Until Death Do They Part: Hollywood Couples Who Stand The Test Of Time


Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are credited as one of Hollywood’s iconic couple, beating all the odds to withstand their 51-year relationship. Their love story was believed to be perfectly written for Hollywood after meeting in the early 1950s on a Broadway production of Picnic. In front of the screen, in addition to their respective films, the couple also participated together in two films, ‘Paris Blues’ (1961), and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Bridge’ (1990).

Off-screen, the loving couple is committed to various charitable activities, most notably Newman’s own foundation (more than $485 million has so far gone to non-profit organizations). From here, the rest was history as their colorful romance began. They secretly started living together before getting married in 1958. For the next five decades, they opted to go where other couples wouldn’t, raising their three kids in Connecticut. They started to create a life together and perfectly put some balance on their professional and personal lives amid Newman’s growing career.