What Happened To This Couple After Adopting Triplets Will Make You Believe In Miracles

Sarah and Andy Justice were a happily married couple.

Sarah and Andy Justice led a happily married life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Three years after getting marriage, they decided that it was time to have a child and allow their family to grow.
Like most couples, Sarah and Andy were planning to conceive after a few years of marriage. It is only natural married couples get to know their partners better during their time together, before deciding to bring new life into family. Once financial issues, such as mortgages, have been settled this is the typical next step. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for the couple and things didn’t go as they planned.

Three years into the marriage, they felt that something was missing.

The Justices were happily married, but three years into their relationship they felt that something was missing in their lives. They both knew a baby was what they wanted, but conceiving wasn’t a walk in the park for Sarah.
Sarah was one of those women who found it difficult to conceive. They spent three years trying to get pregnant, but found no luck. This took a toll on Sarah and Andy, who were probably also looking at home insurance plans in case they need a larger home for their future family. Eventually, the couple started looking at other viable options such as seeing a fertility doctor.

They had to travel out of town to see a fertility doctor.

Sarah and Andy agreed that seeking the help of a fertility doctor would be the best way for them to succeed with conceiving. The only problem, however, was that there was no reputable fertility doctor in Tulsa, which forced them to look in other states. The closest one that they could find was in St. Louis, Missouri.
The distance became a huge inconvenience for the couple and considering the expenses, they must have taken money loans to cover for everything. Nevertheless, they persevered through the difficulties. Believing that it was a small price to pay in order for their dreams to come true.

They traveled for six hours and only ended up with bad news.

The couple hit the gas pedal and made their way to St. Louis, traveling for six hours from their hometown of Tulsa to the big city. The interstate drive was grueling, but the couple pushed for it just so Sarah could get the fertility treatments she needed.
Upon arriving in St. Louis, Sarah underwent the fertility treatment that was prescribed by the doctor. Unfortunately for the couple, the first treatment did not work. Although this was frustrating for Andy and Sarah, they knew that they couldn’t just give up on having a family. They already made investments into it, all they needed was to push further.

The Justices considered in-vitro.

Sarah and Andy consulted their fertility doctor about the possibility of in-vitro fertilization in order to conceive. Their doctor told them that they were great candidates for it, but also informed them that there was only a 10 percent chance they would successfully conceive.
On top of the abysmal success rate, Sarah would have to go through a painful procedure, as in-vitro fertilization is incredibly invasive. She would have to go through months of hormone treatments before her eggs can be harvested from her ovaries. This is a costly procedure that will require proper money management. Still, the couple decided to go through with it.

In-vitro proved to be risky and costly.

A basic IVF cycle can cost a person anywhere between $12,000 to $15,000. Couples that are desperate to have a baby but are not able to conceive may need to make financial sacrifices for the slim chance that the process offers.
Another thing about the IVF procedure is that it is not covered by medical insurance. In the case of the Justices, they were looking at shelling out up to $60,000 to complete the entire process. The amount of money means they will need to take out money loans. Not wanting to go into debt, they looked for other options.

The Justice couple ultimately resorted to adoption.

The journey to conceiving wasn’t quite over for Andy and Sarah Justice. At this point, they were already desperate to become parents. There were very few options available and one of them is adoption.
Parents who’ve gone through the adoption process know that it is not at all quick and easy. It is a lengthy process through which their personal lives and current living conditions are all scrutinized by the adoption agency before they are deemed worthy for the role. There’s also the risk that their application would be rejected if something, such as their credit score, didn’t pass the criteria.

The adoption process wasn’t an easy for Andy and Sarah.

Anyone who’s applied for adoption knows well that the process could take years to complete, especially when one is looking at adopting a newborn. However, this did not faze the Justices and they proceeded with the plan.
When they filed the necessary paperwork to get started on the application, the couple ran into some trouble. All they wanted was to add a bundle of joy to their family, and yet nothing seemed to be going right for them. So much of their investment money had gone into making this dream a reality and the frustrating turn of events was taking a toll on them.

The process of adoption was lengthy.

After submitting their adoption application for consideration, the Justices’ living conditions had to be evaluated. The adoption agency had to check if their home was fit to raise a child in. From its size to the location it is in, everything had to be scrutinized. Sarah and Andy also had to answer some tough questions.
This part may cause extreme anxiety to some couples, but the Justices kept their composure throughout the entire ordeal. The adoption agency then set up interviews for the couple with the prospective birth mothers who have decided to give their child to a loving family. No online classes can prepare anyone for this.

The Justices were chosen, but things took a sharp turn for the worse.

After Sarah and Andy went through an extensive interview process, they finally received some great news! One of the mothers they met with chose them to raise her child.
Finally, it seemed that their prayers were being answered, and they were one step closer to raising their own family. All throughout the birth mother’s pregnancy, the Justices supported her and prepared proper home security systems for the arrival of their child. However, just as the delivery date neared, things took a very unexpected and the Justices were in for a huge shock. Again, things felt as if they were completely out of their control.