, Warryn III, and Zaya Monique. Together, the couple has been making a lot of investments.


The late singer was always too cool for school, as he’s seen sporting an afro hairstyle in this throwback pic. Prince Rogers Nelson, known simply as Prince, was an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who earned the credit for founding the Minneapolis sound. He was known for his flamboyance, powerful voice, and diverse personality. He also had a four-decade career, a rarity in the music industry where popularity is fleeting. Needless to say, Prince is one of the best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide.

Prince, the son of a pianist and a jazz vocalist, received his musical abilities from his parents, who pushed him to pursue music as a career from an early age. He developed a profound interest in music under his parents’ tutelage and began writing songs at seven. He then learned to play the piano, guitar, and drums by himself. As a young man, he became a professional singer and performer, and his eponymous album Prince brought him a lot of fame. Prince was named number 27 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was just a cute little kid from Chicago before she became our First Lady. Michelle was born into a middle-class household and received a traditional education. She was an intelligent young lady who excelled in school and went on to Harvard Law School.

In 2009, Michelle became the first-ever African-American First Lady of the United States as the wife of former US President Barack Obama. She is the 44th First Lady and the 3rd with a postgraduate degree. She was an integral part of her husband’s presidential campaigns, and her responsibilities increased after she became First Lady. During those years, Michelle became a role model for women in America and all over the world. Since moving out of the White House, Michelle has been busy doing philanthropic work with the former president and daughters. She has worked on women’s empowerment, children’s health and education, the organic food movement, and national service.

La La Anthony

Who’d have predicted that this gorgeous little girl would marry one of the NBA’s biggest stars and become one of television’s biggest personalities?

La La Anthony began working in radio at the age of 15 at WHTA-FM, HOT 97.5 in Georgia. She hosted Future Flavas with rapper/actor Ludacris after a brief job at that station while still in high school. The films Two Can Play That Game, You Got Served, Think Like a Man, Think Like a Man 2, November Rule, and Destined all featured La La. In the Starz original drama series Power, she played Lakeisha Grant. She was also the host of the reality television shows La La’s Full Court Wedding and La La’s Full Court Life. In 2016, Anthony co-produced Danai Gurira’s Eclipsed, which premiered on Broadway. In 2010, she married NBA player Carmelo Anthony, and together, the two have been busy building their family and their investment portfolio.

Keke Palmer

After making her acting debut in 2004’s Barbershop 2: Back in Business, actress and singer Keke Palmer quickly rose to teenage superstardom thanks to Akeelah and the Bee. If you take a look at this photo, taken a few years- or even decades before her debut, you can pretty much still see the Keke that we’ve come to love and adore.

She is also known for her movies and shows in Nickelodeon, most notably True Jackson, VP. Aside from her notable credits in Nickelodeon-produced shows, she is also known for her roles in the horror-comedy series Scream Queens and the film Joyful Noise. You might have also caught her in another Nickelodeon show, the animated series Winx Club, where she would voice the character of Aisha. Throughout the years, Keke has starred alongside prominent actresses and singers Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.

Kevin Hart

Considered as one of the most successful stand-up comedians in recent history, be it commercially or in popularity, Kevin Hart is often compared to Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, and Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian is also remembered for his height, which seems to not have changed much since this baby picture. However, to his credit, one thing that did change is his success.

Initially starting his career by winning comedy competitions in New England, Kevin soon found success after he was cast as the leading character of the sitcom Undeclared, where he stood out not only because of his acting but also because of his comedic skills. However, the fame that he enjoys to this day only came after the release of his 2008 comedy album I’m a Grown Little Man, which would bag him further film roles and make him a prominent comedian in the stand-up industry.

Boris Kodjoe

Look at those adorable baby eyes! It’s none other than Austrian-American actor and former model Boris Kodjoe, known for portraying Kelby in 2002’s romantic comedy Brown Sugar and as the sports agent Damon Carter in Soul Food. Having been a strapping young man as a kid, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that later in his life, he would work as a model. This was due to a back injury he incurred during his college days, where he was on a tennis scholarship for the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Kodjoe’s career as a model would only last for a brief period, as the former tennis scholar would then make his debut in acting with TLC’s music video for Red Light Special. In 2000, he would be part of the cast of the drama series Soul Food, and due to the degree of fame he achieved, the actor bagged a spot in People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2002.


Solange Piaget Knowles is an American singer and performance often remembered as the one and only little sister of the beloved Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Next to her in the photo is the person in question, her older sister of four years, seemingly before the siblings broke into stardom for their talents in music. Like her older sister, she had a growing interest in music ever since she was a child.

Making her first stints into showbiz as a backup dancer for her sister’s girl group Destiny’s Child, she would later sign into their father’s music label, Music World Entertainment. She released her first studio album Solo Star in 2002. Racking up credits in the meanwhile, she would release three more albums since then, with her third album, 2016’s A Seat At The Table becoming her first album to top the Billboard 200 chart, as well as earning her massive critical acclaim.

Alicia Keys

Who would’ve known that this cutie would turn into one of the most successful American singers during the late 90s to 2000s? Alicia Keys first started her career at the tender age of 12. Though she started composing songs, it wouldn’t be until she reached 15 that she signed with Columbia Records. She would stay with the company for a few years, until eventually hopping to J Records, subsequently releasing her debut album Songs In A Minor in 2001.

To her pleasant surprise, the then 20-year-old’s first stint into the music industry would earn her five whopping Grammy Awards, all earned a year after her album’s release. Her track Fallin’ would earn her the highest degree of popularity and is often credited for helping the album rise to the Billboard Hot 100. Two years later, she would release a follow-up album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, which would yet again be met with critical acclaim and commercial success, selling eight million copies.

Cynthia Bailey

Before moving to New York and becoming a model at age 18, Cynthia Bailey already had what it takes to make an aspiring model from the get-go, as can be seen with this adorable photo of the young model and actress. She would later work as a runway model in Paris and Milan, not long after her five-year contract with New York talent agency Wilhelmina Models.

She would later dabble in acting, appearing in the film Without You I’m Nothing, the series The Cosby Show, and most prominently, the reality television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2010. The series would showcase her relationship with then-husband Peter Thomas. After their separation, she began dating Fox Sports sportscaster Mike Hill in 2018. They got married in 2020. In 2019, the model-turned-actress made her way into business ventures, making investments into making a wine bar called The Bailey Wine Cellar, and The Bailey Room, an event space.

Eva Marcille

Who knew the third cycle winner of America’s Next Top Model was also quite adorable as a baby? Born to an African American mother and Puerto Rican father, Eva Marcille became prominent for her stunning looks. Aside from her stint on ANTM, she is also known for her work in television shows such as The Young and The Restless, Born Again Virgin, and most notably, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Having joined the cast as a friend of Nene Leakes, she would shortly become a full-time cast member come 2018 in season 11 but would later depart from the show two seasons later. For long-time fans of the model, it most likely wouldn’t come as a surprise that the 36-year-old model is now a mother of three, evidently having passed down her good looks to her family, with whom she shares with husband, the attorney Michael Sterling.

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss, known professionally as Kandi, is yet another The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member on this list. Her first stint into popularity would be as a member of Xscape in 1992, a female American vocal group. After going on hiatus since the release of their third album Traces of My Lipstick, Xscape would later briefly get back together before going on hiatus once more in 2005.

In 2009, the singer would enter the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as she was engaged to her boyfriend A.J. at the time, replacing DeShawn Snow. Their spinoff would also be named The Kandi Factory. Among her recent television appearances include the singing competition show The Masked Singer, where she appeared as the Night Angel. Burruss, displaying her talent in music to the highest degree, went on to win the season and subsequently becoming the first female winner in the show’s history.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is a singer who rose to fame when she became part of the girl group Destiny’s Child in the 1990s. She became a part of the best-selling group of all time, which also catapulted the fame of Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams. Before Destiny’s Child, Rowland was also a part of the young girl group Girl’s Tyme along with Knowles. They joined the competition but met their loss early on, resulting in the group’s disbandment. However, Rowland is not someone to give up on her dreams. With Destiny’s Child, she was able to etch her name in the industry.

After the group disbanded, Rowland focused on her solo career. She also became a TV personality when she served as a judge for The X Factor, LA’s Finest, and The Voice. Aside from appearing on TV, she is a busy woman who juggles other passion projects. Rowland has set aside huge investment money for her businesses and philanthropic work, including the Survivor Foundation. In this cause, she helps survivors of hurricane Katrina by providing housing projects.


Ledisi is a well-loved singer for those who are fans of R&B and jazz. Aside from singing, she also makes time in songwriting and acting. She has appeared in a few movies like Selma and The Tale of Four.

Now at 49, Ledisi is still a favorite singer for many. She has been nominated 12 times for Grammy Awards, which makes her a top-notch musician. Her singing career is still active now, with new song releases such as Anything For You under the Wild Card album. According to an interview, she intends her new album to be a reflection of her version of soul music, wherein she incorporates with a little blues and rock & roll. Ledisi hopes to get fans enticed with her new songs, much as she liked enjoying making it in the process. She is also set to take on some acting credits, such as the role of Mahlia Jackson in the biopic Remember Me.

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is a Canadian singer who was raised by musician parents. As a young girl, she has been introduced to music and various instruments that equipped her to become a young singer. She started her career in music professionally in 2002 when she became a part of a Canadian girl group. During her work for the group, she received a Juno Award nomination as R&B/Soul Recording of the Year for their self-titled album. It came to a point when she had to quit being a member to elevate her career.

Fiona then ventured into a solo singing career. Her hit songs include Give It To Me Right and Somebody Come Get Me. Since she started, Fiona always gives credit to her music icons Mariah Carey, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, and Christina Aguilera for her music. She is now 37 but she is still active in making music just like when she was only a young girl.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is an actress and singer who is known for her role in TV series Girlfriends and Black-ish. In her role in the latter as Dr. Rainbow Johnson, she has received praises for her superb acting, even leading to her receiving major awards.

Before becoming an actress, Ross was known as a teen model. She has graced the pages of top magazines such as Mirabella and New York magazines. She eventually became a fashion editor of the publications. She did modeling while pursuing a degree in theatre arts at Brown University. At age 48, Ross still looks the same as before. She can still pass as a supermodel with her toned looks and captivating beauty. Ross balances her schedule as an actress for the TV show Mixed-ish and as the owner of the beauty brand Pattern Beauty, which targets women with curly hair.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is a musician and record product. He is known for his style that is injected with rock, reggae, psychedelic, folk, pop, and blues to his music, which many fans love to listen to. Kravitz started in his career as a young musician in the 1980s. With actress Roxie Roker and NBC news producer Sy Kravitz as parents, he has been under the spotlight since he was young. By the 1990s, Kravitz had established his name in the world of music to an incredible degree, having been a producer of songs for top artists such as Madonna. The rock idol also earned a couple of Grammy nominations of wins throughout his career making him a legendary name in the industry.

In his personal life, many know that Kravitz was once married to Lisa Bonet. They have a daughter named Zoe who is also making a name in music, modeling, and acting. Kravitz is still practicing in his career as a musician.

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson is a multi-talented celebrity. She is a singer and songwriter who also juggles her time as an actress and a record producer. The Georgia native lass worked with producer Anthony Dent at the onset of her career before landing into the mainstream. As a singer, she rose to fame in the early 2000s with hit songs Knock You Down and Pretty Girl Rock. The songstress also ventured into movie acting, with roles in Riddick and Love by the 10th Date.

Today, Hilson is now 38 years old but hasn’t changed much. She still looks like her younger self with a slender figure and youthful beauty. Although she took a seven-year break from making music due to mental health problems, Hilson is back with a degree of enthusiasm as she is into making new music again. The two-time Grammy nominee is working on her new music which shall mirror the changes in her life in the past decade.

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