Checkout Which Celebrity Has The Highest Net Worth Or Is At The Risk Of Bankruptcy


As a world champion and one of the best female tennis players of all time, it is no surprise that Serena Williams has amassed $200 million of net worth. She also gets credit for being the highest-earning female player by a mile. In a typical year, Williams reportedly earned $30 to $40 million of on-court salaries and endorsements. She has won more prize money compared to other female tennis players in history. In total, Williams has made $90 million of career prize money.

She is also one of the most famous athlete endorsers in the world, earning $15 to $20 million every year, endorsing Nike and Kraft Foods, among others. She is the founder of Serena’s self-funded clothing collection S. She owns a minority stake in UFC and the Miami Dolphins. Serena also dabbled in some television and voice works. She voiced The Simpsons in 2001, guest appeared at “Law & Order.”