Love Wins: Same-Sex Hollywood Couples that Are Out and Proud


Popular for her entertaining television show, Ellen DeGeneres is one of the Hollywood figures that champion vocally for LGBT rights. Her wife of nearly ten years, Portia De Rossi, is an actress and a model who has made countless appearances on DeGeneres’ show. It’s no wonder audiences admire them, as they show how head-over-heels they are for each other, on-screen and off-screen.

Starting off their relationship in 2004, the couple weren’t excluded from the struggles of being an LGBT couple. But despite the rumors of the couple calling a divorce attorney, DeGeneres and Rossi made through all of the issues and finally got married in 2008.


How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris is married to the talented David Burtka, who appeared in the same television show. After meeting in their mid-twenties, they first started hanging out platonically, going out and talking, day and night. After months of getting to know each other, the two later came out publicly and admitted to being in a relationship.

With their investments and credit cards intact, the two got engaged – secretly – for five years. They made it official in 2014 and now have two children. It seems the couple is as strong as ever, showing no signs of a possible separation!


Bagging Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014, Cara Delevingne is a model with love life as interesting as her credit reports. Her relationship with musician Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, was loved by many and followed by numerous entertainment news companies.

Sadly, the duo hit a rough patch and called it quits in 2016. But that didn’t stop them from collaborating on Clark’s most recent album Masseduction. In both their interviews, the two were open about their ended relationship and were often telling viewers that they will “always be friends.”


Jesse Ferguson’s career skyrocketed thanks to his role as Mitchell Pritchett on Modern Family. In 2013, he married Justin Mikita, a successful attorney. Describing their relationship as the “greatest adventure of my life,” Ferguson continues to be open about their marriage, both online and offline.

The two have consistently made things interesting for them, even on the night of their wedding. Instead of asking for traditional wedding gifts, the couple asked their guests to donate to marriage equality organization Tie The Knot. With hearts that are both fighting for equal rights, it’s no wonder that Ferguson and Mikita are staying as strong and in-love as they did when they first started dating.


It’s been a century of love for English rock legend Elton John and his filmmaker husband David Furnish – and they now have two sons. Their relationship has always been in the limelight for good reasons, as they regularly attended events and fundraisers with their hands interlocked. The couple entered into a civil partnership back in 2005. As soon as same-sex marriage became legal in 2014, they converted their union to a marriage on the same date of their partnership, which was on December 21.

How do they keep their love alive? They write love notes to each other regularly. The couple gives credit to this ritual when asked how they make their marriage work.


Puerto Rican singer, actor, and author Ricky Martin couldn’t have chosen a better way to announce his engagement with painter Jwan Yosef than through The Ellen DeGeneres Show. After six months of dating, the two both knew they wanted a future together, despite Martin’s hesitance to face his sexuality for years.

Later confirming their marriage, Martin is using his platform and relationship to inspire the LGBT community. Now the duo has kids and is striving hard to make them proud and confident. With love and commitment like theirs, it won’t be long before they start investing in home insurance.


Inspiring LGBT advocates George Takei and actor-writer boyfriend Brad Altman stayed true to their commitment, as they dated for 27 years before finally exchanging vows. Prior to their relationship, the two have been actively participating in LGBT organizations and they also met at a running club. While they weren’t open about their sexuality to their peers yet, the two eventually came out and decided to enter a commitment after hitting it off from the start.

In 2009, the couple married in a multicultural ceremony at the Japanese American National Museum. They might have used their investment money as their ceremony featured a Buddhist priest, Native American wedding bands, and a Japanese Koto harp.


In 2011, Former ‘NSYNC member Lance Bass began dating painter and actor Michael Turchin, who he met at a birthday party in Palm Springs. They started with a quiet, private relationship filled with movie date nights and little adventures. After the long dating period, the couple got engaged twice, Lance Bass did two wedding proposals.

Bass and Turchin finally got married in 2014 and their ceremony was broadcasted on Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding. Being the first same-sex couple to get married on cable TV, it seems that the two are keeping the divorce attorney away.


Marriage Equality advocate Cynthia Nixon is famous for appearing in The Sex and The City. Previously in a long-term relationship with her male sweetheart, Nixon had two children and had never dated a woman prior to Marinoni. Despite the hesitance on Nixon’s part, the two eventually went public with their relationship and were met with support from family and friends.

The two got engaged and became parents to a son in 2011 and eventually tied the knot in 2012. They’re both dedicated to improving public schools in New York, alongside their LGBT initiatives. It’s no wonder that these two are blessed with their relationship, as they selflessly give 100 percent of their effort and investment money to causes and advocacies.


It was no less than love at first sight for American fashion designer Tom Ford and his journalist husband Richard Buckley. The two met at a fashion show in 1986 and have been dating since then. After three decades and a four-year-old son, Ford and Buckley remain a power couple that fans still love.

After same-sex marriage was legalized in New York in July 2011, the couple soon tied the knot. However, the two kept it a secret until their revelation in 2014. While no one is sure of their exact date of marriage, it’s certain that these two are prioritizing their happiness to the highest degree.


Comedian Wanda Sykes dated her now-wife Alex Niedbalski in 2006. For most of their relationship, they kept things between them private and quiet. In 2008, the two finally got married and things have been going great for the couple.

A year after the ceremony, Alex soon gave birth to the couple’s first kids – twins Lucas Claude and Olivia Lou Sykes. They have been inseparable ever since as Alex was always spotted alongside Wanda in most award shows and parties. While Alex and Wanda have always been quiet about how they work on their relationship and money management, we’re certain their journey has been nothing short of beautiful.


Fashion power couple Michael Kors and Lance Lepere were reportedly in a hurry to get married as soon as New York’s new law permitting gay marriage came out. They exchanged vows in 2011 in a beach wedding at Dune Beach in Long Island, New York. They must have felt relieved that they didn’t need an attorney to defend their relationship anymore. The couple first met when Lepere joined Kors’ company as an intern. Despite the glaring 12-year age difference, the two immediately liked each other and started dating not long after and eventually tied the knot. The rest, as they say, is history.


Four-time Emmy Award-winning actor Jim Parsons never thought that his wedding with Todd Spiewak would be much more meaningful for him than he imagined it to be. After all, they have been together as a couple for more than 14 years before deciding to finally tie the knot because, as the star of The Big Bang Theory shared his honest opinion that they don’t care about the act of it that much. Now that they are married and probably looking at investment planning, Parsons feels that his legal union with talk show host Spiewak is “sort of close to eternal”.


In this age of gadgets, credit cards and frappuccinos, where everything seems to be fleeting, finding a relationship that withstood 42 years of sunshine and storm somehow restores our trust in the power of love. Such is the case with talented couple Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, and they were honored with a joint star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars in 2012. The pair wrote several acclaimed pieces together including The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, Moment By Moment, Modern Scream, and The Incredible Shrinking Woman, to name a few. They finally got married in 2013.


Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem were longtime friends when they fell in love with each other while jointly taking care of Etheridge’s children, Bailey Jean Cypher, Johnnie Rose Etheridge, Miller Steven Etheridge, and Beckett Cypher. When Melissa realized that she and Linda were growing fond of each other, she thought to herself, “We were like a married couple without the benefits, so why not have the benefits!?” The couple started dating in 2010, got engaged in 2013, and finally exchanged vows in 2014. Now they share everything from taking care of plumbing services to discussing Linda’s opinion about her work.


During a red carpet event for her movie with Julianne Moore, Freeheld, actress Ellen Page came out to the public about her relationship with artist Samantha Thomas. The timing of their coming out couldn’t have been more perfect, as the movie tackled a lesbian couple’s struggle to fight for their legal rights, with a lawyer on board. Since then, Page has been very vocal about her deep love for her girlfriend, Thomas and about her staunch support for the LGBT community as well. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said: “To be shooting the movie so soon after coming out was some of the most joy I’ve ever felt on a film set.”


Announcing separation from their respective husbands in the same month of August, Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter appeared to have found solace in each other’s company. Very shortly after the break-ups, Cyrus and Carter were reportedly spotted locking lips and making out in Italy. This sparked rumors of an intimate liaison between the two, followed by subsequent public sightings of them holding hands, and getting cozy on different occasions. They were even said to have moved in together. However, in the same whirlwind turn of events, the rumored relationship was cut short when a source allegedly revealed to some publications that the two have split. Thankfully, not even these rumors can bring their careers to bankruptcy.


As one of the first major American country artists to come out gay publicly in 2010, Chely Wright was not free from the usual challenges and struggles of an LGBTQ community member. In fact, even though she knew at age eight that she was a lesbian, she hid it in fear of rejection and contempt, believing then that her sexual orientation was immoral to some degree. It was between 2004 and 2006 when she started coming out to her family and close friends. In April 2011, Wright announced her engagement to Lauren Blitzer, an LGBT rights advocate. They got married shortly after the announcement.


Singer Sam Smith considers his whirlwind romance with 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn as his most significant relationship, as disclosed by a source close to Smith. Talks about their affair sparked when they were spotted kissing and walking arm-in-arm. Many people thought that the couple looked cute together. We believe that even their credit score increased because of this partnership. Sam gushed to V Magazine in January 2018 that he is “in a relationship right now and for the first time, I think I deserve to be happy.” He feels that he’s going to start writing some happy love songs soon.


Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli first met on the set of the popular show Orange Is the New Black, where Wiley was the star while Morelli was a writer. Wiley revealed to BUST Magazine that she was initially attracted to Morelli’s mind even before they personally met. But it wasn’t all that easy at first, especially since Morelli was married to a man when they first met. Fast forward to four years later and the duo tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at Palm Springs followed by a honeymoon in Disneyland and Italy. Their credit cards must have come in handy then.


American actress, director, and producer Sara Gilbert and musician Linda Perry first became an item in 2011 and announced their engagement in 2013. They eventually got hitched in 2014 and became parents to their son, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry, in 2015. Gilbert’s very busy schedule once caused strain to their family life and she had to quit CBS’s The Talk after being with the show for nine years. revealed that Gilbert had to choose between the show and her family. So ultimately, she had to increase their home security system and chose her family over the show.


RuPaul’s Drag Race host RuPaul has been married since 2017 to rancher Georges LeBar, manager of a 60,000-acre investment ranch in Wyoming and South Dakota. The couple has been together for decades but they prefer to live a low-key personal life. RuPaul explained that since LeBar is busy managing his ranch, he doesn’t always join his husband during red carpet events. They enjoy their quiet time at the ranch, dressed in Western wear, and nobody cares. When RuPaul’s Drag Race won Emmy Awards for outstanding reality competition series, RuPaul gave a memorable speech at the podium with his husband proudly watching from the audience.


Celebrity couple Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Landau have been together since 2013 and eventually exchanged vows in 2014. As part of investment planning, the couple recently listed their Hollywood Hills West home for sale at $2.088 million. They then bought a new property in the same area for $3.55 million. Once dubbed by the NY Post as “Broadway’s Sexiest Man”, Cheyenne Jackson was part of Glee and American Horror Story while Jason Landau, an actor turned entrepreneur, starred in American Dreams, A Personal Musical, Will & Grace, and Sunset Junction. They have two children, fraternal twins Evan and Willow, born on October 7, 2016.


Good Morning America host Robin Roberts revealed that she met her longtime girlfriend, Amber Laign, on a blind date several years ago. When Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, Laign didn’t leave her side, even when she underwent a successful bone marrow transplant. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Roberts shared that her partner Laign doesn’t really like the spotlight. In fact, Laign was with her during the show but refused to come out. Laign is probably the type of woman who is more interested in taking care of the household and making sure that everything is in top condition from the roofing to the flooring.


Legendary pop icon Barry Manilow is a very popular figure, which he owes to his successful career that spans half a century. But not everyone knows that he has been in a 39-year relationship with manager Garry Kief. They got married in 2014 and Manilow revealed that Kief changed his life completely when they met in 1978. He added that Kief pulled him out of loneliness and treated him like a normal person instead of a superstar. In his own words, Manilow described Kief as “the smartest guy I’ve ever met in my life — and a great guy, too.” It’s easy to think that Manilow values his relationship with Kief more than his investment money.


Beautiful couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, both interior designers by profession, got engaged in April 2013 after nearly a year of dating. They exchanged vows in 2014 in Manhattan. They have two children, a daughter Poppy Brent-Berkus and a son Oskar Michael Brent-Berkus, and they stay together in their family abode in Manhattan. Money management isn’t a problem for the stylish family as they have modeled for Banana Republic’s “True Outfitters” ads in different magazines including Rolling Stone and InStyle, among others. Even their Manhattan home has been featured in Architectural Design magazine, where the couple graced the cover along with their daughter Poppy.


Married in 2008, David Hyde Pierce and Brian Hargrove were lucky to have wed just before the ban of gay marriage in California. Despite that, Pierce shared that they still experienced a little anxiety because of people saying that their marriage is not legal. Thankfully, the couple can very well afford the services of an attorney if needed. Pierce rose to fame when he played the character of Dr. Niles Crane in the popular series, Frasier, for which he received 11 Emmy nominations and bagged four wins. In 2007, Pierce opened up about his sexuality and his husband, Brian Hargrove, for the first time, which were topics he used to avoid.


Another couple we all adore is Sean Maher and Paul Maher, who made their relationship public and surprised us all in 2011. Five years later, the two finally tied the knot and it’s obvious that they’ve been extremely in-love ever since. After their marriage, they both decided to build a house and start a family. With a son and daughter now joining their loving home, we’re sure the couple will be investing in high-end home security systems soon. Today, we’re all waiting for the next big news for this couple who has inspired many of us to believe in love!


Screenwriter, director, and producer Ryan Murphy is married to photographer David Miller. The wedding took place in 2011, 15 years after the two began dating. Soon after, they welcomed their first child, Logan, with the help of a surrogate. Indeed, the two were ecstatic and Logan was immediately followed by their second child Ford. There’s no denying that this couple is madly in love, albeit deciding to keep their relationship private. There’s not much to see about the lives of Murphy and Miller on social media but we’re certain that a divorce lawyer won’t be getting in touch with them soon.


Like many couples, on and off relationships are pretty normal. For Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena, it’s the same story. First rumored to have been dating in 2014, the couple later called it quits before getting back together in 2017. However, despite the seemingly messy relationship, Luke and Jon are now as strong as ever. Their status is evidenced by Evans’ cryptic Instagram post captioned, “What an amazing bunch of people. Thank you for an amazing birthday. Just missing one special someone… you know who you are.” It looks like it won’t be long before the two do an investment planning session for their future life together!


Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne’s love story resembles a romantic comedy movie. The two hit it off after meeting at the set of In A World, and their relationship has been going great ever since. After months of dating, the two finally got engaged in January 2015. Eventually, they called in the moving company and tied the knot in October of the same year. The greatest blessing in their union is their twins, who were conceived through a surrogate. In the eyes of their fans, the success of both their careers and married life continues to inspire them to believe in love!


Before Alan Cummings and Grant Shaffer tied the knot in 2007 at the Old Royal Naval College, the two dated for two years. Their relationship is a testament of going against the world, as the two weren’t immune to the backlash and offensive comments. Still, Alan and Grant are staying as strong as ever and they give much credit to staying true to their commitment to each other. On their fifth anniversary, Alan tweeted, “I just got married.” Alongside a photo of him and Shaffer surrounded by family as they renewed their vows. For all of us, their relationship is a beautiful reminder that love is love.


It was in 2014 when Brittney Griner announced her engagement with fellow WNBA star Glory Johnson. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the couple since then. Prior to getting arrested for charges of assault and disorderly conduct in 2015, the police also went to their home to break up a fight between the two. In 2015, Brittney and Griner eventually tied the knot. Sadly, bankruptcy led to their separation, with Brittney filing for an annulment just a month after Glory announced her pregnancy with the twins. Despite the rollercoaster of their relationship, we’re certain that Brittney and Glory have moved on with their lives.


Raven-Symone and AzMarie Livingston started dating back in 2012. Just like your average couple, they were fond of spending time together, binge-watching their favorite TV shows, and sharing how the day went for each other. But during interviews, Raven and AzMarie revealed how they prefer to enjoy the here and now, without looking so far ahead in their relationship and putting a certain degree of pressure on their current standing. Even questions about marriage were casually brushed off by the couple with a carefree statement that they will “get there one day”. So, fans and followers were not exactly surprised when the two decided to call it quits after three years of being together.


Hitting it off immediately, Daniele Franzese and Joseph Bradley Phillips became inseparable after their first meeting at a North Hollywood Starbucks. Daniele’s rep even revealed that after two weeks of dating, Daniele already knew that Joey was the one for him. He seemed so sure that he kept one of Joey’s rings so he could easily have it sized when the time came to propose. Seven months into their relationship, the lovestruck couple decided to move in together and eventually announced their engagement in 2016. But things turned sour and the couple called it quits after two years. We’re somehow relieved that they didn’t need to call a divorce attorney.


After eight years of dating, Jonathan Knight proposed to his longtime boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. Knight shared in an interview that they have always considered themselves married but he wanted to make things official. He laughingly added how they didn’t know who would pop the question first since both of them are male. Tired of waiting on each other, Knight finally decided to seize the moment while they were on a vacation in Africa with their moms, who were as excited as the couple and helped plan the wedding and gave them advice on investment planning and money management.


Olympic bronze medalist Tom Daley came out in 2013, through a YouTube video where he shared how his whole world changed when he fell in love with another man. It turned out that the guy he was referring to was Dustin Lance Black, a popular Hollywood screenwriter, director, film and TV producer, and LGBT rights activist. The two met in an industry event where Tom made the first move by typing his mobile number into Dustin’s phone along with a message to call him. Talks about marriage quickly started following their whirlwind romance, increasing the credit score of the couple, who are now parents to their first child.


Colton Hayne is best known for his role in television series Teen Wolf and Arrow. He started his career as a model for numerous brands including Abercrombie & Fitch, J.C. Penney, and Ralph Lauren. He also appeared in music videos and has been involved in film productions. In 2017, he was engaged to Jeff Leatham. Jeff Leatham is a designer known for his elaborate use of flowers. He worked as a model in Europe for a few years. When he returned to America, he got a job in hotels where he learned the craft of floral design. Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham got married in October 2017. Unfortunately, the two reached a divorce settlement with the help of their lawyers in August 2019.


Gary Janetti is a writer for the hit animated sitcom Family Guy and other popular TV series. He also uses his investment money to produce shows for American and British television. His book Do You Mind If I Cancel? (Things That Still Annoy Me) was recently published. It was listed as a New York Times Bestseller. He is married to Brad Goreski, who is a fashion stylist for celebrities. He is also a TV personality and has appeared in multiple reality TV shows. He discovered his interest in fashion at a young age and has made multiple investments in his passion, such as when he studied art history at the University of Southern California.


Jonathan Adler discovered an interest in pottery at an early age. When he attended college at Brown University, he spent a lot of his time at the Rhode Island School of Design to further enhance his skill in making pots. His skill in investment planning helped him become a full-time production potter and expand into a design business. He tied the knot with his partner of 14 years, Simon Doonan, in September 2008. Simon Doonan is a fashion designer who works for Barneys in New York City. He also writes a style column for the online magazine Slate. With an apartment in Greenwich Village and a house on Shelter Island, this couple probably doesn’t need to worry about home loans anytime soon.


Denis O’Hare is an actor who has enjoyed a successful career in stage, film, and television productions. The award-winning actor is best known for his roles in Take Me Out, Sweet Charity, True Blood, and American Horror Story. Denis O’Hare grew up being exposed to music. He made an investment in his career in music and acting when he decided to study theater at Northwestern University. He married his longtime partner Hugo Redwood in July 2011. Hugo Redwood is also an actor who appeared in Yesterday’s Not Tomorrow and Families like Yours. The two got married in New York City, only days after same-sex marriage was legalized in the state of New York. The couple also has an adopted son, Declan.


Alejandro Mapa, better known as Alec Mapa, is best known for his roles in M. Butterfly, Half Half, Ugly Betty, and Desperate Housewives. He has been involved in numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. Alejandro Mapa is of Filipino descent and he performed in the stage adaptation of the book Dogeaters by Filipino author Jessica Hagedorn. He also appears in a wide variety of television programs. He makes an investment in the lives of other people by supporting advocacies that support the LGBT and Asian-American communities. In 2008, Alec Mapa married Jamison Hebert after dating for six years. Jamison Hebert is an actor and producer, who is best known from Analog Days, Invincible Scripture, and Bullied. The two also have adopted a son.


The talented actor completed the drama program at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama back in 1999. He started his career as a guest star in shows like CSI, Charmed, Six Feet Under, and Lizzie McGuire. He has since appeared in many films, television, and stage productions. In all of these roles, he has displayed skillful and passionate performance. He is currently dating Miles McMillan. Miles McMillan is a famous model who worked for some of the top brands in the fashion industry such as John Varvatos, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Rick Owens, Lanvin, and Fendi. This power couple has a presence and influence that can be felt across the film, fashion, and art scene. The two purchased an apartment in NoHo, New York as a real estate investment.


Rufus Wainwright is a singer-songwriter who has recorded multiple albums and has provided music for several film soundtracks. Earlier in his career, his father heard some of his demo tapes and was impressed with what he heard. Making an investment in his son’s talent, his father then passed the tapes to his friends. The tapes ended up with an executive from DreamWorks who eventually signed Rufus Wainwright to his label. He has since achieved critical and commercial success. He married Jorn Weisbrodt in 2012. Jorn Weisbrodt is an arts administrator known internationally for his collaborations with different leading arts organizations in the world. This couple got married in August 2012 in Montauk, Long Island. The couple has a daughter in a “parenting partnership” with Lorca Cohen, daughter of famous singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.


With a career that now spans over 3 decades, Jane Lynch has appeared in numerous films and TV shows but she is best known for her role in the television series Glee. She is also an accomplished voice actress. Animated films that feature her voice acting include Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Shrek Forever, and Wreck-It Ralph. Jane Lynch is an animal lover and she has four rescue dogs and sponsors a yearly adoption event for shelter animals. Jane Lynch married Lara Embry in 2010, a year after they first met in a fundraiser. Lara Embry is a clinical psychologist. The couple finalized their divorce in 2014, splitting various joint bank accounts and investment money.


Iron chef Cat Cora comes from a family of restaurateurs. She showed considerable ability in investment planning at a young age. She brought a business plan to her father and grandfather when she was only 15 years old. She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Biology and has completed programs at the Culinary Institute of America. Her career in the food industry includes notable partnerships with well-known corporations like Macy’s, Disney, George Bush International Airport, and Salt Lake City International Airport. In June 2013, she married her longtime partner Jennifer. Together they have four children., but unfortunately, the couple has separated.


Mario Cantone is a popular comedian who appears regularly on Comedy Central. He is known for his energetic style and impersonations of various characters. He started his career by hosting a children’s TV show but he also performs in stand-up concerts. He derives much of his comedy acts from his Italian-American family. He shared that his father moved their family to get them away from relatives who were compulsive gamblers. This is only understandable because gambling can lead to ruined credit scores, loans, and other financial problems. In October 2011, he tied the knot with Broadway director Jerry Dixon. They initially met in 1991 and have been together for 20 years.


Kristen Stewart has achieved success in her acting career at a young age. She appeared in the film Panic Room as the daughter of Jodie Foster’s character. She rose to worldwide fame when she played Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. Her more recent projects include Snow White and the Huntsman, Clouds of Sils Maria, Personal Shopper, and Charlie’s Angels. She was listed as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world back in 2010 and 2012. An important part of her money management is her support for charity organizations. She has become the ambassador for some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. She also started dating Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell in 2016.


Lee Daniels has written, directed, and produced many movies and television shows. He directed the film Precious which received six Academy Award nominations and won two. He is also involved in the hit TV series Empire and Star. He worked as a receptionist for a nursing agency when he first moved to Hollywood. Displaying great skill in investment planning, he started his own nursing agency, sold the company, and worked as a casting director. He has since achieved great success in the industry. He is in a relationship with Jahil Fisher. This power couple has been together for nine years! They currently live in Manhattan.


Nick Denton studied philosophy, politics, and economics at University College, Oxford. He began his career as a journalist for a newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economics news. He is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of the online media company and blog network Gawker Media. A series of controversies led to a lawsuit that caused Nick Denton to file for bankruptcy. He is currently married to Derrence Washington. The two tied the knot in May 2014 at the Hayden Planetarium in the American Museum of National History after dating for over a year.


Jenna Lyons was encouraged by her mother to pursue the arts. She was heavily bullied during her childhood years and this led her to appreciate the transformative abilities of fashion. She decided to make an investment in her passion and enrolled at Parsons School of Design. She then developed a career in the fashion brand J.Crew, eventually becoming the creative director and president of the brand. The fashion icon and business personality shared in 2012 that she was in a relationship with Courtney Crangi. Both women have children from their previous relationships and eventually split up in 2017.


Don Roos once worked as a word processor to support himself. Until now, he continues to joke that he has that as a backup plan if he ever experiences difficulty in money management again. He is now a successful screenwriter and film director. He has a reputation in the industry for writing strong and engaging female characters. He also incorporates this in his job as a director. Roos is married to Dan Bucatinsky, who is an actor, writer, and film producer. This couple first met each other years ago when Roos invited Bucatinsky to the premiere of the 1992 American drama Love Field. The two have been together since and they finally got married in 2008. The couple has two children, Eliza and Jonah.


Jodie Foster is an award-winning actress and her accolades include two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, and two Golden Globe Awards. She started her acting career early at the age of 3. Her superb skills at such a young age helped her become a successful child and teen actress. She later made an investment in formal education and attended college at Yale University. After that, she went back to acting and gained critical acclaim for her roles in The Accused and Silence of the Lambs. She married fellow actress and film director Alexandra Hedison in 2014, after dating for a year.


Chris Hughes co-founded Facebook with his Harvard roommates. He served as a spokesman for the social networking site. Chris graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 2006. He is an entrepreneur and has made investments to diversify his assets after leaving Facebook. He is also an author and he published Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn in 2018. Chris married political activist Sean Eldridge in 2012. Sean Eldridge ran in the 2014 congressional elections and has created a venture capital firm that provided millions worth of loans to local companies. The couple invested in a property in New York that cost $2 million.


Michael Arden is best known for his work in theatre. He appears in many stage productions including Big River, The Times They Are. A-Changin’, Ace, and Aspects of Love. He is also an accomplished stage director and he has directed the critically acclaimed Broadway revival of Spring Awakening which featured a cast of deaf actors. He has been in a relationship with fellow Broadway and television actor Andy Mientus since 2010. Andy Mientus is best known for his roles in the Broadway musicals Les Miserables and Wicked. He is also talented at investment planning and has ventured into television acting and writing. The couple finally got married in August 2016 in Somerset, England.


Thomas Roberts has experienced a long and successful career in television journalism. He has worked as an anchor for CNN, MSNBC, NBC News, and other television programs. Since 2000, he has been together with Patrick D. Abner, who works in sales. The couple had to work around and overcome problems with distance throughout their relationship. The two worked very far away from each other. Trying to work it out by making an investment in a house or apartment they could both live in often meant sacrifices in their respective careers. These sacrifices made their relationship stronger and the two finally got married in Manhattan in September 2012.


T.R. Knight started his acting career on stage. Even at the age of 5, he was already involved in stage productions. He stars in numerous Broadway, Off-Broadway, and theatre plays. He also has a successful career in film and television. He is best known for his role in the medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. He is married to ballet dancer and writer Patrick Leahy. The two exchanged vows back in 2013 in Hudson, New York. It would be interesting to imagine this actor and ballet dancer duo dealing with home insurance and home security systems like most married couples do.


Bill T. Jones is a recognized dance choreographer and director. He is the co-founder of a dance company based in Manhattan. His works are known for dealing with themes such as race, gender, terminal illnesses, coping with loss, and wars. He is married to Bjorn Amelan, a French national who grew up in Haifa and throughout Europe. Bjorn Amelan is an artist and photographer. He now uses his art in collaboration with his partner. The two met in Paris and they decided to live together in 1993. They currently live in Rockland Country, New York. Their house is an investment purchased by Bill Jones and Arnie Zane, his late partner.


These two lovers are both world-renowned artists. Julie Mehretu is known for her large-scale paintings depicting abstracted landscapes. Julie’s parents were both educators. Her father’s teaching position on economic geography helped them flee Ethiopia, her homeland, when the country was experiencing political unrest. Julie Mehretu shares her parents’ interests and places the same investment in education. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree. Her partner, Jessica Rankin, is from Australia. Jessica Rankin is also known for her distinctive art style. She incorporates embroidery and needlework into her paintings. She comes from a family with successful careers in art and literature. Julie Mehretu and Jessica Rankin currently share a studio.


Kim Catullo is a corporate lawyer who was placed in the public’s eye when she married Christine Quinn. Christine Quinn was the Democratic City Council speaker of New York City. Christine Quinn later became a political contributor on CNN and MSNBC. She also became the president of a non-profit organization that provides services to homeless women and children. Their wedding was attended by leading officials in the city. Kim Catullo much prefers to keep her privacy and remain outside of the public’s attention. However, she did become involved in her wife’s campaign during the 2013 mayoral elections. She explained that we all do things we’re uncomfortable with for love. At the prospect of becoming the first lady of New York City, she said that she would continue practicing as a corporate lawyer. This shows how much she enjoys helping businesses avoid bankruptcy and other legal issues. The two enjoy taking walks in the park and going on movie dates.


Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk are both successful journalists for the National Broadcasting Company network (NBC). These two show us that having similar interests can be good for the relationship. In addition to journalism, Jenna Wolfe also has interests in health and fitness. She took on the role of lifestyle and fitness correspondent later in her career. Stephanie Gosk contributes to all news platforms of NBC. The two welcomed their first daughter in August 2013 and then their second daughter was born in February 2015. We wonder how these two are doing with the domestic life that we usually associate with home security systems and worrying about electricity bills.


Paris Barclay is an award-winning TV director and his accolades include 2 Emmy Awards. He is one of the busiest directors in the industry. He has directed episodes for numerous hit television shows like CSI, Lost, House, Sons of Anarchy, and Glee. He made a significant investment in his education and he was one of the first African-Americans to be admitted into the private college preparatory boarding school that he attended. He later went on to Harvard College. Paris is married to Christopher Mason who is an executive in the food industry. As expected of a legendary director, Hollywood stars attended their lavish wedding. Now, they have adopted 2 sons.


Meshell Ndegeocello is a critically-acclaimed musician who incorporated different musical influences in her work. She has received 10 Grammy Award nominations. Her money management involves contributions to charitable organizations and advocacy. She was in a relationship with Rebecca Walker. Rebecca Walker is a prominent feminist and her activism is reflected in her books and other writing. She has addressed high schools, universities, conferences, organizations, and corporations around the world.


Queen Latifah has experienced legendary success in the music and film industry. Her music has influenced many other R&B, soul, and hip-hop artists. She has used her investment money to pursue other business ventures. She was engaged to Jeanette Jenkins in 2008.

Jeanette Jenkins studied human kinetics and founded her own fitness company. Clients of her fitness company include some of the biggest names in the music industry including Kelly Rowland, Pink, and, of course, Queen Latifah. She is also a TV personality and has hosted a television show on fitness and exercise. She is the first female winner of Fear Factor. Jeanette is one of the experts involved in a program by Nike and in a weight-loss show on the Food Network.

Queen Latifah and Jeanette Jenkins made an investment in a property in Hollywood Hills back in 2010. The two, however, have ended their relationship since then.


Guillermo Diaz’s acting career now spans for over two decades. He is best known for his roles in films such as Half Baked, 200 Cigarettes, and Stonewall. He also appears in numerous television shows including Law & Order, Criminal Minds, and most notably Scandal. Guillermo Diaz shared that his life experiences and challenges have helped hone his acting skills. In his personal life, he has made quite the investment in his passions. He is a big fan of Madonna and he claims to have attended all of her tours. He is in a happy relationship but has chosen to keep it private.


Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony rose to fame in 2014 when a photo they posted on Instagram became viral. The photo captured them brushing their daughters’ hair to help them prepare for school. The photo was casual and genuine, although it also showed that this family was no stranger to social media. Soon they were in a video for Nikon and in a campaign by the Swedish high-fashion brand Acne. For the fashion campaign, they were shot by celebrity photographers Inez & Vinoodh. Kordale Lewis contrasts these images with stories of a difficult and challenging past. These details from the past further highlight how much energy and love was required for these two to make an investment in a happy home.


Bishop OC Allen is the senior pastor and founder of The Vision Church in Atlanta. He was consecrated as a bishop in 2011. Making an investment in his formal education, he studied philosophy and religion at Morgan State University and Morehouse College. He later took courses at Harvard University. He first met his husband in 1999, although it was only in 2002 that they became a couple. Rashad Burgess had a similar drive for education and learning. He has a bachelor’s degree in public policy and a master’s degree in social science. They were legally married in Washington, D.C. The two made it clear that their priority is to build and maintain a happy home. They also shared that there is a need for them to be thoughtful about the choices that they make to protect the integrity of the church and the ministry that now serves a diverse group of people.


Quincy LeNear is an award-winning director and producer. His career now spans for over 20 years. He has produced work for Cinemax, ABC, Disney Channel, MTV, Sony Television, CBS, and many other networks. He has also worked as an actor and appeared in many films, television, and commercial productions. He is married to fellow director, producer, and actor Deondray Gossett. They were one of the 33 couples married by Queen Latifah during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in 2014. The ceremony happened during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s performance of the hit single Same Love. The two have made an investment in formal education earlier in their lives and are both bachelor degree holders. The two now share the surname Gossfield.


Monifah Carter is an R&B musician who is best known for the songs she released in the 1990s. Some of her top hits include I Miss You (Come Back Home), You, Brown Eyes, and Touch It. She has also worked on film soundtracks. Monifah played a role in the stage play Men Cry In the Dark. She also appears in the reality TV show R&B Divas: Atlanta. It was on this show that she revealed her relationship with Terez Mychelle. The couple tied the knot in April 2014. The two now enjoy the domestic life we often associate with gas and electricity bills with Monifah Carter’s daughter Akemi.


Derek J is a celebrity hairstylist who rose to fame because of his appearance in the reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Fashion Queens. The award-winning hairstylist and TV personality has shown considerable skill in investment planning. He has used his income and his talent to start a styling emporium named The J Spot. His business is based in Atlanta. Recently, he has further diversified his career by taking on the role of a filmmaker. Derek J released a documentary about gay men of color that explores the concept of masculinity. He is in a relationship but prefers to maintain their privacy.


Nico Tortorella started his career in television shows such as The Beautiful Life: TBL, Make It or Break It, and The Beautiful Life. He has also ventured into film productions. He appeared in Scream 4, Odd Thomas, and Hunter & Game. He is married to Bethany Meyers. The two have been dating for 11 years when they finally got married in March 2018. Bethany Meyers is a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur. Using her money management abilities, she founded an exercise fitness program and mobile app. Both Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers identify as sexually fluid. Together, they advocate for LGBTQ rights.


Maulik Pancholy is best known for his role in the hit sitcom 30 Rock. He is also the voice actor for the character Baljeet Tjinder in the popular animated series Phineas and Ferb. He has made an investment in his acting education. Maulik also has a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Northwestern University and received his Masters of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama. He is married to Ryan Corvaia. In 2014, the two got engaged in India at the Taj Mahal. They got married that same year and the two have been dating for 9 years at the time of their wedding. Ryan Corvaia is a chef and catering professional.

Bob Harper and Anton Gutierrez

Bob Harper was the trainer of The Biggest Loser. What people did not know was that, not only did he help the contestants lose weight, he also helped them accept their identity so they would gain the courage to come out to the public. This is because he is gay himself. He is in a serious relationship with Anton Gutierrez. which is currently his fiancé. Despite their popularity, they were brave enough to flaunt their love to the public. For them, a person’s staged gender is not one’s investment for success; being honest with oneself is.

Victor Garber and Rainer Andreesen

It must have been so difficult for Victor Garber to reveal his true gender to the public. He was one of the most popular actors in his generation. He appeared in several films like
Godspell to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Titanic and Legends of Tomorrow. Nevertheless, he made it through and was accepted by his fans eventually. When his relationship with Rainer Andreesen had gone mature, he finally took another big wave of courage to marry the latter. Rainer Andreesen is a Canadian artist who also earns relatively big. People only wonder how far they could go for investment planning now that their bank accounts are joined.

Meredith Baxter and Nancy Locke

Meredith Baxter is one of the few people who became successful in the entertainment industry. Her talents are just superb. She won Emmy Awards not just once but five amazing times. One of the most unforgettable roles she has played was in the films, Family and Family Ties. However, what people did not know was her struggle to be honest with herself. She was struggling so much that she needed to contact four lawyers for her four divorce cases. Good thing she finally found the courage to reveal her true gender in 2009. She confessed her affection for Nancy Locke, a general contractor and married her later in 2013.

Andrew Rannells and Mike Doyle

Any person who’s still in the closet must have been jealous of Andrew Rannels and Mike Doyle. They are both brave to reveal their true gender; more so, their relationship to the public. They couldn’t care less about the potential negative reaction of the public nor with the possible setbacks in their careers. What they treasure most is their happiness.

Andrew Rannels is an actor, a voice actor, and a singer. He has been nominated for a Tony award several times. On the other hand, Mike Doyle is an actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. They are both successful in their careers. Their supporters can’t wait for them to get married, so they can witness how they will deal with money management given that they’re both earning big.

Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod

Nothing can stop the beautiful and sincere intimacy between Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod. Although they want to keep their relationship in private, they do not care too much about paparazzi taking stolen shots of them being together. In fact, they share some of these photos on social media from time to time. They are just so adorable that people cannot resist staring at their lovely photos.

Recently, Chris Colfer sold his house that costs more than a million dollars. The public has been curious if he’s now living with Will Sherrod. Whether it is true or not, let’s just hope he consulted a wise financial advisor before making this huge decision.

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