Gorgeous Hollywood Celebrities With Beauties That Never Tarnished Despite Aging

Lynda Carter- 68

Famous for portraying Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter is not only an actress but also a singer. She began performing when she was a child and also performed in a band when she was in high school. However, she was not able to get a degree in college cause she decided to drop out and pursue her career. Because of her tall figure and amazing chestnut hair, She was crowned as Miss World America in 1972.

Meanwhile, during the time when Wonder Woman was being produced, Carter became so famous and in demand for promotional work, she was popular among Superhero fans of the 1970s. She is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood up to now, and she is even considered to be “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by the International Academy of Beauty and the British Press Organization. Since 2000, Carter has performed in various fields, filming, dubbing, and participating in various theater projects.

Loretta Swit-81

Loretta Swit is born to play the role of Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on M*A*S*H; in fact, she had won two Emmy’s for playing the role. She was also reported to be a bit picky about the characters she takes on. Her last TV role was in 1972 while her last film role was in 1996. The now 81-year-old continues to take a stand in community theaters around the country.

She is also pursuing her other passions for painting and animal activism. She even published SwitHeart: The Watercolor Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit. The proceeds went to her campaign to end animal cruelty. She lives by the motto, “We should be able to be ourselves. Make a political stand if you want to.” She must have a good finance manager to handle all her money.

Carol Kane- 67

Carol Kane is an actress and comedian. Her bubbly face is first known in the 70s-80s, when she played the role in films such as Hester Street in which she received an Oscar nomination; The Princess Bride, and Annie Hall. She then appeared on the TV series Taxi in the early 80s, where she played the character of Andy Kaufman and was able to win two Emmy Awards for her work.

Up to now, the flawless face of Kane can still be seen in different broadways and she also has been cast on the Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in which she plays the role of Lillian Kaushtupper. Her distinctive voice has made her stand out on stage and screen for more than 50 years, but 67-year-old Kane expressed her “shame” at her voice in an interview with People magazine. She wanted her voice to be deep, beautiful, and sexy.

Heather Locklear- 57

Heather Locklear was the favorite of everyone during the 90s. Locklear’s successful role as Amanda Westwood in the American soap opera “Melrose Place” has been named one of the greatest TV villains of all time, which was followed by four consecutive Golden Globe nominations. She can be seen in multiple movies but mostly in TV series such as ‘Texas Justice’ (1995), ‘Shattered Mind’ (1996), and ‘Spin City'(1996). We rarely see her on the big screen these days, her latest movies were ‘Flying By’ (2009) and ‘Scary Movie 5’ (2013).

In 1986, she married Tommy Lee, which ended up in contacting some divorce lawyers when they called it quits in 1994. Following her divorce, she married Richard Sambora in 1994. Given her lovely face, she also has a great talent. However, she had encountered some dark days throughout her life. On June 25, 2018, Locklear was hospitalized in a suspected case of an overdose after being released on bail for charges of battery.

Cheryl Ladd- 68

Just like Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd also played a role in the ABC television series Charlie’s Angels as Kris Munroe. She replaced Farrah Fawcett in the second season until it was canceled. From there, her acting career became a massive success in which multiple movie credits were listed under her name. Since then, she has appeared in many films and TV shows, from Linell Shapiro in “American Crime Story” to a controlling mother in the film “Unforgettable.”

Not only she was an actress, but she is also an author and a singer as well. In fact, she is also known as Cherie Moor when she became the singing voice of Melody on Josie and the Pussycats animated series. Now that she is in her late 60s, many had wondered what is her beauty secret as she aged flawlessly. She must have a financial manager for her to maintain a net worth of $10 million.

Katey Sagal- 65

Katey Sagal has a lot of credit under her name. She is not only an actress but a singer-songwriter as well. Her pretty face became famous after playing the role of Peggy Bundy on the classic TV series, Married….with Children. With that, she received three Golden Globe nominations and another nomination from American Comedy Awards. She also received a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a television series drama for her role on Sons of Anarchy in 2008.

Unfortunately, she had experienced some lows in her life. She had been addicted to illegal substances for 15 years. “I had a drug and alcohol problem that lasted through my 20s,” she spent most of her investments on drugs. She is currently living her new life and still has a career in Hollywood. Her recent project is the leading role of Annie “Rebel” Bello in the ABC drama pilot “Rebel.”

Laura San Giacomo- 56

Laura San Giacomo made her name in the 1989 Steven Soderbergh film, Sex, Lies, and Videotape. With it, she had a Golden Globe nomination and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association- New Generation Award for her role. The film also received Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival: the Palme d’Or. Having a beautiful face and great talent, it was easy for her to gather roles in Hollywood. She was also famous for playing the role of Kit De Luca in Pretty Woman.

At her age, it seems that she has no plans of retiring from her career, as her beautiful face can still be seen in different movies. The rehab counselor to Otis Lort Dr. Moreno in ‘Honey Boy’(2019), astronaut Marjorie Kersey in Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Caught Somewhere in Time.” She must have and insurance and some investments considering she has been in the industry for quite some time.

Jane Fonda- 81

Jane Fonda is an actress, political activist, and a former model, she is the daughter of legendary actor Henry Fonda. Fonda came to prominence in the 1960s with such films ‘Period of Adjustment ‘(1962), ‘Barefoot in the Park’(1967). She was one of the power women of Hollywood as she had been a recipient for various accolades. These include the Honorary Golden Lion, two Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and the AFI Life Achievement Award.

In her later years, she devoted herself to various political activities, she calls herself a feminist and an environmentalist. As reported, 81-year-old Fonda has been arrested five times. Her finance is doing good as . She must also have a finance manager and a great credit score as her current net worth is estimated at $200 million. We can only imagine what are her investments and insurances. Fonda is indeed a success story.

Maggie Smith- 84

Who does not know Maggie Smith? For 67 years she has an extensive and diverse career on stage, television, and film. She had a long list of credits under her name, appearing in more than 50 films. Smith is considered to be one of Britain’s most recognizable actresses. She was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II in 1990 for her contributions to the performing arts and received the Companion of Honor from the Queen in 2014 for her services to drama.

Smith is best known for her role in ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie,’ and the Harry Potter series ‘Downton Abbey.’ She also has a long list when it comes to prestigious awards. She is a winner of Academy Awards, a record of four BAFTA awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and a six-time Oscar nomination. She must have a financial adviser as her current net worth is at $18 million, and is still quite busy with her career.

Faye Dunaway- 78

The beautiful face, Faye Dunaway began her career on Broadway, in the 1960s. She then made her film debut in the 1967 movie The Happening. She then rose to fame and in the same year when she portrayed the role of the famous outlaw Bonnie Parker in Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde. Dunaway is known for her ability to portray tough and impeccable characters. Following her career, she won an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, a BAFTA, and three Golden Globes.

Dunaway also became the first recipient of a Leopard Club Award that honors film professionals whose work has left a mark on the collective imagination. Although Dunaway often appears on the screen and on the stage, she is very protective of her personal life, rarely interviewed. We only know that she has been married twice and has a son. She must have a financial adviser to take care of her wealth during that time as she was quite busy with her career, given those achievements.

Jessica Lange- 70

Jessica Lange is one of Hollywood’s prestigious actress. She was able to receive multiple awards and is the 13th actress in history to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting. Not only that she was an award-winning actress, but she also is a talented photographer. This exceptional star was popular even before winning an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Fiona Goode. Throughout her career, she showed extraordinary resilience in the characters that she portrayed, which can be the reason why people love her so much.

She and her ex-husband met at the University of Minnesota, while studying art and photography. Unfortunately, the two had to contact a divorce lawyer as they called their marriage off. Given the beautiful face of Lange, she can still be seen glowing as she does not plan to quit Hollywood just yet. Her secret in aging graciously is always following an extensive skincare regimen before going to sleep. She is currently appearing in the famous series American Horror Stories.

Sophia Loren- 84

At the age of 15, Sophia Loren has already entered a beauty pageant. She was then encouraged to act given that she has a beautiful and flawless face. But aside from her looks, she had an exceptional talent for acting. All of her hard work earned her an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, five special Golden Globes, a BAFTA Award, a Laurel Award, the Honorary Academy Award in 1991. She showed her versatility in the many characters she played on screen.

Now, with her being in her early 80s, she still looks as gorgeous as ever. She once said that while the body may age, maintaining a healthy and young mind will reflect on your skin. Stressing over things will make you old, so just enjoy things and let them be. Loren has a reported net worth of $75 million. She must have a good finance manager to take care of that huge amount of wealth.

Lucy Lawless – 52

Lucy Lawless is a New Zealand native who will forever be remembered for her portrayal of the role as a heroic warrior, Xena: Warrior Princess. She had appeared in her first musical at the age of 10, and by the age of 21, she was crowned as Miss New Zealand. She also appeared in famous movies such as Spider-Man and Euro Trip. Her beauty can still be seen as she aged flawlessly. However, she had to call some divorce lawyers as she called her marriage quits to her first husband, Garth Lawless.

Now she is married to the co-creator of Xena: Warrior Princess, Robert Gerard Tapert. Lucy is not just about having good looks, but she also dedicates her work to helping charities. She is a Starship Children’s Health member and devotes her time to raise funds for the organization. Her love for the children and their family is enormous, so you can always see her spending time with them.

Michelle Pfeiffer- 61

Michelle Pfeiffer is one of Hollywood’s prominent actresses. Having a beautiful face and great talent, there are no need for questions on why she became famous. Her journey towards her acting career started in 1978. Pfeiffer landed her first role in the musical film, Grease 2. However, she was frustrated being typecast as the token, pretty girl, that she then actively pursued more serious roles. With her perseverance, she was able to have her breakthrough role as a gangster moll Elvira Hancock in the crime film Scarface.

She then had a lot of credit under her name, playing different roles in brilliant films and hit TV series. Aside from being a great actress, she is also a businesswoman and a producer. Fans and critics saw her amazing talent in the numerous awards and nominations that she received such as a British Academy Film Award, a Golden Globe Award, three Academy Award nominations, and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

Suzanne Somers- 72

Suzanne Somers has a lot of credits under her name including a massive net worth of $100 million. Not only because she is an actress with a beautiful face that she’s able to maintain up to now, she is also a businesswoman, author, singer, and a health spokesperson. She appeared in the television, playing the role of Crissy Snow in the Three’s Company and as Carol Foster on Step by Step.

Later, Somers became the author of a series of self-help books, that include her 2006 Ageless: Bioidentical Hormones, which is about the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. However, she has been criticized for her views on some of her medical subjects as well as her advocacy for the Wiley Protocol. This criticism did not stop her from doing what she loved. At the age of 72, she still looks beautiful as she managed to maintain a glowing and youthful skin.

Charlene Tilton- 62

At 62 years old, Charlene Tilton still looks as gorgeous just like when she was younger. She is best known for playing the role of Lucy Ewing who is the cheeky niece of “J.R.” Ewing Jr. from the famous TV series Dallas. As a matter of fact, in the revival series in 2012, she also reprised the role. Meanwhile, Tilton has to contact some divorce lawyers as she called her marriage to her ex-husband, Jonny Lee quits.

Their marriage only lasted a short time, but it gifted them a beautiful daughter, Cherish Lee. Tilton not only has a pretty face but also has a huge heart. She is an ambassador for Actors for Autism. Charlene is also a great singer, making her fans excited for her to be back on screen. She will continue to work on her passion as long as she stays healthy to sustain her illustrious career.

Kate Jackson- 72

Kate Jackson is famous for playing different roles in the TV series. Of which is playing the role of Sabrina Duncan in Charlie’s Angels and Amanda King from Scarecrow. She is not only a wonderful actress but a director and a producer as well. Jackson and her great talent enabled her to be an Emmy Award nominee and also a four-time Golden Globe Award nominee. She also had to contact divorce lawyers a couple of times. She talks publicly about breast cancer and heart health.

In 2003, she was awarded the “Power of Love” award by the American Heart Association for raising awareness on these issues. At 72 years old, she devotes her time teaching women about cancer and encourages them to check annually. Her experience did not crush her spirit; instead, it only made her stronger than ever. Today, she is taking a healthy diet plan to help her body recover and maintain that ageless beauty.

Bo Derek -62

Having a charming face, Bo Derek and John Derek fell in love with each other when Bo was just 16 years old, attending Norborne High School in Los Angeles. On the other hand, John was already married at that time and contacted some divorce lawyers to pursue his relationship with Bo. The two then got married in 1976 up to the death of John in 1998. Currently at 64 years old, Bo still has the charming looks and does not plan to retire from Hollywood just yet.

She has a current net worth of $50 million, and she must have a finance manager to take care of her finances. Bo had her breakthrough in a mature comedy film while working as a producer and model. She shared that she never went to high school, but this did not hinder her from being a prominent actress. Despite her advanced age, she still looks young and stunning.

Jaclyn Smith- 73

Jaclyn Smith rose to fame when she played the role of Kelly Garrett in the TV series Charlie’s Angels. She also happened to be the only original female lead to complete the run. Jaclyn started her career as a commercial model and, since then, her career became successful. With her ageless beauty, she became an icon to both men and women. Many magazines and editorials give tribute to her beauty by featuring her and declaring she is the most beautiful woman they have ever encountered.

Her face was also often on the top list and her style is one to die for. She even made an investment and launched her own beauty products for skincare called the Jaclyn Smith Beauty. Her skincare collection might also be the reason behind her flawless looks. At the age of 73, she still manages to have a youthful glow. Smith also admitted that she gives credit to her looks to her genes.

Audrey Hepburn – Passed away in 1993

Audrey Hepburn is one of the legendary actresses in Hollywood history. The credit to her fame is her beauty. Her captivating smile and innocent looks melted the hearts of many. Her beauty is all-natural. She once said that women need a signature perfume and have a steam bath twice a week to be attractive. Hepburn is not only beautiful outside but also within. She had been given recognition in both the showbiz industry and for her humanitarian efforts. It has even been reported that her investment money is still supporting UNICEF’s life-saving work up until now.

Unfortunately, she passed away after her battle with cancer. We only wish that she knew how much influence and impact she had for many women. Up to this day, many are still hanging her pictures in their walls because she serves as an inspiration to women who lack confidence. We are grateful for her insights and she always said that beauty is not by the look of a person but also comes from within.

Dame Diana Rigg- 81

Dianna Rigg has a career spanning for almost 69 years, yet her beauty does not fade. Due to her determination in the field of drama, the British Empire gave her the title, Dame. She has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time and does not seem to have a plan in slowing down. Ever since she began her career, she has always shown an extraordinary talent for acting, which is why she garnered many nominations like the Tony Awards.

She was featured in Game of Thrones as Olenna Tyrell and received another Guest Actress Emmy nomination. At 81 years old, she does not have any plans on retiring. She must have a financial advisor to take care of her wealth and maybe some of her investments. Even with her old age, it seems that her face remains to be young and glowing. Her beauty ages like fine wine and even after her famous role as Olenna Tyrell in GOT, her amazing skills are still in-demand.

Jane Seymour- 68

Jane Seymour is a British-American actress known for her brilliant role in the famous Bond film: Live and Let Die. After the Bond film, her career reached further heights. Jane was recognized with two Golden Globe Awards, an Emmy Award, a famous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was also appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Given that she is beautiful, one of her notable features is that her right eye is brown while her left eye is green.

This condition is known as heterochromia. Throughout her lifetime, she called some divorce lawyers as she ended her marriages several times. Now that she is 68 years old, she still has no plans in stopping her Hollywood career. She still can be seen in different movies and TV roles. With her beauty and skills, she will definitely reach more and lasts for a long time in this industry.

Brigitte Bardot- 84

Brigitte Bardot, who is also known as B.B., is a famous actress and singer. She appeared on the cover of Elle in 1952, which landed her a movie offer for the comedy, Crazy for Love. From then on, she had been offered multiple movie roles. After all, she has a beauty that no one can resist. However, she retired from the entertainment industry in 1973. Brigitte was also an animal activist and protecting animals is one of her passion.

She began eating vegan and it helped a lot in her journey of being healthy. All in all, she had been playing roles in 47 films and recorded more than 60 songs. She must have a finance manager to handle all her money. Now that she is 84, her signature lips are still intact. In case you’re asking what’s her secret, she said that taking of yourself and eating right is the only thing she have done.

Erika Eleniak- 51

The beautiful face of Erika Eleniak was first seen on the big screen in the 1982 film E.T. as the girl kissed by Elliot in the classroom scene. But she will always be remembered during her Baywatch days as Shauni McClain. Eleniak was also a Playboy Playmate and a former model, which is quite relevant given her looks. She appeared in many films and most of it were outstanding. She has no problem in bringing into life any role she’s assigned to portray.

However, she is also one of those Hollywood actresses that had to call a divorce lawyer as she ended up getting a divorce from her ex-husband Philip Goglia. Their marriage only lasted from 1998-1999. Now approaching her 50’s, she still has great looks and does not have any plans of slowing down. If you want to know why she is aging elegantly, the only advice she can give is loving yourself.

Helen Mirren- 74

Helen Mirren is one of Hollywood’s respected actresses. Her pretty face together with her undeniable talent, earned her dozens of credits under her name. Mirren displayed her versatility in films and although it wasn’t always easy, she managed to become a prominent actress. However, she experienced a setback. Mirren admitted that two years following her acting debut, she almost gave up her career due to drug addiction. That time she was only 18-years-old. She also shared that she had a cocaine addiction and went to rehab because of it.

Fortunately, she was able to make a comeback and lived a healthier lifestyle. She even shared her secret about her ageless beauty: the eyelash growth serum. She must have put some investments on her beauty products as she ages flawlessly. Taking care of the skin is important in acting because it is displayed prominently on screen. She uses amazing skin care essentials that helped her prevent wrinkles.

Angharad Rees- Passed Away in 2012

Angharad Rees is one of the prominent actresses in Hollywood. Not only that she showcased her beautiful face, she also exhibited her undeniable talent in acting. Appearing in dozens of films, Rees has proven herself to be one of the best in the industry. Upon her debut in the industry, producers and directors have already noticed her skills. Eventually, she became in-demand in many comedy series and movies. There are numerous times where she never failed to display her wonderful personality and capabilities of a notable and remarkable actress in her time.

However, in 1999, following the death of her son Linford, she turned away from her acting career. She then made an investment to her other passion: designing jewelry. Reese founded the design company, Angharad, which is located in Knightsbridge. Her designed pieces were featured in the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Unfortunately, Rees passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2012.

Kelly Le Brock- 59

Thanks to her good looks, Kelly Le Brock started her career as a model at the age of 16 in New York City. Her breakthrough came when she was 19, when she starred in a 24-page spread Vogue magazine. Following her breakthrough, she had a contract with Christian Dior to work as a fashion model for 30 days a year. She then became more famous in the Pantene shampoo commercial for the famous line, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Having a career as an actress has given her dozens of major roles. She even married Steve Seagal. However, she had to contact some divorce lawyers as they ended up calling it quits. She currently still has no plans of leaving Hollywood behind. After all she made aging look so easy. With her experience of being a model, she learned many beauty tips over the time. One tip that she can share is to always remove makeup before sleeping at night.

Martha Stewart- 79

Martha Stewart is one of the most respected personalities in Hollywood. Her flawless face never faded even as she aged. Some of you may not know, that Stewart did not start her career as an actress, but as a model instead. She started her modeling career at the age of 15. She was then featured in different commercials and magazines. She worked her way to get a degree in college, while she modeled for Chanel. Now, she must have some financial advisors to handle her wealth.

She reportedly has a net worth of $640 million. She also made a lot of investments as she is a great businesswoman. Despite her age, Martha is still looking young. Just like fine wine, her beauty gets more even precious over time. Many admire her for being an empowered woman and is always willing to inspire women to be the best version of themselves.

Olivia Newton-John- 70

Olivia Newton-Johnn is also one of Hollywood’s gem. Not only that she was a multi-awarded singer, she was also a songwriter, actress, activist, and businesswoman. She must have hired some expert finance managers and lawyers to handle all her legal work as she was busy with her career. Aside from being multi-talented when it comes to her talent and career, she also had proven to the world that she is a fighter. She fought with breast cancer and won! Now she is an advocate for breast cancer awareness and helps victims worldwide.

Newton-John was even featured in UniGlobe Entertainment’s breast cancer docu-drama, 1 a Minute, which was released in October of 2010. Last year, she launched her own skin care line which promotes using natural and organic products to stay young and timeless. The luxurious product is called Retreatment Botanics, and she personally helped her chemists develop the product by giving her insights about staying organic.

Catherine Bach- 65

Catherine Bach is an American actress who is famously known for playing Daisy Duke in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard and as Margo Dutton in African Skies. While she was in The Dukes of Hazzard, she insured her legs for $1,000,000. In 1976, she married David Shaw. However, she needed to contact a divorce lawyer as they called it quits in 1981. Then she married Peter Lopez in August 1990, but he was found dead in an apparent suicide in 2010.

Her beautiful face also took part in the cast of the famous CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless as Anita Lawson. She remains active albeit only on a few films. Her career in the entertainment industry is not her only source of income. You will be surprised how this woman established the reputable diamond jewelry line Debenhams, which supports her even after her showbiz appearances.

Raquel Welch- 79

Raquel Welch can put some credit to her looks as she became famous because of it. Not only is she a beautiful face, but she also has an amazing talent in acting. Although many considered her as a sex symbol, she constantly worked to prove them that she’s more than a pretty face. She then became an icon in the 1960s-1970s due to her portrayal of strong female characters. In 1974, She had won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Musical or Comedy for her performance in The Three Musketeers.

Welch was also chosen by the Empire magazine as one of the “100 Sexiest Stars in Film History” in 1885. Playboy ranked her No.3 in their “100 Sexiest Stars of the Twentieth Century” list. Despite her age, she had been ranked in 2011 as No.2 in the “Hottest Women of All Time” list. With her outstanding talent, she became one of the most sought-after actresses of her time.

Sally Field- 72

Who would have thought that Sally Field is already 72 years old? It seems like she’s made aging look so easy. Lucky for us, she has beauty tips for us to learn. She said that she has been taking care of her skin by never sleeping with makeup on. Field is an actress and director as well as a recipient of various awards, including Academy Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award.

She has also been nominated for a Tony Award and two BAFTA Awards. In 2007, during her acceptance speech in the Emmy Awards, she shared that “if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn wars in the first place.” Field is also a woman rights activist and she is proud of what she has become. She must have a finance manager to take care of her wealth.

Molly Ringwald- 51

Molly Ringwald became famous for her role in The Breakfast Club. The 51-year-old actress, writer, singer, and author still has the same beautiful face despite aging. In an interview, she shared her amazing beauty secrets. Her essential products include Vitamin C serum and a powerful sunscreen to prevent her skin from sun damage. We can still see her gorgeous looks as she is playing the role of Mary Andrews on the CW TV series Riverdale.

Despite the pressure given by the entertainment industry, she admitted that she takes good care of her public image as she wanted to be a good role model for her fans. She must have been so good when it comes to money management, too, as no news of bankruptcy has ever surfaced. This talented woman has a huge net worth of $11 million and with this money, she can do anything to make her skin look flawless.

Ursula Andress- 83

Having a $25 million net worth is not easy. Ursula have been working tirelessly for a long time before she cemented her name in Hollywood. Ursula Andress was a bombshell during her prime and still manages to maintain her fierce look up to now. She is best known for her breakthrough role, portraying Honey Ryder, in the first-ever James Bond film, Dr. No. She then later starred as Vesper Lynd in the James Bond sequel, Casino Royale.

Andress was also considered by the Empire magazine as one of the “100 Sexiest Stars in film history.” Given her beauty, she dated different Hollywood names including James Dean, in 1955 shortly before his death. At the same year, she started to have an affair with the actor/director John Derek, who walked out on his wife to be with the then 19 years old actress. The two got married yet ended up contacting some divorce lawyers.

Jenny Agutter- 66

Jenny Agutter is also one of Hollywood’s beautiful faces. The credit must go to her genes but she is also actively caring for her skin to prevent skin damage. Known to be successful in her field, she still manages to keep her feet on the ground. She also does not have any issues with alcohol or illegal substance abuse. Money management may also be one of her skills as she has zero issues with bankruptcy.

At the age of 66, she still looks dashing as ever and still has no plans of retiring. Her passion is still strong and as long as she can work, she will remain living a comfortable life. Agutter also chose to live a quiet life, despite having a career in Hollywood. One of her remarkable roles is when she played Fritha in The Snow Goose and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in Drama.

Ingrid Bergman- Passed Away in 1982

She may be gone but her legacy will remain forever. The late Ingrid Bergman has a charming beauty and an exceptional talent in acting. From a young age, she was already camera-ready and, eventually, her dream of becoming an actress blossomed, making her into one of the most successful women on the silver screen. Her career developed exponentially, making her one of the most in-demand women in Hollywood. She starred in multiple American and European films, plays, and TV movies.

She also won multiple accolades such as four Golden Globe Awards, three Academy Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, a BAFTA Award. The unforgettable roles of Bergman include Ilsa Lund in Casablanca (1942) and Alicia Huberman in Notorious (1946). Unfortunately, in her 67th Birthday, she passed away in London, on August 29, 1982, at 12:00 am, due to breast cancer. We just don’t know if she had left some investments and insurances for her loved ones.

Dawn French- 61

Dawn French is a British actress, comedian, writer, and a presenter from Plymouth. She is famous for starring in and writing for the BBC comedy sketch show French and Saunders alongside Jennifer Saunders. She also starred as Geraldine Granger in the BBC sitcom The Vicar of Dibley. Throughout her career, French has been nominated for seven BAFTA TV Awards and also won a BAFTA Fellowship with Jennifer Saunders. French got married to Lenny Henry in 1984.

However, the couple needed to contact some divorce lawyers as they called their 25 years of marriage quits. She then married Mark Bignell in 2013. In September 2014 French was named as the new Chancellor of Falmouth University. Despite her humor, she displayed her unique beauty in some way. As of today, her net worth is $10 million, and she is proud to share that it comes from her dedication to make people laugh and help them forget their problems.

Erin Moran- Passed Away in 2017

The fresh face of Erin Moran is best known for the role as Joanie Cunningham on the classic TV sitcom Happy Days. Fast-forward in 2011, Moran and three of her Happy Days co-stars filed a $10 million lawsuit against CBS, the owner of the show. The cast claimed that they have not been paid for the merchandising revenues that have been owed under their contracts. With lots of lawyers involved, the actors settled their case with CBS, and each of them received a $65,000 payment and a promise from CBS to honor the term of their contracts.

Once in her life, she suffered from depression and anxiety which made her stop accepting movie roles. Unfortunately, in 2017, Erin Moran passed away, and the autopsy found complications of stage four squamous cell carcinoma of the throat. Her legacy will remain as one of the most remarkable and inspiring actresses in history.

Cybill Shepherd- 70

Cybill Shepherd was one of Hollywood’s freshest faces. Her first film was The Last Picture Show. The film became a critical and box office hit and managed to earn several Academy Award nominations. As for Shepherd, she was nominated for a Golden Globe. In the span of her career, she had been an outspoken activist for issues such as abortion rights and gay rights. In 2009, Shepherd was honored by the Human Rights Campaign in Atlanta to accept one of two National Ally for Equality awards.

Shepherd is also an advocate for the same-sex-marriage. Her current net worth is $40 million, and she must have a finance manager to take care of it. At the age of 70, she continues to appear on films. Her career is a very fulfilling one because she has gathered different accolades recognizing her astounding skills. Cybill was a three-time winner of Golden Globe Awards and has four nominations for Emmy Awards.

Brooke Shields-54

Brooke Shields was one of the most beautiful faces of Hollywood and still looks as youthful as ever. Her career began as a child model, but eventually, she ventured out into acting. Throughout her modeling career, she obtained different praises for being one of the best in the field. Not only was she an award-winning actress, but she also has a degree at Princeton University. Many do not know that Shields started as a child actress and blossomed into the ever so gorgeous legend that she is today.

She shared that one of the secrets to her youthful glow is her vegan diet, and she keeps herself hydrated at all times. She also admitted that she seeks help from a trusted dermatologist which is important for any skin type. She must have some financial advisors to help her with her investments and take care of her net worth of $25 million.

Lauren Bacall- Passed Away in 2014

The late Lauren Bacall is considered to be one of the sexiest beauties in Hollywood history. She is, in fact, at the same level as Marilyn Monroe. She is known for her sultry voice and seductive looks. Aside from her beautiful face, she is also an excellent dancer and singer. Bacall received credits for the roles during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She was also named one of the 20th greatest female stars of classic Hollywood cinema.

Despite her renowned beauty, however, there were still people who find something odd with her. During her prime, some of her advisors encouraged her to have a hairline adjustment and teeth straightening. Good thing is that Lauren believed in her own beauty and did not give in to their suggestions. She had real self-confidence and did not follow their advice. At the age of 89, Lauren suffered a stroke which caused her death.

Lisa Whelchel- 56

Speaking of beauty, there are those who are strikingly beautiful and there are those who are beautiful on the outside but more beautiful on the inside. A lot of TV personalities can be considered beautiful but the one that truly stands out is someone who stands by what she believes in. We are referring to Lisa Whelchel who is not just an actress and a “Survivor”, she is also a woman of faith and she is not ashamed of it.

Lisa Whelchel is not only an actress but also a public speaker, author, songwriter, and singer as well. She was famous for her appearance as a Mouseketeer on The New Mickey Mouse Club and her nine-year role as the preppy and wealthy Blair Warner on The Facts of Life. Moreover, she was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Inspirational Performance for her contemporary Christian album, All Because of You in 1984. Since 2009, she had been in the Woman of Faith Christian conferences as a speaker. She must have been good in her money management as no reports of bankruptcy have ever surfaced.

Olivia De Havilland – 103

When Hollywood reached its peak during the Golden Age of Hollywood, the time was ripe for Hollywood to open its door to the world, making its introduction a massive hit. As such, this was the time where a lot of girls dreamt of becoming a Hollywood superstar just like those they see on the movie screens. And due to the worldwide popularity of Hollywood, the Golden Era Girls was formed. Olivia De Havilland is the last surviving of Hollywood’s Golden Era girls. Despite the fact that she is already 103 years old, the retired actress still has stunning beauty.

Her career has spanned from 1935-1988 before her retirement. She must have a lot of investment throughout her career. Her stunning features can be seen in multiple films and TV shows. She is famous for playing a role in Hold Back Down, The Snake Pit, and The Heiress. Now that she is retired, she went back to Paris where she received honors such as the National Medal of the Arts, the Légion d’honneur, and the appointment of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Judi Dench-84

Dame Judy Dench is one of the most famous and successful English actresses in history. Today, many people might know her as agent 007’s boss but it was her fierce looks that introduced her and made her popular back in the days. She was first seen in her film debut in 1957 with the Old Vic Company. In the following years, she performed different leading roles in Shakespeare plays such as Ophelia in Hamlet, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and Lady Macbeth in Macbeth.

Although there are a lot of credits under her name in the field of theater, she also branched into film work and was able to receive a BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer. Given her perseverance and great talent, she was able to receive a fellowship from the British Film Institute and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She surely has a trusted financial adviser to take care of her $35 million net worth.

Julie Andrews- 83

One of the most successful and iconic women in Hollywood is Julie Andrews. Julie is widely known for her performance and character in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and My Fair Lady. She has this beautiful voice that everyone fell in love with making her one of the most influential actresses in the industry. Not only did she capture the hearts of many because of her sweet smile, but Andrews also has an overall charm.

She started her career at a very young age and proved herself to be having an extraordinary talent in acting worldwide. Unfortunately, her angelic voice was somehow disturbed due to a surgery that removed noncancerous nodules on her vocal cords. However, the operation did not stop her from excelling in her career, as people can still see her on the big screen up until now. She must also have a trusted finance manager to handle her wealth.

Kate Winslet- 43

Kate Winslet is also one of the prominent actresses in Hollywood. Her prominent status was not earned overnight as she was said to have worked very hard on it. She rose to fame with her iconic role as Rose in the film Titanic. Sources revealed that she plead her way to become Rose. Upon receiving the role, she worked hard and gave so much justice to her character. She even nearly drowned while filming, caught influenza, suffered from hypothermia, and had bruises on her knees and arm.

Given the fact that her face is one of the reasons she soared high in her career, she also had an exceptional talent in acting. Winslet is one of the few that was able to get an Emmy Award, Academy Award, and Grammy Award. She must have a financial adviser to lead her investments on right the path as she has a $45 million net worth.

Chaka Khan-66

Born as Yvette Marie Stevens and famous for her stage name Chaka Khan, the Through The Fire diva is one of the most prominent singers, musicians, and songwriters in the industry. Her career has spanned for almost five decades. Khan kicked-off her career in the 1970s as the lead vocalist of the funk band called Rufus. She gained the attention of the public for her image and of course, her vocals.

She was labeled as the Queen of Funks, and also the first R&B artist to have a crossover hit featuring a rapper, with her hit song “I Feel for You” in 1984. Khan also won 10 Grammys and has sold an estimated 70 million records. You can only imagine what her credit score looks like. Now at the age of 67, Khan is still active in the music industry. Her latest collaboration was with Ariana Grande in 2019 for the movie soundtrack of Charlie’s Angels, Nobody. There you have it; Chaka Khan is really unstoppable.

Lola Falana-76

Loletha Elayne Falana or famously known as Lola Falana is a singer, model, actress, and dancer that rose to stardom in the early 1960s. Her life is one story that we can all be inspired by. From fame to religious devotion, her life took a great twist in just a snap. The fierce looks of Lola Falana started to be noticed in 1958 as she started her dancing gig at the age of sixteen. She then entered the film industry in 1966. Her charm was known in the 70s as she often appeared on The Hollywood Palace, and The Joey Bishop Show showing off her talent in light comedy, dancing, and music.

Falana is also one of the first supporting players that were hired by Bill Cosby. In 1970, she was married to Feliciano “Butch” Tavares Jr. who was one of the five brothers of the popular R&B and soul vocal band Tavares. However, they needed to contact some divorce lawyers as they called it quits in 1975. Her life changed when she suffered multiple sclerosis which paralyzed half of her body and damaged her hearing and voice. It took a year and a half for her to recover and during those times she found reconciliation with praying. And then on she became more devoted to her faith and her career comes secondary.

Mia Farrow- 74

Mia Farrow is beyond beautiful as the saying goes, “there is more than beneath the eyes”. Basically, Mia Farrow owes her success to her good looks. Her looks brought her to stardom as an actress, model, and singer. But then, she is also well credited for her works as an activist who is not afraid to use her voice to good use. Mia Farrow was blessed to have a good career in the entertainment industry. Thanks to her great talent she had appeared in more than 50 films and won awards.

Farrow also became famous for her extensive work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, with her humanitarian activities in Chad, the Central African Republic, and Darfur. Farrow was even considered by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world in 2008. She is not only beautiful outside but also has a great heart. A financial adviser must have led her finances on the right path as she has a net worth of $60 million.

Barbara Bach – 71

Barbara Bach is another original James Bond girl. How can she not be, given the stunning looks that drove her to excel with her career? Not only was she an actress, but she is also a former model. There are no reports that she underwent any cosmetic surgery, so it is safe to say that her looks are all-natural. The credit goes to her genes. But beyond her glorious genes, there could be something else that causes her good looks even to this day.

Bach is not shy to admit that after all these years, her flawless beauty is the result of her healthy lifestyle, which consists of exercise and being a vegetarian. And today, she attributes her glow to her happy marriage with the legendary Beatles member Ringo Starr. Her emotional and physical health must be one of her greatest investments as she still shines until now.

Goldie Hawn- 73

A proof that beauty runs in the blood is Goldie Hawn who has a beautiful daughter just like her. The credit must have gone to her genes, as she gave birth to the beautiful Kate Hudson. Hawn is one of Hollywood’s prominent actresses and received prestigious awards. She rose to fame in the NBC sketch comedy program Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in. Then, she played a role in Cactus Flower where she was able to get an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She then received multiple roles from movies and even took part in voice-acting for a character in the famous animated series Phineas and Ferb. Hawn’s beauty and sex appeal are astonishing that even to this date she is still being linked to different personalities. It was public knowledge that she has been in a relationship with several personalities. Although she got married twice, she is now with a long-standing relationship as of this moment. Goldie and her current beau for 35 years believe that they are better off not getting married.

Ally Sheedy- 57

Ally Sheedy is one of Hollywood’s famous actresses. Following her debut in film in the 1983 film Bad Boys, she became more prominent to be one of the Brat Pack group actors in the films The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. However, as beautiful as she is, Sheedy also had experienced some downtimes in her life and career. She admitted that it all started when she dated Richie Sambora.

But with the help of her family and loved ones, she was able to over her circumstances and made a better choice in life. Thankfully, she bounced back and underwent treatment for sleeping pill addiction. Her regal beauty never tarnished and is noticeably giving a youthful vibe. Now that she is better, she must have financial advisors to handle her money and learned the importance of having life investments and insurance.

Pam Grier- 70

The original breakthrough actress should be credited to Pam Grier. Not only she became the first heroine but also, she led the welcoming of unusual and underrated beauties to take center stage. Pam Grier was one of the household names back in the early 70s. Her beautiful face starred in a string of films playing the role of women in prison and blaxploitation films. She then received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, for playing a role in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.

She also received an Emmy nomination for her work in the animated program Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child. Also, Tarantino mentioned that she may have been the cinema’s first female action star. Being able to play in numerous films and television shows, she was ranked by Rotten Tomatoes as the second greatest female action heroine in the history of film. She must have a lot of investments following her success in the industry.

Jodie Foster- 56

A lot of stars have been stalked once in a while either by paparazzi or die-hard fans. But what sets Jodie Foster among those stars is that her stalker did something outrageous just to get her attention. What is it? Well, he just tried to assassinate the former US President Ronald Reagan. No words here but just, wow! It is not Jodie’s fault at all but her beauty and great acting prowess seem to drive fans all over the world head over heels. There is no doubt that Jodie Foster was cited to be one of the best actresses of her generation.

Her lovely face is still flawless up to now, and it seems like it has not aged at all. Foster looks like an achiever in whatever career she plans to do. As an actress, she has received two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe awards, and three British Academy Film Awards. As for her career in directing, she has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. She surely has top-of-the-line insurances and investments having those achievements in her career.

Daryl Hannah-58

Being passionate about what you do is never wrong, unless you make it to the point that you will break laws or cause harm to others. But in Daryl Hannah’s case, it isn’t such a bad thing since she managed to set her limits well enough after a few incidents that caused her to call upon her attorney. The gorgeous face of Daryl Hannah can be seen as she played roles in numerous blockbuster movies such as Blade Runner, The Fury, and Splash.

Given the fact that she is a terrific actress, she is also an environmental activist and a life-long vegan. The dedication of Hannah in her environmental advocacy got her arrested, but her lawyers managed to handle her case. She helps fight climate change, animal cruelty, and stop oil companies from taking over Native American lands. Despite the fact that she is 58 years old and works in a stressful environment, she still manages to keep her gorgeous face.

Susan Sarandon- 72

Susan Sarandon is an English actress that is considered one of Hollywood’s gem. Not only she had brilliant acting skills and stunning elegance and stage presence, but she is also well-admired for her goodwill. Susan Sarandon is also an actress and an activist. She rose to fame when she joined the cast of Joe and when she starred in the film Atlantic City. She had received an Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and a British Academy Film Award. Aside from her great look and undeniable talent, she is also known for her political and social activism.

In 1999, she was even appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In 2006, Sarandon also received the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award. While doing all those civic duties, Susan still works on screen. She was last seen in 2017’s movie A Bad Mom’s Christmas. With a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, she must have a trusted financial advisor, to handle her wealth as she is quite busy with her career.

Farrah Fawcett- Passed Away in 2009

It is safe to say that Farrah Fawcett is one unforgettable leading star in the 70s. She is the definition of hotness back then as she is not only beautiful, but she also has a sexy body that every woman wants to achieve. Farrah Fawcett is one of the hottest faces in Hollywood. Her international fame rose after posing in her iconic red swimsuit poster, which became the bestselling pin-up poster in history.

She also starred in the first season of the TV series Charlie’s Angels as Jill Munroe, and it was her first-ever Golden Globes nomination. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2009 due to anal cancer. In the same year of her death, NBC was able to document the battle of Farrah with cancer. The documentary “Farrah’s Story,” earned her fourth Emmy nomination as a producer of the said documentary. She must have left some investments to her family, before her death.

Morgan Fairchild – 69

Fairchild is active in raising awareness of AIDS-related issues and environmental protection. Fairchild started her career in the late 70s and early 80s. Her flawless looks can be seen following her kick-off in stardom in television series. She first began acting in the CBS daytime soap opera as Jennifer Pace in Search for Tomorrow, from 1973 to 1977. She then appeared in 1978, on the primetime soap opera as the first actress to play the role of Jenna Wade in Dallas.

She was nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama following her performance as Jenna Wade. She must have a lot of investments as reports suggest that her net worth is $20 million. Now in her 70s, Morgan was rumored to have invested in fillers to maintain her youthful look. Though she hasn’t denied nor confirmed the rumors, a lot have speculated that it is true due to her stretched and young-looking skin. Regardless, it still stands that she is beautiful inside and out.

Meryl Streep- 70

Meryl Streep does not need any introduction as everybody knows who this legendary actress is. Her beautiful face can be seen in different movies. Streep is famous for her versatility in her roles, and the transformation that she gets to give justice to her character. Even the accent adaptation, she made it look easy. She had won different awards from prestigious bodies in the industry.

Meryl Streep, though beautiful and alluring in her younger years, reached the ultimate stardom that marked her in the industry’s hall of fame in her later years. She was one of the big names in the late 70s until the 80s but has laid low in the 90s. During the new millennium, she reclaimed her stardom from her iconic role in The Devil Wears Prada. Now that she is back and will never back down, there is no doubt that her credit score is high given the talent and the roles that she had played.

Demi Moore- 56

Demi Moore is one of Hollywood’s goddesses. During her younger years, she became successful due to her sex appeal and beauty. The budding teenager then happened to turn heads every time she walks into the room. From gracing the cover of magazines to starring in daring roles, Demi Moore has done it all. But she earned high respect and regard following her iconic movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze.

Next to it is her villain character in Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle in early 2000. Now in her late 50s, she still managed to look the same. She was given high praises for her sexy body and undying beauty. Other famous celebrities try to keep it simple when it comes to their beauty regimen, but Moore seems to want it extra. She surely has all the investments and insurances to maintain her beauty. She was spotted several times visiting a Cyrohealthcare Clinic.

Julia Roberts-51

Another A-lister and Hollywood royalty on the list is Julia Roberts. Best known for her million-dollar smile, the literally pretty woman who has made everyone fall in love with her for her role in the classic film Pretty Woman. She managed to charmed audiences worldwide with her big beautiful smile and great acting skills. Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood’s gems as every role she portrays receives a standing ovation. She must have given credit to her talent for the advancement of her career.

Thanks to her great looks and undeniable skills, she became one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. Back in the 80s, she already earned an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Steel Magnolias. Not only do people love her because of her talent, but she also has the charisma, beautiful presence, and kindness for many. Now that she is in the later years of her life, signs of youth are still there. Her secret is just simple: a balanced diet.

Jennifer Aniston- 50

If there is one celebrity who we envy a lot, that would be Jennifer Aniston. Why? Well, not only she has a perfect body, a beautiful face, a million-dollar account, and a beautiful mane, she also snugged the dashing Brad Pitt back in the days. She seems to have it all, especially now that she is aging gracefully. Yep! No obvious sign of aging on her. It has been more than 10 years since the classic NBC hit series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has aired its final episode. But everybody will never forget it.

One of the most loved characters is Rachel Green. Played by Jennifer Aniston, you can never imagine who can possibly replace the charming, flirty, fun character. It came to a point where everybody was in love with her character, and her famous hairstyle, “The Rachel” haircut, became popular. Given that she is already famous, she also appeared in popular comedy films, such as The Break Up with Vince Vaughn, and We’re the Millers with Jason Sudeikis. Her credit score and finances must have been off the hook!

Halle Berry- 52

A lot will agree that Halle Berry is one of the most respected actresses of all time. As evidenced by her long list of films that made it into box-office hit and her well-deserved awards she won on several occasions. She’s also loved for her self-discipline when it comes to her health and fitness. Now, looking like that who could ever think that Halle Berry is 52-years-old! Halle Berry seems to have never changed as she is still as hot as ever.

Playing different roles, she also managed to receive different awards in prestigious bodies in the industry. Berry also admitted that her secret to her youthful glow is to let your skin breathe. Aside from avoiding layers of cosmetics, she also shared that adopting a healthy lifestyle, especially drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep is one of the key players to stay radiantly beautiful. She must have a finance advisor and multiple investments given the fact that her net worth is $80 million.

Jennifer Lopez- 50

The girl from the block Jennifer Lopez is definitely every women’s body goal. Looking at her pictures now, who would have thought that she is in her 50s already. She is still rocking a body of 25 years old all thanks to her strict fitness routine and diet. Undeniably, Jennifer Lopez a.k.a J. LO is one of the most famous artists in the industry. She is also an aging flawlessly. She is a record-breaking music artist and actress. Her first leading role was in the 1997 Selena biopic.

Lopez then received a Golden Globe nomination and became the first Latin actress to earn over $1 million for doing the film. She then went on to star in two films in 1997-1998 and was established to be one of the highest-paid Latin actresses in Hollywood. Time has listed her to be among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018. She sure has multiple investments, insurances, and financial advisor to take care of her $400 million net worth.

Julianne Moore- 58

Julianne Moore is widely known for her ginger hair alongside her soaring career which never took a break. She managed to live a good life while staying afloat in the industry all thanks to her great management skills that we all dream of having. But seriously, what made us love Julianne Moore even more? It must be her “never-stressed” look that we love about her. Julianne Moore is one of Hollywood’s prominent actresses. At the age of 58, it seems like she still looks in her 30s.

The famous actress has been part of countless films and won numerous awards. These include an Academy Award and two Golden Globes. Given that she has a beautiful face, she also has proven that her talent is great. Moore even made it through the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People in the World. Having a net worth $50 million she must have gotten help from her financial advisor. After all, her income does not only come from acting but as an author as well.

Gwen Stefani- 49

Gwen Stefani surely knows how to impress people, either by her looks or talent. First is when she made a huge shift in the music genre from punk to pop. The second is when she announced her break up with her ex-husband. The third is when she finally welcomed love in her life again. Despite Gwen’s roller-coaster life, one thing remains: her beauty. Gwen Stefani is the face of the famous 90s band No Doubt. She also happens to be the co-founder and of course the lead vocalist of the group.

Stefani has won three Grammy Awards and as a solo artist, she has received an American Music Award, World Music Award, Brit Award, and two Billboard Music Awards. She also made an investment for her clothing line L.A.M.B. which she expanded in 2005 with her collection, Harajuku Lovers line. Years later she breaks up with ex-bandmate Tony Kanal, she married Gavin Rossdale and had three sons with him. However, they needed to contact some divorce lawyers as they called it quits. Their divorce was finalized in 2016. She then announced her relationship with her The Voice co-judge Blake Shelton.

Cindy Crawford- 53

During the 90s, Cindy Crawford is the face of luxury. Not only that she carried and model almost all of the luxurious, high-end, and popular brands there is, but she also has a perfectly symmetrical face that we all love to have. Now in her 50s, Crawford is an established woman who looks like just an older sister of her kids. The credit for the success of Cindy Crawford must go to her genes. Her face is just so beautiful and her trademark mole is popular to many.

Her success in modeling enabled her to become one of the highest-paid models in 1995. Crawford has walked on runways carrying high-end brands that are known to many. Not only was she a supermodel, but she was also an actress. Crawford also married Richard Gere in 1991 but had to contact some divorce lawyers as they called it quits in 1995. She then married Rande Gerber and had two children which are also into modeling.

Naomi Campbell- 49

Another legend in modelling is Naomi Campbell. Naomi Campbell claimed her popularity for her legs that runs for days and her strutting style on the catwalk. For that, she got included in pop-culture as a model icon and earned to be mentioned in one of Beyonce’s songs. Naomi Campbell is an English model, businesswoman, and actress. She has been recruited at the age of 15 and made her name among the most recognizable and in-demand models of the late 1980s to the 1990s.

Campbell is also one of the six models of her generation that was declared as supermodels by the fashion industry and the international press. She then admitted that she was addicted to illegal substances and alcohol. Thankfully she was able to recover. However, she had to go to the court with her lawyers to file a case against a news agency for taking her photo attending narcotics anonymous. She sued the agency for an invasion of privacy and won the case.

Eva Mendes-45

There is no doubt that Eva Mendes is one of the hottest Hollywood actresses. Eva has this intense sex appeal and curvaceous body that everyone will die for. She started her career in the late 90s and up to now, she still has the same beautiful face. She can be most remembered for her roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ghost Rider, and Hitch. She had been appearing in different movies and playing different roles, and it is safe to say that she must have good investments and top-of-the-line insurances.

In 2005, she became the spokesperson for Revlon because of her great looks. Aside from her stunning look, she is also admired and envied for her seemingly perfect relationship that is already nine years and counting. In 2011, she married another famous star, Ryan Gosling and the couple has two adorable kids. You could only imagine the credit score of this famous couple.

Nancy McKeon- 53

The charming face of Nancy McKeon will forever be remembered as Jo Polniaczek from the famous NBC sitcom The Facts of Life. She was everyone’s favorite Tomboy. However, she didn’t star for a long time since the show was canceled in 1988. Their family must have good genes as McKeon and her older brother Philip appeared in different commercials. The McKeons moved to Los Angeles in 1975, when Philip won the role of Tommy Hyatt and began appearing on the television series Alice with Linda Lavin.

Nancy also appeared on the soap opera Secret Storm and Another World. Nancy who appears to be living a quiet family life away from the spotlight does have a few acting gigs now and then. She was recently spotted as a contestant in Dancing with the Stars and a few TV series. She must have had some investments during her prime as no signs of bankruptcy have ever surfaced.

Barbra Streisand-77

Barbara Streisand is a music icon in her own right. Apart from her successful music career, she is known for her one-of-a-kind beauty. No, she doesn’t have that usual Hollywood face and that gave her an advantage. She is beautiful in her own way that is why people loved her and her talent above all. Barbara Streisand is one of the legendary celebrities in Hollywood. Not only is she a famous singer, but she is also an actress and filmmaker. Her career has spanned for six decades, and she does not plan on stopping until now.

She is one of the few celebrities who have won multiple awards, such as the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the Grammy Legend Award, a Special Tony Award, an American Film Institute award, five Emmy Awards including one Daytime Emmy, a Kennedy Center Honors prize, four Peabody Awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and nine Golden Globes. Given those numerous achievements, she must have a financial advisor to take care of her $400 million net worth.

Candice Bergen- 73

For the 10 seasons that Candice Bergen starred on Murphy Brown, she won five Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. Of course, we have to mention her roles in Boston Legal, Starting Over, and Gandhi. Bergen returned to Broadway for a while and is currently starring in various film and TV roles. Bergen began her career as a fashion model and appeared on the front cover of Vogue before she made her screen debut in the 1966 film The Group. She went on to star in the revivals of The Best Man (2012) and Love Letters (2014).

From 2002 to 2004, she appeared in three episodes of the HBO series Sex and the City. Her other film roles include Miss Congeniality (2000), Sweet Home Alabama (2002), The Women (2008), Bride Wars (2009), and Book Club (2018). At 73 years old, Candice Bergen is the face of everlasting beauty. Some might think that she owes her youthful skin and minimal fine lines to her beauty doctor but whatever the reason is, we are sure that she is a woman of substance as she is very active in philanthropic works and activism together with her husband and daughter.

Carrie Fisher- Passed Away in December 2016

Among the beautiful faces that we miss dearly is Carrie Fisher whose genius surpasses her beauty. The beautiful face of Carrie Fisher can forever be remembered as Princess Leia in the iconic Star Wars films. She was even nominated for four Saturn Awards. As for her performance in the comedy series 30 Rock and Catastrophe, she was nominated twice for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress.

She is also called the script doctor as she is known for adjusting and refining the scripts to make them more viable. She was the one responsible for the scripts of Sisters Act, Star Wars franchise, and The Wedding Singer. Unfortunately, Fisher passed away in December of 2016 due to a heart attack. She must have left some investments and insurances to her family, following her death. The news of her death has affected many in the industry, especially her Star Wars family.

Dolly Parton- 73

Dolly Parton has dozens of credits under her name. Aside from being a famous singer, she is also a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, multi-instrumentalist businesswoman, and humanitarian. Primarily, Parton is best known as a country singer. Having a net worth of $500 million, she must have some investments and top of the line home security. Aside from the great looks of Parton, she also has a great heart.

During their 50th wedding anniversary, the couple agreed to sell the photos of their celebration for them to raise money for charity. As of today, Dolly Parton is still active in the industry. As her face is one of her selling factors, she makes sure that she still looks presentable. She must be very grateful to her cosmetic doctors for taking care of her and making her look glorious and lovely as ever.

Catherine Deneuve- 7

There is really about French beauty that we all go crazy for. Is it their dark mane? Their alluring eyes? Their effortless fashion and sexiness? Whatever it might be, these beauty qualities are all present with Catherine Deneuve’s beauty. The beautiful face and the innocent eyes of Catherine Deneuve are still shining until now. The French actress gained recognition for playing different roles of aloof, icy, and mysterious beauties characters. She had been working with different directors such as François Truffaut, Roman Polanski, and Luis Buñuel.

Thanks to her charm and great talent in her field, she was able to succeed Mireille Mathieu as the official face of Marianne, France’s national symbol of liberty. Having all the recognitions and awards, Deneuve’s net worth is reportedly 75 million. We can only imagine what her credit score looks like. Knowing that she has a history of being a heavy smoker, she should also have insurance investment to secure her life.

Lindsay Wagner- 70

A pop-culture icon in the 70s, Lindsay Wagner has indeed made it to history. Now in her early 70s, Lindsay will forever be known as the bionic woman. All thanks to her wonderful portrayal of the character and her undying beauty that is evident until today. Lindsay Wagner is also one of the Hollywood actresses that had dozens of works under her name. She is a TV and film actress, model, author, adjunct professor, acting coach, and singer. Who could blame her given her beautiful face and undeniable talent?

One of her unforgettable roles is the American science-fiction TV series The Bionic Woman, in which she played the character of Jaime Sommers. Wagner first played this role in the hit series The Six Million Dollar Man. Then, the character became so popular that she even won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Dramatic Role in 1977. Her credit score is surely high because up to now, she is still active with her career.

Sissy Spacek- 69

Among the stars who have a long list of films and projects in the history of Hollywood is Sissy Spacek. Known for her characters in The Raggedy, JFK, Affliction, and The Help, Sissy is an established figure in Hollywood. Sissy Spacek is also one of the achievers in Hollywood. She is a recipient of various awards, which include a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Grammy Award, an Academy Award, and two Golden Globe Awards among many.

Of course, received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Given all of her achievements in acting, Spacek also had a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance, after she sang all of Loretta Lynn’s songs for the soundtrack album of Coal Miner’s Daughter. She must have handled her money well as no news of bankruptcy has ever surfaced. It must be her low-profile kind of life that makes her credit standing good or her well-managed investments since the early days.

Diane Keaton- 73

Younger generations today must have recognized Diane Keaton whenever they see her on the television despite not knowing her name is. This can all be attributed to her role in the blockbuster movie The Godfather, which is already part of pop-culture. With that, the name of Diane Keaton is most likely synonymous with perfection. Through the decades of her career, she has given justice to every role that she had played and defined the era time after time. She proved that she is Hollywood royalty.

Aside from the fact that’s is excellent in her acting career, she is also an accomplished author, producer, director, photographer, and sometimes even a real estate developer and singer. She much deserves her $50 million net worth, and she sure has a high credit score. She received different awards coming from prestigious bodies and even got the AFI Life Achievement Award. With her career success, she is also envied for her wonderful youthful glow. We wonder if she is a fan of anti-aging serum and sunblock just like other actresses.

Linda Blair- 60

Who does not know Linda Blair? She was tagged as a famous horror character after successfully playing the role of a possessed child, Regan in the film The Exorcist. She was then nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the role. Despite being known as a scary character, she managed to have the good looks that everybody is a fan of. Following the success of the first Exorcist movie, it was then followed by Exorcist II where she was nominated for a Saturn Award.

Unfortunately, in 1977, Blair was caught for illegal possession of drugs and conspiracy to sell drugs. She must have a good lawyer as she managed to exchange her three years’ probation for 12 major public appearances and influence young people about the danger of the illegal substance. But she managed to bounce back and return to her celebrity status after her probation. Despite struggling in life, Linda is still a beauty we admire. She owes it to her vegan lifestyle.

Mary Tyler Moore- Passed Away in January 2017

While on The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore shattered the stereotypical images of women and seriously pushed the gender norms. In her film work, she had earned a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She was also an advocate for animal rights, diabetes, and vegetarianism. Moore proved that having a good face can also mean you can have a good heart. In fact, it is one of the most admirable things a person can have in this world – to have both good looks and a kind heart.

And she had both. She was a total package and a legend. She was also labeled as a hero as she heavily took part in charity work and political causes. Sadly, she passed away because of pneumonia in January of 2017. She may have left some investments to her family but all her works will forever be in our hearts. She has brought in so much good to the world that she deserves even more recognition. She left wonders and miracles. She will be remembered for all eternity.

Stockard Channing-75

Stockard Channing is also one of the greatest Hollywood actresses. She became famous for the roles as Betty Rizzo in Grease or as the First Lady Abbey Bartlet on The West Wing. She had given justice in playing both of the roles. Being a cast member of Grease is like being an icon forever. Although the hit musical was not successful during its time, it is currently being hailed by the younger generation. It’s constantly being envisioned during costume parties, school plays, and even huge modern musical productions.

Channing was a part of something very special and no one can take that away from her. Her success in her career enabled her to be a 13-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee and seven-time Tony Award nominee. Channing has been married four times, all in which ended up with her contacting some divorce lawyers. Not only does she have great looks, she also has the brains to back it up, as she opted to get a degree in History and Literature at Radcliffe College in Massachusetts and graduated summa cum laude in 1965.

Rene Russo- 65

Rene Russo started her career as a fashion model in the 70s. She then made her film debut in 1989. After playing the lead role in the family comedy Yours, Mine and Ours in 2005, she took a break from Hollywood for 6 years. The hiatus might have helped her sort through some of her personal issues. Sometimes, it is healthy for a celebrity or any famous person to take a break from their career and invest on more important matters like their mental health or overall health in general.

For Russo’s case, this was certainly most effective since she came back with a bang! Her comeback in 2011 earned her the role of Frigga who is the mother of the titular hero Thor. It was then followed by in Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). As usual, appearing on the big screen, she still looks fresh despite her age. She might as well have made investments during her break in Hollywood.

Salma Hayek- 53

Salma Hayek is one of the ageless beauties in Hollywood. She has a lot of credits under her name, as she appeared in different films and TV shows. She began her career in Mexico playing the lead role in the telenovela Teresa and starred in the film El Callejón de Los Milagros, in which she was nominated for an Ariel Award. She is still currently married to François-Henri Pinault, who is a French billionaire. The love birds are pretty much happy with their relationship. There are no signs of them slowing down when it comes to the family fortune as well.

This 2019, the Pinault family has pledged $113 million to support the reconstruction effort of the burned Notre Dame Cathedral. Hayek is considered to be one of the most beautiful celebrities of all time, not just by Latin Hispanic category, but in world category. She made a mark for herself by being a brunette beauty, owning a seductive accent, and starring in projects toe to toe with fellow Latina Hispanic beauties Penelope Cruz and Hollywood legend Antonio Banderas.

Kirsten Vangsness- 47

The most recognizable role of Kirsten Vangnsness is the character of Penelope Garcia the long-running CBS drama, Criminal Minds. She is loved by many as she plays the Brainiac tech nerd who is part of the forensic unit of the said series. Vangsness also writes performance-art pieces and plays. She also got involved in acting like a child to help her overcome shyness and secure her first big break in the theatre. She then won several awards including 15 Minutes of Female Best Actress Award, and the Golden Betty Award and the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award for Best Emerging Comic Actress.

Not only does she have the pretty face, she also has a degree from Cypress College. She is widely known for her quirky looks and her soft heart. Her tag line “baby girl” became famous around the world and is being used by their official website, sometimes printed on their anniversary t-shirts, and more. Vangsness is a huge supporter of the LGBT community and we should give her more credit since she has always been open about her relationships.

Sandra Bullock – 55

Sandra Bullock must have given her looks some credit. Aside from her great talent in whatever field she conquered, she was also named as People’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2015. As for her talent in acting, she received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Also, with her works on-screen and off-screen, she was considered as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2010.


Given her beautiful face, she also has a great heart as she is dubbed by the media as “America’s sweetheart” due to her being friendly, direct, and unpretentious. However, good looks and great charm can come with a price. She needed to fight legal battles against some stalkers. Thankfully, she has an attorney to take care of it. Another instance where she needs to call her attorney is her scandalous break-up with her ex-husband Jesse James whom issues of infidelity are the initial cause of the rift.

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