Bart Conner

Dubbed as one of America’s greatest gymnasts, Bart Conner brought glory to the US when he won two gold medals back in ’84. He was initially qualified for the 1980 Olympics, but due to a boycott at that time, he was not able to join. Conner is a highly decorated gymnast who won medals at every level of both national and international championships. What is surprising, though, is that he is not solely focused on sports as he also tried acting and running his own gym.

Another interesting story about him was how she met his wife, Nadia Comăneci. She and a group of other Romanians just recently defected, and Conner heard she was going to appear on The Pat Sajak Show. What he did was he called the producer, and with a great degree of convincing, he made a guest appearance on the show, meeting his gymnast idol. They hit it off, and after a few years, they were wedded in a ceremony in Bucharest.