Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Stories That You Need To Hear About


Canadian singer and international superstar Celine Dion has always been thin. She’s even been criticized in the past for looking too thin, and rumors swirled around that she was suffering from an eating disorder. The singer, however, doesn’t infrequently remind people that she is, in fact, healthy, and accounts much of her weight loss to her love of dancing, which she says makes her, to a huge degree, feel “strong, feminine and sexy.”

It’s not clear how much weight Dion has actually lost from dancing, but people close to the singer also attribute her slim figure to her enviable genes—apparently, nobody in her family is overweight. Shorter than the average individual, which is surprising considering she’s only five years short of being 1 hundred years old. One of the things that Cicely also swears by is her Vegan diet, which she says is one of the best investments she’s made for her health.


Actress and singer Chrissy Metz, who is more popularly known for playing Kate Pearson in the drama series, This is Us, was always open about her weight issues. She shared that she’s always had difficulty with her weight, and even joined Weight Watchers when she was 11, in the hope that she could finally lose weight. Metz said that she was the youngest person in Weight Watchers at the time, and it was an embarrassing experience.

Fortunately, she eventually became scared for her own health, and that became the impetus for her to start working out to lose weight. Chrissy was, to her credit, reportedly able to lose 100 lbs by limiting her calorie intake (about 2000 calories a day) and walking 20 minutes a day. Metz thinks a big body is “great and sexy”, losing weight is just for her health. Although she has a long way to go, she’s definitely in the right direction.


Professional football player Antone Davis, who played offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, apparently joined the reality television show The Biggest Loser after the death of a few of his friends who were overweight. He used to eat an average of 6500 calories a day, sometimes eating three dinners – tortillas, pizzas, and pasta. His unhealthy diet led him to carry aspirin in his pocket every day. He said their deaths made him think long and hard about himself and what he must do to lose weight.

Happily, the show worked wonders for him. He became a runner-up, and was, to his credit, able to lose an amazing 202 lbs, bringing his weight down to a more manageable 245 lbs (By limiting the daily intake of about 2000 calories, coupled with strict aerobic exercise, the consumption of about 4000 calories). Since then, Davis now works as a Vol For Life coordinator for the football team of the University of Tennessee, where he himself used to play college football.


Following her birth to son Eissa in 2017, Janet Jackson, an American singer, songwriter, and perhaps the second most famous member of the Jackson family started focusing on losing weight. And, with the help of a trainer, she was reportedly able to lose 70 lbs. Jackson shared that it was a combination of a good ol’ diet and exercise. At least four times a week, each training time is not less than 45 minutes, not more than an hour.

The exercise, in particular, involved a lot of weights and was centered on building muscles, while the diet-restricted the singer’s caloric intake to around 1,300 to 1,600 a day. All the effort and investment Janet made in her health paid off after a few months—indeed, she looked stunning and as slim as ever for her sold-out Hollywood Bowl concert that was held the same year.


Adam Richman, a television personality who is popular for hosting various food shows, particularly shows that featured comfort food and eating challenges where he had to regularly consume huge portions of grub for his audience. He admitted that he knew what he was getting into and that unwanted weight gain would be the natural consequence of his job. But, someone had to do it. He was the host of the show, so he accepted the consequences with grace.

Eventually, however, the flab became too much that he had to ditch the show just to lose weight. Apparently, he went to a nutritionist that put him on a calorie-restricted diet. And, to his credit, after only 10 months of following through with the plan, Richman lost 60 lbs. He admitted that he had missed the food, but said, “it’s not as good as I enjoy the benefits of a healthy weight.”


The ever-bubbly weatherman for NBC news, Al Roker, has always been vocal about the troubles he’s had with his weight. Rocker grew up on a carbohydrate-rich diet, as an adult, he had problems with his marriage because of his weight problems. Until he assured his dying father, the 340 pounds Rocker was determined to lose weight. The television personality famously underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and lost 100 lbs. But just last year, he seems to have lost a lot of weight again.

He shared that it was all done with a combination of discipline and a strict diet. To be exact, Roker said he was on the Keto diet, the purpose of which was to get protein from fat rather than carbohydrates. And, because of this strict diet plan, Roker reportedly lost another 40 lbs. Roker is also known for sharing what he eats over at Instagram. Indeed, he’s been able to inspire many to make an investment in their health.


Actor, voice actor, host, and stand-up comedian Drew Carey, who’s more popularly known as the host of the hit television game show The Price is Right, shared in 2015 that he lost 100 lbs. The celebrity also shared that the impetus for him to try to lose weight was his son Conor, who he wanted to be around, but thought that he wouldn’t be able to for long because of the various health issues he was experiencing at the time.

Carey decided to make a drastic change in his lifestyle, which included reducing his alcohol intake and cutting back on the calories. He adopted a low carbohydrate diet, which included giving up all his pasta and bread he had previously enjoyed, and also replaced all sodas with healthy water. Well, the investment he’s made on his health seems to have worked, because he now looks much slimmer and healthier than he used to.


Academy Award winner, Gabourey Sidibe, who won the award for her role in the film Precious, and who is known for playing Queenie in the hit television horror anthology American Horror Story. After learning that she had type 2 diabetes and her life was in danger, she decided to undergo Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery in May 2016, it was reported that she lost a lot of weight after the operation. She shared that the surgery helped.

However, she also had to follow a strict diet and exercise plan to get to her desired weight. She started drinking ice water and lemon slices, eating vegetable chips, hummus, and biscuits to reduce salt and trans fat intake, eat fewer meals on small plates and increase exercise from low-intensity aerobic exercise. Indeed, she’s been posting photos of herself at the gym, and it truly seems that there’s been a huge improvement in her weight.


American actor and comedian, Jorge Garcia, who became popular for playing Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the hit television series Lost, is both praised for his skills onscreen and his perseverance. He was always referred to as the ‘large one’ because of his poor eating habits. After a change in lifestyle, he began to replace greasy food with fruits and vegetables, and gradually moved to low carbohydrate and high protein foods, quit drinking, and began to exercise regularly, such as arm circles, push-ups, sit ups, jogging or running.

Some sources said Garcia had gastric-bypass surgery, but somehow he managed to lose 30 pounds. He said he still has a long way to go, but the investments he’s been able to make in his own health is surely paying off. The actor is now often promoting healthy living on his Instagram account, and his followers can witness the healthy ways in which he eats and exercises on a regular basis.


American author and journalist, Keely Shaye Smith, who’s also known to be the wife of Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan, used to be a hot glamour model. Unfortunately, she’s also gained a lot of weight later on in life. Indeed, she gradually gained more than a few pounds following her marriage to Pierce Brosnan and gained even more after the birth of their kids. There are many differing reports online about how Keely Shaye was able to lose weight, but the common thread is that all the diet plans she tried failed to work for her until she coupled one with a proper exercise regimen. Suffice to say, she was, to her credit, reported to have lost more than 100 pounds sometime in 2015.


People were shocked to see Adele so much slimmer than she was before. Many have said that her facial features are now more prominent; her nose has become thinner, and her cheeks have become more chiseled. Well, the simple reason for all that is because Adele has lost weight—a lot of weight, in fact. Adele reportedly 100 lbs. The really amazing thing, at least if the reports are to be believed, is that Adele managed to accomplish all this by merely changing her diet. Some close to the star shared that the investment Adele made in green juice—i.e., she drank a lot of it—helped, too!


Amber Rachdi, the woman who was the focus of the reality television show My 600-lb Life, is arguably the singular best example of what one can do if one puts their mind to it. The odds were heavily stacked against her, but she managed, at 24, to lose more than 400 lbs. Indeed, everyone around her thought that she wouldn’t live to be 30-years-old because of how freakishly overweight she was. She reportedly did three things to get to the weight she is now in, and it was diet, more physical activity, and gastric-bypass surgery. And, golly, did she succeed in extricating herself from a life of gluttonous bankruptcy, proving to others that nothing is impossible.


Angie Stone, the multi-awarded singer, songwriter, and actress who’s been able to work with some of the music industry’s biggest stars, decided to lose weight after finding out she had developed Type-2 diabetes. To make matters worse, she developed heart problems because of the diabetes medication she was taking. This pushed her to join the show Celebrity Fit Club, where she lost an impressive 18 lbs. This wasn’t, however, enough to curtail the many health problems she was experiencing. She decidedly went on a very strict diet, which was the investment she made in herself that eventually led to her losing an extra 75 lbs.


Famous television quiz show contestant Anne Hegerty, who became even more famous for joining the reality television show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, apparently lost one stone, or the equivalent of 14 lbs, after joining the show. And, of course, it can hardly be said to be surprising, since many contestants lose weight in the show, not least because it’s a show where people are forced to complete difficult tasks for food. The before-and-after photos of Hegerty, to a huge degree, confirm that she lost weight, too, since she now looks much slimmer than she did before the show started.


Cardi B, an American rapper, songwriter, and social media superstar, caught everyone’s attention when she came out appearing to have lost a ton of weight. The star belied rumors that she underwent plastic surgery, but she admitted that she had liposuction done. She’s also discussed her plans to get liposuction after giving birth to her daughter back in 2018, so it wasn’t really a surprise to her fans who’ve followed her on Instagram. In any case, Cardi B is now flooring her followers with photos of her abs, because she’s now looking as slim and toned as she was prior to giving birth.


Chaz Bono, a writer, musician, and actor who is famous for being the child of Sonny Bono and Cher, reportedly lost 85 lbs from a combination of following a healthy diet and a strict exercise plan. He has always been known to be overweight in the past, but if his latest pictures are any indication, he seems to have now gotten his weight under control. Chaz Bono also shared that after his gender transition, he was inspired to go all the way and make a drastic change in his eating habits, too. Because of the investments he’s made in his health, he was able to drop from 250 lbs to a more manageable 165 lbs.


American actor and comedian Chris Pratt, who was catapulted to stardom after portraying Star Lord in the Marvel movie franchise Guardians of the Galaxy, reportedly had to lose 60 lbs for the role. And, what’s more, he had to do it in 6 months, so filming for the movie can start on time. Pratt shared that the grueling workout sessions he needed to do just to reach the weight he was required to be in were nothing short of amazing, and it consisted of boxing, swimming, and running. All that investment he put in himself, however, paid off, and he was able to reach his goal before the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy started.


Multi-awarded singer, songwriter, and actress, Christina Aguilera, reportedly lost 49 lbs by de-stressing and watching what she ate. Aguilera shared that she initially had so much difficulty losing weight that she thought she wouldn’t be able to manage it. In fact, she attributed much of the difficulty of losing weight to the stress inherent in her work. This, she says, precipitated in a vicious cycle of eating to feel better. One thing Aguilera did that helped her was de-stressing. She actually took a break from work, and it worked wonders for her, allowing her to stick to a low-carb diet, which, to her credit, helped her in losing a whopping 49 lbs of unwanted weight.


Actress and former model, Cicely Tyson, isn’t really known to be overweight, but she’s one celebrity worth emulating, since, at 95-years-old, she seems to have the health of someone decades younger. Indeed, if her pictures online are anything to go by, the celebrity seems to work out a lot, as well as live an enviably healthy life. Many who know her also share that she can do more push-ups than the average individual, which is surprising considering she’s only five years short of being a hundred years old. One of the things that Cicely also swears by is her Vegan diet, which she says is one of the best investments she’s made for her health.


Actress, model, producer, and author, Drew Barrymore, is somewhat ubiquitous nowadays because of her highly-rated Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet. She also shared that her latest 20-lbs weight loss was due to diet and exercise. The Charlie’s Angels star shared on her Instagram that her weight had been fluctuating throughout the years, going down and going up like a rollercoaster ride. Barrymore says that a lot of it also had to do with the fact that she’s given birth twice now. But now, in her 40’s, she says that she’s finally found the right balance, and is now, to her credit, where she wants to be—where, she claims, she’s “supposed to be.”


Ethan Suplee has always played the role of an overweight person. Indeed, he’s known for playing Seth Ryan in American History X and Louie Lastik in Remembering the Titans, two characters who were portrayed to be overweight onscreen. But now, people will be surprised at how much weight Suplee has been able to lose. Indeed, the man looks as chiseled as a greek god nowadays—thanks to the unbelievable dedication he has to his diet and strength training. The man is almost unrecognizable! And the before-and-after-pics he shared of himself on his Instagram have served as an inspiration to others that a small investment in yourself can go a long way.


Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson was catapulted to stardom after starring in the hit reality series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. She was a child beauty pageant contestant who underwent the seemingly constant pressures of pageant life. Fans of the show know that Alana had also been struggling with her weight. Apparently, however, the young reality star has made strides in the weight department by eliminating grease from her diet. This meant no more fried foods and soda for the ex-pageant contestant. We’re not sure just how much weight the young star has been able to lose, but her recent pictures do show that she’s lost quite a few. Also, her Mama June reportedly lost 300 lbs by following a strict diet, so we’re sure that Honey Boo Boo will be seeing results in the investment she’s made in her own health in no time.


Comedian, actor and singer, Jason Alexander, who is more popularly known for playing George Costanza, the chubby character in the hit television series Seinfeld, once shared during an interview that after carrying an extra 30 pounds of weight for more than 20 years, he was ready to make a change. Apparently, it took the man only three months to lose a significant amount of weight—14 lbs of weight, to be exact. He was, to his credit, able to do it with the help of Jenny Craig, the founder of, well, Jenny Craig, a weight management and nutrition company. Alexander reportedly cut down his diet from an astonishing 4,000-plus calories a day to a more manageable 1,500.


Jennifer Hudson, otherwise known as J.Hud, is both an actress and a singer who received world wide acclaim after becoming a finalist in Season 3 of American Idol. She transitioned to acting after her stint in American Idol, and took on the role of Effie White in the film Dreamgirls. In any case, she was always heavy set back then, but she was able to lose a ton of weight—and by a ton, we mean an amazing 80 pounds of weight—after she partnered with Weight Watchers and put in the work. All the investment Hudson put in herself paid off, and she turned into a sexy ebony songstress today because of it.


John Goodman pretty much lived a life that art dictated when he was cast in the role of Dan Conner—his most memorable role if you ask us—in the hit television series Roseanne. Dan was fat and was struggling with his weight, and so was John, the man behind the character. A lot of the episodes in Roseanne even featured Dan trying and failing to lose weight. Interestingly, it was the same for Goodman, who was happy to discuss his weight struggles with the public. But when Goodman reached 400 pounds, he decided enough was enough. He made an investment in a personal trainer, who incorporated exercise and a strict diet into his life, and he eventually lost 100 pounds.


Jonah Hill, who’s ranked in Forbes as one of the highest-paid actors, is one guy who’s always had an issue with his weight. Most of the characters he played when his career was starting out were overweight. Indeed, the actor opened up about his weight struggles during an interview with Ellen Degeneres, and he shared that he felt lonely despite all the success because of his weight. But now, however, he’s got a revamped body. Thanks to a nutritionist and the help of his friend Channing Tatum, who were able to push him towards changing his lifestyle. Apparently, Hill was able to lose 40 lbs, and he credits hard work and a strict diet for the results.


Jonathan Antoine, an English tenor who became popular after appearing in Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, shared that he was often bullied as a kid because of his weight. In fact, the bullying was so bad that he became somewhat of a recluse because of it. Even as an adult, Antoine suffered from severe depression, and even credits the show Britain’s Got Talent for putting him on the right track. Everything changed, he said, when he went on the show and was introduced to fame. With the help of a psychiatrist and Weight Watchers, Antoine was able to lose 56 lbs and is now on the right track towards his ideal body weight.


June Shannon, the matriarch of the Shannon family, a family that was catapulted to stardom after their involvement with the hit television shows Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, reportedly lost an amazing 300 pounds. She credits both a gastric sleeve procedure and a strict diet for her out-of-this-world weight loss. Indeed, the new reality show she’s involved with, From Not to Hot, is all about her life after having lost all the weight. She also reportedly over-slept just to avoid having to eat breakfast and the extra calories that come with it.


English model and television personality Kelly Brook, who was ranked by FHM magazine as one of the sexiest women in the world in 2005, has reportedly gone from a size 16 to a size 10 in just a year by following a SlimFast slimming program. Indeed, the diet plan looks to be a great one, since it allows people to eat six times a day! Kelly shared that she coupled the diet plan with a moderate exercise regimen that wasn’t too demanding on the body, but insists that all credit must go to SlimFast’s diet program for seemingly doing the impossible.


American singer, songwriter, and actress, Kelly Clarkson, who was catapulted to stardom after winning the very first season of American Idol, was apparently able to lose 37 pounds by following a book called The Plant Paradox. She credits the book for working wonders for her. Clarkson, however, was quick to remind people that it might have worked for her because she had a thyroid problem and an autoimmune disease. So, anyone looking for a diet plan to follow might need to look elsewhere, because Clarkson says that the book might not work for everyone. And whatever it is that Clarkson found helpful in the book, the proof is in the pudding—and the metaphorical pudding is Clarkson looking slimmer and more beautiful than before.


Singer, songwriter, and reality television personality, Kelly Osbourne, who is also known for being the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, reportedly lost a total of 70 pounds in 2017 and was able to keep the weight off if recent photos of her online are any indication. What worked for her? Well, Kelly shared that it was a strict diet plan coupled with an exercise regimen that consisted of high-intensity workouts. Indeed, the celebrity shared that she can now wear bikinis, something she never once thought of doing because of her weight. But, happily, all the investments she put in for her health paid off very nicely, and she’s looking more gorgeous than ever.


Television personality and socialite, Khloé Kardashian, who became popular for, well, being a Kardashian, shared that she was always referred to as the chubby one. Well, not anymore, since she’s been able to revamp her body in such an incredible way, losing 40 pounds in the process. To be sure, a lot of cosmetic surgery was involved, which some might think to be cheating, but hey, she did what she needed to do, and the final result is that she looks fantastic. How did she lose weight? Well, she credits the change in lifestyle as the cause of her weight loss. And, if her Instagram is any indication, she works out a lot at the gym, which is no doubt why she’s able to maintain her figure.


American actress and writer Kirsten Vangsness, who is best known for playing Penelope Garcia in the hit television drama series Criminal Minds, has always been thought of as a ‘plus-size’ actress. In fact, Kirsten shared that she’s always been chubby as a kid, and was often teased for that. In any case, pictures of the star show that there’s been a dramatic change in her weight—she’s now much slimmer than she used to be! We’re not sure how she did it; some sites say she took diet pills of one kind or another while others say she credits some form of esoteric exercise that involved spiritual elements. Whatever the case may be, she looks great!


American actress Kirstie Alley, who gained worldwide recognition for playing Saavik in the film Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, is one personality who’s had a rollercoaster ride of weight struggles. She was often gaining weight, then losing it and then gaining it again. She is, of course, a huge celebrity, who has her own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which means she’s naturally become an inspiration to others in their own weight struggles.

According to alley, her secret to losing weight is to switch her meals to organic fruits and vegetables, and to control her diet. Happily, she’s reported to have lost close to 75 pounds before filming Dancing with the Stars, and if her latest photos are any indication, all that investment she put in for her health has managed to pay off, since she seems to have maintained her figure.


Lashanta White, the ginormously overweight star of My 600-Lb Life, was reportedly at a whopping 700 pounds when they started filming for the popular reality series. Her doctors said she was dangerously overweight—so dangerous, in fact, that she could literally die if she didn’t do anything about it. But because of all the hard work that the show put her through—for her own benefit, of course—she was reportedly able to lose an impressive 133 pounds. To be sure, she still has a long way to go, and she’s not in the healthy zone just yet, but if she’s willing to follow through with this investment in her health, we’re sure she can make it to her ideal weight.


Comedian, actress and Saturday Night Live cast member, Leslie Jones, who was nominated for an Emmy for work in Saturday Night Live, showed off her super-fit body on Instagram right after she turned 50. And, unless the pictures were somehow altered, then it’s safe to say that she’s lost quite a lot of weight. She was reportedly able to lose 40 pounds in just one year through the help of her trainer, who motivated her to make a big investment in her health. Leslie shared that one of the reasons she decided to lose weight was because her doctor told her there would be ramifications to her unfettered eating habits.


English actress and TV presenter, Lisa Riley, who’s gained wider recognition for portraying Mandy Dingle in the soap opera Emmerdale, was reportedly able to lose 12 stones by using a diet trick. If you don’t know how huge an amount 12 stones is, let us tell you: it is huge. Consider that 1 stone is equivalent to 14 pounds, making 12 stones the equivalent of 168 pounds. That’s how much weight she lost. What did she do, you ask? She ate out of small bowls, which assured that the portions she ate were much smaller than they used to be. And, because of this weird eating strategy, the star has reportedly gone from a size 28 to a size 12.


Singer, songwriter, producer, and occasional actress Mariah Carey, who is world-renowned for her ability to sing in five octaves, credits gastric sleeve surgery for losing 30 pounds of excess weight. Those who follow the celebrity know that her weight has fluctuated throughout the years, but now it seems she’s managing to keep a slim figure, no doubt because of the surgery. Carey also reportedly exercises a lot to maintain her figure. Indeed, she looks quite happy about her new body. In fact, we would be the same, because her curves are quite enviable, and they deserve to be flaunted on social media.


Melissa Joan Hart, who gained more widespread recognition for playing the role of Sabrina in the popular television series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, started her career at a young age (age 4, to be exact) doing television commercials. She landed a starring role in a Nickelodeon show, which precipitated in the snowballing of her career. In 2015, she showed off her newly revamped body, sharing that she lost 40 pounds by following the diet program of Nutrisystem. Apparently, she gained 30 pounds while pregnant with her son, Tucker, but was able to lose it all after her huge investment in the diet program, of which she ended up being the spokeswoman for.


Multi-award winning comedian Melissa McCarthy, who was included by Time Magazine in their list of 100 Most Influential People in the world, became a household name after playing Sookie St. James on the television show Gilmore Girls. McCarthy shared for an interview that her weight has, to a huge degree, fluctuated throughout her life, and she’s made so many mistakes in the past by hanging onto the claims of diet fads that ended up not working for her. It was when she consulted a doctor, who guided her through an ‘all-liquid’ diet that she saw the pounds shed off. Apparently, she lost 70 pounds because of the diet but swore she’ll never do it again because of how difficult it’s been.


Mo’Nique has always been someone who does not shy away about speaking her own weight problems. In fact, she’s been speaking about it ever since she appeared onscreen in 1999 on the hit television show The Parkers. It’s been reported that she was somewhere in the region of 300 pounds at the time. Well, in 2018, she was able to show her newly revamped body, and the difference was so stark that many thought she had surgery. But Mo’Nique was quick to tell everyone that it wasn’t surgery but a combination of diet and exercise, and it has, to her credit, put her under 200 pounds—from a whopping 300—for the first time in her life.


Oprah Winfrey, who is widely regarded as one of the top talk show hosts in the history of talk shows, and who became more than just a household name because of her hit television talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, has reportedly had a very tumultuous relationship with her weight. She’s had successes in slimming down, only to gain everything back again after a few months. But one diet program that she absolutely swears by is Weight Watchers, which she said helped her lose 40 pounds and helped her keep it out. Oprah shared that the program was an excellent investment for her, and with it, she’s able to eat real food and not feel deprived.


Television personality, celebrity food authority and author, Rachel Ray, who hosts various food programs and has written innumerable recipe books, reportedly lost 40 pounds and it started with throat surgery. Apparently, she had throat surgery and was told that she wouldn’t be able to speak for weeks, so she took the opportunity to hit the gym and stick to an exercise regimen for as long as she couldn’t speak. Ray credits a mixture of cardio and strength training for the huge improvement in her weight. For an interview, Ray said the changes not only improved her physical health but did wonders for her mental health, too.


Randy Jackson, who gained worldwide recognition as one of the judges in the hit television singing contest American Idol, was actually involved with the entertainment industry way back. He was a producer and musical director for such artists as Mariah Carey, N’Sync, Dionne Farris, and more. He shared for an interview that he resorted to a bunch of methods to lose weight, including a gastric bypass procedure, and various diet and exercise programs. Apparently, he even went as far as making an investment in people from the mental health industry, to keep himself motivated to lose weight. And, fortunately, it all paid off, as Jackson was reportedly able to lose 114 pounds.


Raven-Symoné, also known as just ‘Raven,’ first gained widespread recognition for playing Olivia Kendall in The Cosby Show. As a teen, she eventually got her own show on the Nickelodeon channel, which was called That’s So Raven. Much to her credit, her recent photos now show her to have a svelte figure, but it wasn’t always the case—indeed, she’s been overweight for the better part of her television career. How did she do it? She said she simply ate lesser portions. Interestingly, she even had to wear pads under her clothes during filming for her role in the ABC show State of Georgia because her character was written to be on the heavy side.


Australian actress and comedian, Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, is now, to a huge degree, widely regarded as among the funniest women in the industry. And she definitely is, which is why she’s so ubiquitous both on television and film. She’s always been overweight as the characters she played were mostly written to be overweight. This is why everyone was surprised when new photos of her showing to have lost a significant amount of weight emerged. She said she was able to drop around 40 pounds through a combination of exercise and diet. Although there’s still a long way for her to go, she definitely looks like she’s headed in the right direction.


Renee Zellweger, who’s one of a few elite actresses who can boast about having received both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her work, was reportedly able to revamp her body by following the Zone Diet. What kind of health investment is that, you ask? Well, it’s a diet plan, and it reportedly works by asking its adherents to eat from different food groups, and in specific ratios—whatever that means. In any case, it seems to have worked wonders for Zellweger, and although we’re not sure how much weight she actually lost, the before and after pictures online confirm that it is more than just a few pounds.


Rob Kardashian, the lesser-known Kardashian sibling, who people might know for having had a very tumultuous relationship with Chyna—who was apparently the former girlfriend of Tyga, who’s the former boyfriend of Kylie Jenner (it’s very convoluted, we know!)—was apparently able to lose more than a few pounds. Well, to be honest, he’s lost and gained pounds in recent years, so we’re not so sure he’ll maintain it this time. But whatever the case may be, he reportedly saw an improvement after eliminating alcohol from his diet. We hope he’ll finally make a long-lasting investment in his health because he has once been diagnosed with diabetes.


American actress, comedian, producer, and all-around funny woman, Rosie O’Donnell, who gained wider recognition for hosting the daytime talk show The Rosie O’Donnell Show, reportedly tried every diet “imaginable” only for each to woefully fail. It was after she had a heart attack because of all the stress and overeating that she said to herself she needed to do something pronto. She decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery and was able to lose 50 pounds after. Of course, O’Donnell also had to change her lifestyle and make an investment in her health to be able to keep her weight maintained. Happily, it looks like she’s managing quite well in that regard.


R&B singer, songwriter and actor, Ruben Studdard, who became famous for winning the second season of American Idol, was clearly someone who had been struggling with his weight. Indeed, he joined the weight-loss contest The Biggest Loser and even received credit for being the show’s very first celebrity contestant. And, boy, was Studdard lucky that he was able to join the show because, in the season finale, it was revealed that he was able to lose 119 pounds and drop his weight from 462 pounds to 343 pounds. He still had a long way to go after the show, but if his recent photos are any indication, it looks like Studdard was able to lose even more weight.


American actress Sara Rue, who is more popularly known as Carmen Ferrara in the teenage-comedy drama series Popular, is now absolutely sexy after having lost a ton of weight. She apparently always struggled with her weight but decided to do something and change her lifestyle after getting married. And, we simply cannot believe her before and after pictures, because they show that she’s lost a huge amount of weight. Rue credits Jenny Craig and her diet program for the improvement and shared that she lost somewhere in the range of 50 pounds through a combination of diet and exercise.


American professional tennis player Serena Williams, who is ranked as one of the best tennis players in the world right now, is one person who we never thought would need to lose weight. She’s always, to her credit, had the body of an athlete, which was no doubt because of all the years of training in her sport. Apparently, however, she did gain a few pounds after giving birth, and she shared that her workout wasn’t shedding the extra pounds. Serena decided to stop breastfeeding, relying instead on baby formula to feed her baby, and the decision allowed her to lose 10 pounds in a week.


Actress, comedian, author, and all-around television personality Kerri Shepherd surprised her followers on Instagram when she shared a picture showing her newly revamped body. According to the celebrity, all the improvements in her waistline was, to a huge degree, because of the Keto diet. It’s the low-carb diet and high-fat diet that many have been raving about in recent years. Indeed, other celebrities like Al Roker swear by the benefits of the diet. In one of her Instagram posts, Shepherd shared that she lost 25 pounds because of the diet, and she intends to keep it all out by following through.


Television producer, actress, and author Shonda Rhimes, who is best known for her involvement with the creation of the hit medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, shared in one interview that people are now taking her seriously because she was able to lose 150 pounds. It’s a pretty harsh statement if you ask us, but she may be right, considering the very real stigma of being overweight. Especially in an industry that prefers to make investments in fit, slim, and physically attractive people. Rhimes spoke about her weight loss in 2015, saying she doesn’t like talking about her transformation, but that she did lose 150 pounds, and that people treated her better than they used to because of it.


Lawyer, television personality, and women’s rights advocate Star Jones, is one of those people who’ve been able to lose so much weight that many can’t help but be inspired about their journey. Indeed, the before and after pics are amazing. She now literally has the proportions of a glamour model, which is a huge improvement since she was more than a hundred pounds overweight a few years back. In fact, at 307 pounds, she’s been diagnosed as morbidly obese! After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, the star now has a figure that can only be said to be enviable.


Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who melted everyone’s hearts after her appearance in Britain’s Got Talent, was apparently able to lose approximately half of her body weight. Now, she looks better than ever. She credits a combination of diet and exercise for the improvement in her weight. It was reportedly after being diagnosed with diabetes that she decided to change her lifestyle. Well, now Susan can say that she was able to prove everyone wrong twice now since many didn’t think she could lose as much weight as she has.


Actor, producer, comedian, and all-around mover-and-shaker within the Hollywood industry, Tyler Perry, was said to have lost 30 pounds in 2015, through a combination of diet, exercise, and change in outlook in life. He shared that it was also Krav Maga, an Israeli martial arts fighting system, that helped him keep the weight off. Perry said that, to a huge degree, it was his mother who had diabetes and died at the young age of 64, who inspired him to change his lifestyle. And now, he’s as healthy as ever, and even claims that it’s the first time in his adult life that he feels this good.


Television host, media personality, and successful author, Wendy Williams, who is more popularly known as the host of the talk show The Wendy Williams Show, revealed in 2015 that she lost 50 pounds. She credits her decision to be “meat-free” as well as Pilates, for the improvement in her health. Her before-and-after pictures show a dramatic improvement. Williams revealed that she also goes to the gym a lot, not to lose weight but to keep it off and to be able to avoid heart disease. Interestingly enough, she also admitted to having liposuction and tummy-tuck procedure, so we’re not sure to what degree her weight loss was due to being “meat-free.”

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