October Faction

Sometimes, the level of success a TV show can receive is also affected when it is released. Netflix’s October Faction is one such example. Though the show’s first season was well-loved by its audience, October Faction was released around the same time its fellow horror series Locke and Key was also running in Netflix’s streaming service, ensuring competition between the two.

Because Lock and Key ended up doing better in the ratings, Netflix concluded that focusing their investments on this other series would be more profitable than splitting it with October Faction. With the show’s unfortunate cancelation, fans were left hanging as it were. The show was a comic book adaptation, and a lot of fans of the comic series were infuriated to learn that the show had been canceled.

Almost Family

Most of the time, a show’s potential becomes apparent during the premiere of its pilot episode. Unfortunately, for Almost Family, it seemed like the show was doomed to fail from the start. Like adding fuel to the fire, news arose that Almost Family’s lead actor was involved in a case of physical harassment. The news was released just hours before the announcement of the show’s cancelation.

Though the actor’s lawyer denied the accusations, it didn’t help in any way to increase the show’s ratings. In fact, the show was, for all practical purposes, dead on the water. By the end of its first season, Almost Family was bombarded with negative reviews from viewers and critics alike, claiming that the show failed to convey any coherent story until its inevitable end.

The Society

A cliffhanger is a storytelling device that leaves the audience with an open ending, making them crave more from the story – it’s typically the reason people want to return for the follow-up sequel. Netflix’s The Society ended its first season with a cliffhanger — an ending for the season, but not for the characters’ story. Of course, fans were excited for the series to follow it up with a season 2, but the show is in this article, so you know what happens next.

With all the problems from the COVID-19 pandemic, the show’s production became too costly for Netflix to make any investments for a season 2. Aside from that, filming projects these days requires the cast and crew to take extensive safety measures to prevent any further spreading of the virus, which equals more expenses above the production cost.


There are many instances where an audience widely dislikes a film or a show. But even if that were the case, some shows still possess a few gems underneath the metaphorical garbage. One particular example is Fox’s freshman comedy, Outmatched, which received overall bad reviews from both critics and audiences. However, if there was one good thing about the show despite all those negatives, it’s the show’s lead stars’ performance, which undoubtedly shone through the whole season.

Although the show didn’t resonate well with its audience, Fox executives saw great potential in Outmatched leads, Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson, and will likely be giving them another shot with a new acting credit in a future show. All that’s left now is to hope that they land on a show that can better utilize their charm and acting chops.

Man With A Plan

To have Friends actor Matt LeBlanc star in a new TV sitcom as a father struggling with being a parent is a good concept for a show. At least, that’s what a lot of his fans thought after it was announced that the actor was going to star in the new CBS show Man with a Plan in 2016.

Though the cast shared excellent chemistry on screen, the show’s production was too expensive for CBS to maintain, resulting in its unfortunate cancellation after the fourth season. Furthermore, with CBS still having many shows in pre-production waiting to be released, the network believed it was safer to make investments towards producing new shows rather than continue to work on already established ones. Here’s to hoping that they’re still planning on renewing the show soon, though.

Modern Family

ABC’s Modern Family, to its credit, successfully delivered its last hurrah with the eleventh and final season. Though the show was initially supposed to end after its tenth season, the creators eventually decided to give ABC’s top-rated comedy one more season to wrap up its many storylines.

With a huge fan base, as well as several nominations and awards, it is safe to say that the series’ finale has left a bittersweet feeling for more than a few people, especially for those who followed the show since its inception in 2009. Fortunately, the show’s creators have shown a significant interest in giving the show a spin-off series. All that’s left for the fans now is to hope that the spin-off begins production sooner rather than later.

Sunny Side

An actor’s star power can only carry a show so far. Even NBC’s Kal Penn-led series Sunny Side couldn’t last for one season on TV – the show’s last seven episodes were released on the network’s website and streaming service. With the actor hailing from House and Harold & Kumar fame, Kal Penn’s reputation got the viewers curious about his new show, Sunny Side.

Although the show managed to double its views during its time at the network’s streaming service and website, it doesn’t change the fact that Sunny Side’s ratings were low from start to end. Even though the creators found some positives from its cancelation, like new project opportunities, it is still unfortunate to see a show run out of gas in the middle of its first season.

Live PD

More often than not, films and shows follow a concept that is, to a certain degree, based on real-life events – a case of “Art imitates Life.” However, some themes that weren’t too sensitive at the beginning can eventually become intolerable and offensive in the long run. This scenario was the case for one of A&E’s top-rated shows, Live PD, which was recently canceled in light of current events.

One of A&E’s top-rated shows, Live PD spawned many spin-offs during its 4-year run, including Live PD: Police Patrol and Live PD Presents: PD Cam. Now with the show’s cancelation, its time slot in the network’s program was given to the reality series Live Rescue, which is similar to the police show but focuses on firefighters and paramedics instead.


Many shows that received excellent ratings and reviews during their early seasons can experience a decline in their quality the longer they last, which was the case for Fox’s series Empire. In recent releases, the show has experienced a sudden dive in its ratings, which was due to viewers transitioning to streaming services that were relatively more convenient to watch than TV broadcasts.

With Fox announcing that the series’ sixth season will be its last, Empire’s producers have revealed that this will be one of the biggest investments they have made in their career. With the show’s final season promoted as a big TV event, Empire fans can hope that the stories revolving around their favorite characters will wrap up nicely by the series finale.

Strike Back

TV series are often given a relatively lower budget than their big-screen counterparts. Still, Cinemax’s Strike Back has shown that it can perform high-adrenaline action set pieces that set the bar high for TV show standards throughout its decade-long run.

With each season, Strike Back’s Section 20 was provided with undercover missions involving the world’s safety. And with every new predicament, the team encounters more challenging assignments that further exceed previous missions’ degree of difficulty. Now, after seven seasons, Strike Back will be providing Section 20 with one more world-saving mission before the show comes to an end. And with the show’s final season raking in excellent ratings, it is safe to say that Strike Back is definitely worth watching from start to finish.