Gorgeous Hollywood Celebrities With Beauties That Never Tarnished Despite Aging

Lynda Carter- 68

Famous for portraying Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter is not only an actress but also a singer. She began performing when she was a child and also performed in a band when she was in high school. However, she was not able to get a degree in college cause she decided to drop out and pursue her career. Because of her tall figure and amazing chestnut hair, She was crowned as Miss World America in 1972.

Meanwhile, during the time when Wonder Woman was being produced, Carter became so famous and in demand for promotional work, she was popular among Superhero fans of the 1970s. She is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood up to now, and she is even considered to be “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by the International Academy of Beauty and the British Press Organization. Since 2000, Carter has performed in various fields, filming, dubbing, and participating in various theater projects.