Sometimes, Plastic Surgeries Fail To Serve Their Purpose


As founder of the ’80s band Dead Or Alive, Pete Burns reached the peak of fame when the band’s single You Spin Me Round became a huge success in mainstream music. But it seemed that their success was not enough to provide Burns with self-confidence. He was always insecure about his looks. When they were set to appear in Top Of The Pops, the American musician wore an eyepatch to hide the bad side of his nose. After that, he underwent nasal reconstructive surgery, which marked the first of his many reconstructive procedures.

Before Burns succumbed to cardiac arrest in October 2016, people noticed the drastic change in his appearance because of bad plastic surgeries which insurance companies don’t cover.


Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur Donatella Versace inherited 20% of the company founded by her famous brother Gianni Versace after the latter’s death in 1997. She took the seat of Chief Executive Officer and followed her brother’s footsteps in leading the label toward fashion prominence.

The posh mother of two was not spared from the fashion industry’s obsession with beauty and youth, though. Donatella went under the knife more than a few times with hopes of eternal youth. But as any doctor or lawyer will tell us, anything excessive can be deleterious. Both fans and bashers observed that Donatella’s over-indulgence to invasive beauty procedures did more harm than good.


33-year old American reality TV personality Heidi Blair Montag became known after being cast in the MTV reality TV series The Hills back in 2006. Things were looking up for the pretty Colorado-born blonde, who also ventured into singing and released her debut studio album Superficial.

Sadly, it all went south from there. Montag’s debut album was criticized and did not even sell enough copies to break-even. She also had a major rift with The Hills co-star Lauren Conrad, marking the end of their friendship. To make matters worse, Montag underwent ten cosmetic surgeries in one day, soliciting massive backlash from the public. She was able to resurrect her career and avoid bankruptcy when she joined the British version of Celebrity Big Brother after two years.


Philip Andre Rourke Jr., who goes by the alias “Mickey”, is a film actor and former boxer. Because of the extreme physicality of his boxing career, he suffered from different injuries such as a flattened cheekbone, a broken nose, fractured toe and ribs, and a split tongue, prompting him to undergo several reconstructive procedures. But the Angel Heart star wasn’t very lucky under the surgical light.

In 2009, Rourke conceded that he went to the wrong person who disfigured his face and left it a mess. His on again, off again “affair” with boxing, although earning him belt after belt, hurt his credit score. He had one final fight in the ring in 2014 after more than 20 years of being away from it.


The Real Housewives Of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson was a pioneering member of the TV show, earning for her the title as “OG of the OC” meaning “Original Gangster” or “Old Git” in Hollywood lingo. But the 57-year old American reality TV actress has been into more real drama than reel. She consistently involved herself in needless controversies that hurt her career to a certain degree.

When news broke that she will be demoted to a “friend” role and will no longer be a regular cast of the franchise’s upcoming season, Vicki broke down. And probably in an attempt to stay afloat, Vicki went through cosmetic procedures, which were unfortunately botched.


American TV personality Janice Dickinson is one of the world’s first supermodels, having been the face of several brands including Revlon, Alberto VO5, Balmain, Obao, Christian Dior, Clairol, Hush Puppies, Orbit gum, Max Factor, Virginia Slims, and Cutex. She was also a fashion magazine fixture repeatedly appearing in the covers and inner pages of Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Photo, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Playboy. Aspiring models normally come across her name in online classes.

Not surprisingly, Dickinson tried to hang on to her beauty and youth by going under the knife several times, leading to her guest appearance in the TV show Botched.


American socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is known for her lavish lifestyle with an annual phone bill reaching $60,000 based on her own calculation. She also revealed a $547,000 budget for food and wine, more than enough to sustain a huge middle-class American family. Part of her luxuries are the numerous extensive cosmetic procedures that succeeded in making her famous albeit in a negative way.

Dubbed by plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn as the “poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong”, Wildenstein ended up with catfish-like appearance. She went through a much-publicized divorce from her billionaire husband in 1999 and filed a bankruptcy claim.


1980s actress and Golden Globe nominee Jennifer Grey is known for her role in the films Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing. Her acting career in TV and film had been up and down since then. She is married to Marvel Cinematic Universe star Clark Gregg, with whom she has a daughter and shared investments.

Due to deviated septum, Grey had to undergo two rhinoplasty procedures, but people believe that she had something else done to her face as she now looks very different and almost unrecognizable even to her family and close pals. Despite that, we hope that the procedure helped improve her breathing, even though not her appearance.


Kimberly Denise Jones, who goes by the professional name Lil’ Kim, is an American rapper and actress born in New York. She has a troubled past, having been expelled from home at a young age. Her friendship with rapper Notorious B.I.G. paved her way to the limelight. Labelled “Queen Bee”, Lil’ Kim derived inspiration from singer Diana Ross and rapper MC Lyte and is best known for her successful debut album Hard Core.

The 45-year old rapper never seems to have completely departed her disturbed past. She continued to invite trouble over the years. She had a public fight with Nicki Minaj, faced legal issues including substance abuse and illegal possession of a deadly weapon, and botched cosmetic procedure. Lii’ Kim’s attorney must be a busy guy.


French Italian ex-supermodel Carla Bruni tied the knots with former president of France and ex-officio co-prince of Andorra, Nicolas Sarkozy, in 2008, and probably lived with highly reliable home security systems. She also pursued a career as singer-songwriter in Europe with 5 studio albums, 6 promotional singles and 7 music videos.

But Bruni’s popularity was tainted with rumors of extramarital affairs with numerous rock stars including Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, and other men that she was not actually dating. To top it all, Bruni has been in constant scrutiny because of the obvious changes in her appearance, which she attributes to her botox treatment.


As co-vocalist for the rock band Kiss, Paul Stanley also lends rhythmic guitar performance and co-writes many of the band’s chart-topping songs. For this, the American musician earned the title as “The Starchild” of Kiss. Stanley represents this persona with a black star over his eye while his bandmates wore red lipstick over their white-painted faces. When Kiss disbanded, he slowed down on show appearances and focused more in his advocacy, although his financial advisor would most likely advise him to continue singing more actively.

Born with external ear defect, Stanley supports the charity foundation AboutFace, where he acts as a spokesman to inspire people with facial irregularities. But people can’t get over the fact that the former rock star’s brows and face appear to have been lifted.


Starting out in the Broadway play Barefoot in the Park in 1966, Joan Van Ark penetrated Hollywood and signed up for the role of Valene Ewing on the primetime TV series Knots Landing. Her fresh and beautiful face stunned fans and quickly brought her to stardom. She was awarded “Best Actress” twice by the Soap Opera Digest Award in 1986 and in 1989 and became a celebrity judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, gaining for her a positive credit report.

But the once delicate beauty rode the plastic surgery bandwagon in an attempt to maintain her youth. Sadly, the procedure seemed to have a less than pleasant effect on her.


Rose Gowan claimed her fame from her appearance as Paige Matthews in Charmed. She became a crowd favorite thanks to her innocent face and charming personality. Her breakthrough project was followed by other notable roles on hit movies like Jawbreaker and Lizzy Borden Took An Ax. Her career took a turn when she started dating singer-songwriter Marilyn Manson.

When Rose and Marilyn dated, Rose’s appearance changed drastically. Rose soon admitted to undergoing Botox only. However, many speculated about what else she might have swiped her credit cards for, as her current appearance is in stark contrast with that of her younger self-portraits.


It’s not enough to call Wayne Newton a legend in the performing industry. Apart from his incredible career as an entertainer in Las Vegas, Wayne also played roles in iconic films and shows like Vegas Vacation and The Lucy Show. To top off his impressive roster of projects, he was a voice-over artist for teen comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Like any celebrity, Wayne was subject to the unrealistic expectations of being in the limelight. He knew well to pour out investment money in his looks to keep his career. Today, Wayne is almost unrecognizable due to the cosmetic procedures he had performed on him.


The Jackson family is popular for their legendary contribution to the music industry. Their undeniable talent in performing gave them a spot in the limelight almost from the start up to end of their career. The fifth sibling of the bunch, La Toya Jackson, followed their success with two Billboard charting songs Just Wanna Dance and Free The World.

La Toya was also subject to pressure to keep an attractive image. Like many of her siblings, she had an extreme appearance change. Despite that she’s no longer actively belting out singles or participating in reality shows, La Toya can rest assured that she has enough insurance to live comfortably and retire early.


Jackie Stallone came from a popular family. Being the daughter of Sylvester Stallone and Frank Stallone, Jackie has been exposed to the limelight at a pretty young age. She built her career as an astrologer and has even published books on the topic. On the side, she appears on television shows and runs a psychic hotline to further build her credit score.
Jackie has long since left the industry. She switched to a quieter and private lifestyle after the peak of her popularity. There’ve been drastic changes to her appearance because of her lip injections and facelift, among many others.


Renne Zellweger gained her following thanks to her beautiful face and charming appeal. Coupled with her talent for the craft, she bagged multiple awards such as an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. One of her signature features was what her fans called the “pouting face” which drew the attention of men and women alike.

It’s been quite some time since Renne last made her appearance, and she’s unrecognizable to a great degree. Speculations of a possible cosmetic surgery surfaced after she attended the Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood Awards. Yet, Renne stands firm that her looks are all natural.


Priscilla Presley is a name almost everyone knows, partly for her short-lived marriage with music industry legend Elvis Presley and partly for her alluring looks. The gorgeous Priscilla claimed her spot in Hollywood after appearing in three successful films in the Naked Gun series and as Jenna Wade in Dallas.

Priscilla continues to work on her many advocacies today. One of her projects is with the Dream Foundation, an organization for the benefit of terminally ill adults. Priscilla’s investment planning is directed toward causes. However, it seems that Priscilla had a few transformations here and there as she looks quite different from her younger years.


Lauren Goodger had quite a lot going on for her during her time in the Hollywood spotlight. Apart from acting, she took on writing, singing, modeling, and cosmetology projects. Her breakthrough appearance was in 2010 reality series The Only Way is Essex. Lauren was fond of reality TV programs. In 2014, she took on the Celebrity Big Brother challenge.

As she furthered her career, Lauren met criticisms when the public noticed her slowly-changing appearance and unpredictable weight fluctuations. Many believe that her desire to look different through investment money-heavy cosmetic procedures is a price she had to pay from all her reality TV projects.


Elsa Patton’s iconic appearance on The Real Housewives of Miami made her popular in the eyes of the public. She was known best for being a reality TV star and a mother of one of the show’s main women Marysol Patton. From she first stepped foot on set, all eyes were on her because of how different she looked.

It’s evident that Elsa poured out quite the investment money on cosmetic procedures. This comes as no surprise given that her net worth could amount to over $10 million. Her success gave her the opportunity to work alongside legendary Hollywood personalities like Elvis Presley and James Dean.


No one could compare to the empire that Michaela Romanini built from her socialite lifestyle. Her lavish adventures made her the subject of countless media headlines. At some point, some even referred to her as the “Paris Hilton of Italy.” No one would expect Michaela to ever file for bankruptcy.

Her popularity had its cons, as Michaela became extremely fixated on improving her physical appearance. It didn’t take long before the public noticed how unrecognizable she had turned out. While majority of her procedures focused on lip collagen injections, it seems that the star is looking forward to getting more done.


Golden Globe nominee Meg Ryan had an incredibly successful career. Her talent and grace deserve credit for landing her huge Hollywood projects. After her appearance in romantic comedy film When Harry Met Sally, she took her spot in the red carpet and gained a massive following.

Meg’s projects have been scarce since the mid-2000s, but she’s working hard to keep her youthful glow. She looks quite different from when she first entered the industry. A quick peek at her then-and-now photos would show obvious signs of lip injections and a facelift, but Meg was never one to admit she had any procedures done.


If you had to list down Sharon Osbourne’s projects, it would take at least a few months. During her time in Hollywood, Sharon took on different projects on hosting, talent judging, and writing. More notably, she’s the wife of iconic rock star personality Ozzy Osbourne.

Since the start of her career, Sharon has always been vocal about undergoing cosmetic surgery. Her impressive credit score gives her the freedom to do so. She embraced the changes in her appearance, but lately, she did admit to going too hard on the procedures. Today, she’s keen on loving her current looks, saying that her human body could only take so much.


Suzanne Somers was a health advocate who always empowered her fans to choose better lifestyles. However, the people started to speculate that she went through a few cosmetic surgeries after her career skyrocketed. Her performance in Three’s Company helped her grow her fanbase. Her stint as actress, businesswoman, and singer made her an iconic personality in Hollywood.

Suzanne was a performer at Las Vegas when the public started to notice the changes in her appearance. She was a spokesperson for Thighmaster. Like any celebrity, Suzanne must have felt the pressure to keep beauty from aging, hence the cosmetic investments.


No one could forget Kenny Roger’s beautiful voice whenever he performed on stage. The country music legend was and is still one of the iconic singers in the industry. He is even a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. While his voice is still distinguishable as his, his appearance is now quite different.

Throughout his career, Kenny admitted to undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries. Part of his investment planning was to make sure he never lost his charm. Fans are quite surprised to see the legendary singer look incredibly far from what he used to, especially with rounder cheeks and smaller lips.


Lara Flynn was loved by many because of her innocent charm and adorable smile. She was Hollywood’s girl-next-door. After she played Stacy in Wayne’s World, fans were excited to see Lara explore bigger projects. And she did receive new roles that helped her build her credit report – particularly ABC cult television series Twin Peaks as Donna Hayward.

To her fans’ dismay, Lara started to alter her appearance to cover a few insecurities. She first had her freckles completely removed before going for a Botox. Apart from that, many noticed that her eyes are quite bigger and her eyes now look different.


American actress and TV personality Lisa Rinna claimed her spot in Hollywood from her stints as a host on countless talk shows and newscasts. She’s best known for playing Billie Reed on NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Lisa’s 40-year career was capped off in the most beautiful way, with fans wondering how she managed to maintain her youth. The public’s close to asking her for online classes on how she keeps her timeless glow. While she admits to getting lip injections that cost almost as much as her home insurance, she says she owes her beauty to fitness and healthy-living.


There’s no denying that Tori Spelling’s 90210 days were the glory days of her time in Hollywood. Her career was kickstarted by the major role on the show produced by her father Aaron. While she did take on a few projects afterwards, nothing could compare to the success of the American drama television series.

Today, Tori’s blonde hair is still as beautiful, but her appearance drastically changed over the years. It’s been quite some time since Tori first started shelling out cash loans for cosmetic procedures. Luckily, her natural features aren’t overpowered by the changes and she’s still looking her youthful self.


Megan Fox’s alluring looks climbed her up to Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. Everyone knew she was destined for stardom. Her undeniable beauty landed her roles in minor TV shows and films like the Hope & Faith sitcom. In 2004, she debuted with a teen comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Megan is no longer seen on the red carpet on premier nights, but fans were quick to notice the difference in her appearance. Many believe she spent much of her career earnings on cosmetic procedures that are almost as expensive as a mortgage. Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that she was one of Hollywood’s most attractive stars.


Pixee Fox’s fame and popularity is anchored on her dramatic transformation. Her fans and the public followed her journey along her countless plastic surgeries, as she attempts to look like the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Her obsession with altering her appearance helped her grow her popularity in the industry. Indeed, Pixee does have the looks that could catch anyone’s attention, but she runs the risk of going too far.

Pixee’s been going under the knife since 2010. She’s had nose jobs, liposuction, breast and waist augmentation, and permanent make-up. Thankfully, her credit report gives her the liberty to do so.


Nikki Cox doesn’t look too different from her “before” photos, except that her lips are much fuller now. Her retirement from show business is usually attributed to her cosmetic procedures. For many, it did her beauty more harm than good. Her lip injections, botox, and breast augmentation sadly took away her youthful glow too soon.

Nikki was an American actress and comedy writer in Hollywood. She had notable projects like Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas, and Nikki that kept her on top of the entertainment industry. Her success made it easy for her to get cosmetic surgery done without worrying about bankruptcy.


Axl Rose became popular among the ladies when he stepped up as the frontman for American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. His career peaked in the ‘80s to early ‘90s. With his looks helping him boost his career, no one can blame Axl for wanting to improve his appearance. It wasn’t long before he started going to plastic surgeons and people noticed.

While Axl looks different from his younger self, his face doesn’t show that he had done a lot of changes. Sadly, however, the procedures affected his ability to perform on-stage. It’s been a while since the industry heard from Axl, but he’s hopefully doing well in money management.


If you told a Hollywood fan that Fashion Police host Joan Rivers had no cosmetic procedures done to herself, you would be met with a raised eyebrow and a sarcastic laugh. The comedian-actress is open about surgery. These include a facelift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery. While it may seem overwhelming, Joan remains unbothered.

Joan’s career was indeed on the better side, with countless projects knocking on her door. She’s an iconic personality in Hollywood. Her popularity helped grow her credit score, which in turn allowed her to undergo her many plastic surgery sessions with her doctor, Dr. Youn.


Former glamour girl Katie Price was Hollywood’s sweetheart when she first entered the industry as a model and singer. She had quite a lot of projects during her time in the industry. However, her reputation was soon flooded with controversy when she started undergoing several cosmetic procedures. The surgeries cost at least thrice an average person’s mortgage.

With a total of three facelifts and breast augmentation surgeries, Katie shocked fans with how different she now looks. Her recent procedure in Turkey left her looking swollen as she struggled to open her eyes. Still, Katie is happy with her new look and that’s all that matters.


After Charlotte Crosby made her public appearance following her Brazil holiday, fans were surprised to see that the TV personality looked even more different. It seems that Charlotte had more surgery during her trip. Many of her followers are now persuading her to stop going through cosmetic procedures to change her look and avoid bankruptcy.

The 29-year-old star hasn’t admitted to any new alterations, but speculations continue to arise on her social media pages. The last Charlotte shared was a nose job in 2016, a yearly lip injection, and a boob job. Fans are still debating whether she’s had more done since.


Chloe Ferry had many projects that helped her climb up the fame ladder. However, she’s more famous for the title “surgery addict” which the public named her after several cosmetic procedures. Some even compare her to music icon Michael Jackson. In all her years in Hollywood, she’s reported to have undergone two nose jobs, boob implants, a bum lift, and regular lip fillers. At this point, she could have invested in an insurance policy already.

With all the people trying to comment on her surgeries, Chloe is obviously tired and wished that they would “get over” it. She claims that going public about her procedures was the worst decision ever.


Friends star Courteney Cox was loved by the public thanks to her incredible performance as Monica Geller. Her quirky character coupled with her charm deserves most of the credit and did great for her Hollywood career. The actress, now 55 years old, made headlines with the premiere of her 2015 show Hands of God. Fans were surprised to see that she was almost unrecognizable.

After quite some time, Courteney admitted to getting dermal fillers which she soon had “dissolved.” She says this decision was influenced by the fact that she wanted to feel better and look like herself. Whatever her decision was, we’re glad she’s putting herself first!


Reality star Bobby Norris had a dramatic reveal of his new look at the 2019 NTAs red carpet. He explains that he had a secret beard transplant to boost his confidence. Apart from the sneaky procedure, fans speculate that he went under the knife more than once given how different he now looks.

The controversial beard transplant cost Bobby a hefty sum of £9,000. While he was never one to worry about electricity bills or loans, the star is firm on saying that he only had one septorhinoplasty on his nose. “I can assure you… I’ve had no other surgeries,” he shared.


When Tara Reid decided to undergo a boob job, she certainly did not expect it to turn into a horror story. The expensive procedure cost her thousands of investment money. According to Tara, she made the decision to get a boob job to fix her uneven breasts – something she been insecure about for quite some time.

Sadly, the surgery didn’t heal well and she’s now dealing with stretched, bumpy nipples. The procedure became controversial when Tara accidentally revealed it in public during a red-carpet event 13 years ago. When asked about it, Tara says she’s far from getting another procedure and won’t be getting surgeries anymore.


Georgia Kousoulou is one-half of power couple with boyfriend Tommy Mallet who gained her fame from appearing in TV show The Only Way is Essex. The glamorous star had an alluring face and incredible body shape, but fans were quick to judge following her nose job in 2019.

Georgia admitted that she was extremely unhappy with the way she looked. In 2017, she finally made the decision to pour cash loans on a rhinoplasty. Her reveal was met with unkind comments, as fans accused her of “ruining her face.” For Georgia, it was a good decision and she could only wish for people to “get over” the procedure.


Sylvester Stallone owes his success to American boxing drama Rocky, which he wrote and starred in. His character was easily relatable with the humble personality. This project made him millions in investment money, and he quickly rose to fame. However, like any artist, Sylvester felt the need to keep his attractive and youthful face for as long as possible.

It didn’t take long for Sylvester to opt for plastic surgery. Sadly, he went overboard and it drastically changed his appearance. His face lift combined with neck lift made it too obvious that he had surgeries done, much to his fans’ dismay.


Being a transgender in Hollywood wasn’t easy, but Amanda Lepore was easily loved by the public. Her talent in modeling, singing, and performance arts made her successful in the industry. She showed no less than fearlessness in every project. The fans loved her even more for her straight-forward personality.

It’s common knowledge that Amanda was frequently under the knife. Among her roster of credit card-heavy cosmetic procedures were silicone injections, eye lifts, breast implants, and a rhinoplasty. When asked about it, Amanda shares that she wants to look like her role model Marilyn Monroe and the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.


Caitlyn Jenner has been on the limelight almost all of her life – first as an Olympic medalist and then as a reality TV star. The professional athlete went through a major appearance change following her divorce lawyer days with ex-wife Kris Jenner. She plucked up enough courage to come out as a woman, but before that, she’s been under the knife quite a few times.

It took years of plastic surgery for Caitlyn to become unrecognizable. Her stiff face and lack of facial expression could be attributed to her lip, nose, and eye alterations. After she fully transitioned, she was a hundred-percent changed person.


Daryl Hannah was considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces. She was a blonde beauty that swept the hearts of fans. Her appearances in iconic movies like Splash, Blade Runner, and Kill Bill gave her the reputation of a strong woman. However, the pressure was too much for Daryl, and soon she gave in to the temptation of cosmetic surgery.

Many see Daryl differently today. Her lip augmentation and cheek implant surgeries changed her look drastically, and fans aren’t pleased. While all it took was a few swipes of her credit cards, she bid goodbye to her sweetheart image the moment she went under the knife.


There’s no denying that Burt Reynolds got his father’s appeal and perfect skin. He had quite the clear, almost baby-like skin when he first entered Hollywood. Today, the public couldn’t be meaner about their comments on his looks. Thanks to his cosmetic procedures, Burt no longer worries about wrinkles or bankruptcy. He does, however, have tighter skin.

Burt’s plastic surgery show evidence of a past face and eye lift. He might have even gotten a nose job in between. At first, the alterations did his appearance well. As soon as he got older, his age caught up and the surgeries started showing.


Singer-songwriter Barry Manilow had an incredible run in the music industry. He was one of the few stars who managed to stay in the limelight for over 50 years. We could only imagine the piles of investment money he saved over the decades of performing. He grew to become a household name after releasing timeless hits like Mandy, Can’t Smile Without You, and Copacabana. His career was on a steady growth. Insurance companies were more than excited to work with the music icon.

Despite the cosmetic procedures he had done, Barry still resembles his younger self. The Botox might be extremely obvious, but other than that, he looks almost the same.

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