Erin Murphy

Popularly known as Tabitha in the hit TV series Bewitched (1964 to 1972), Erin worked on the role along with her fraternal twin sister, Diane. Twins playing the same role is quite common in the industry. However, as the twins began to take on a different look from each other, Erin was arranged to take the role full-time.

Erin took the time to be a normal kid so she paused her acting career. She got into production, teaching, make-up, and even stunts. She is wise with investments and is a successful business owner as she continues to work on TV shows and commercials.

Scott Baio

Scott was an award-winning young actor popularly known for his role as Chachi Arcola on the hit TV series Happy Days (1977 to 1984). His popularity soared through that the show even had a spinoff entitled Joanie Loves Chachi (1982-1983). His career was at its peak to the degree that he continued to appear in various TV shows up until the early 2000s.

In 2015, his daughter Bailey was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor. This rare metabolic disorder prompted Scott to put up the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation. In 2017, he appeared as Donal Trump’s presidential supporter at the Republican National Convention.

Alison Arngrim

Alison is popularly known as Nellie Olson in the hit ‘70s TV series Little House on the Prairie. She was known as the mean girl and was one of the most hated persons in TV history. She is still haunted by that role up to now to the degree that she even said that playing the role was “like having PMS for seven years.”

She continues to guest star in TV shows and has also become an author. She wrote and performed at her book’s premiere in Club Fez, New York. Expect more stage versions of her new books to come.

Justin Henry

Justin starred in the movie Kramer vs. Kramer, which led him to get an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor. This popular kids’ tug-of-war movie got him nominated for several awards that he didn’t even remember much of the Oscars. He said the Oscars was one out of the five awards they went to.

He then continued to appear and took credit for movies such as Fantasy Island, Tiger Town, Sixteen Candles, Danger Bay, Sweethearts Dance, Chasing Home, and many more. He later on partnered with Microsoft after college and founded Slumdunk, a distribution company that helps small independent filmmakers.

Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli first appeared on the TV show One Day at a Time. Her amazing performance was enough to credit her a Golden Globe Award in 1981. She also made appearances on TV shows Sydney, Cafe Americain, and the series Touched by an Angel.

From 2010 to 2015, she joined the ensemble cast of Betty White, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick for the popular and hilarious hit TV series, Hot in Cleveland. She recently became Jenny Craig’s spokesperson. She is an advocate of body shaming and has shared with the public her personal struggles about weight loss and body image.

Barry Williams

Barry was the ultimate teenage heartthrob at the age of 14 when he landed the role of Greg Brady in the hit TV series The Brady Bunch. He played the eldest child of the Brady family, which gave him credit as he was awarded the Young Artist Foundation Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award back in 1989.

He appeared in That 70’s Show, Three’s Company, The Brady Bunch Specials, and in various musicals, such as Grease, The Sound of Music, and West Side Story. He executively produced the TV movie of his bestselling autobiography, Growing Up Brady… I Was A Teenage Greg.

Kristy McNichol

Kristy started out doing commercials until she made guest star appearances for The Bionic Woman, Starsky & Hutch, The Love Boat, and Love American Style. With these exposures, she eventually landed a role on the series Apple’s Way as Patricia Apple. She finally got credit for her appearance in Family (1976) where she won an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She took a break from the acting scene and shifted to singing and released an album with RCA Records, called Kristy and Jimmy McNichol. She won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for Neil Simon’s Only When I Laugh.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Child actor, Sarah Jessica Parker first made an appearance in 1974 in the movie The Little Match Girl. She pursued a career in acting and became famous worldwide for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV show Sex and the City. She also took credit for reprising her role for the movie version of Sex and the City.

A few of her most iconic appearances also include Hocus Pocus and Footloose. She also became famous for being in a relationship with Robert Downey Jr. between the ‘80s and ‘90s. She’s now married to Matthew Broderick and they have three kids.

Tatum O’Neal

At 10 years old, Tatum starred in the movie Paper Moon (1974), making her the youngest person to win an Academy Award. She took credit for her amazing performance as Addie Loggins and continued to appear in numerous projects, such as The Bad News Bears, and Nickelodeon.

Her career skyrocketed in the early ‘70s but she managed to limit only five films for the next 15 years. Tatum struggled with substance abuse and lost custody of her children with John McEnroe in the late ‘90s. She published her autobiography A Paper Life back in 2005 and the book Found: A Daughter’s Journey Home in 2011.

Mindy Cohn

You know her well as Natalie in the ‘70s hit series Facts of Life (1979 to 1988). Her role as the sarcastic student, Natalie, was essential for the show’s success. However, it didn’t credit her well for the performance that she had given, as she was typecast in the industry. She struggled to get new roles.

Despite the typecast she continued to pursue acting and balanced her time for school. She managed to earn a degree in Cultural Anthropology. She also founded weSPARK, a cancer support society. She won an Emmy for playing the voice of Velma in the Scooby-Doo animated series.