Find Out The Celebrity Kids Who Are Now Set In Life, Thanks To Their Famous Parents

Riley Curry – Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry’s Daughter

Riley Curry is the cute daughter of Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry. The 7-year-old kid can consider herself lucky for having two hard-working parents that are giving her everything she wants and making her future secured.

Riley is believed to be a father’s girl as she is always seen in her father’s arms whenever they are spotted out in public and even in court. With beautiful eyes, hair, and features, she may grow as a good actress like her mom. When she starts earning, Riley can get advice about money management from her wealthy parents.

Alexandra Osteen – Joel Osteen’s Daughter and Singer

Alexandra Osteen is the daughter of the famed pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church’s co-pastor, Victoria Osteen. She is regularly seen singing for their church. Now, the 19-year-old star is pursuing her own music career.

Alexandra is also active on social media, having over 40,000 followers on Instagram. As she is now making a name for herself, it is not far for her to have her own money and buy everything she wants without asking from her parents. In no time, she may opt for home loans so that she can start living on her own.

Lou Sulola Samuel – Heidi Klum and Seal’s Daughter

Having a supermodel mom, Heidi Klum, and a hitmaker father, Seal, Lou Sulola Samuel may have the best of both worlds. However, things may not be easy for the 9-year-old celebrity kid after her famous parents went on their separate ways in 2014. At the time, Lou was only 3-years-old.

Not knowing what’s going on, Lou might only accept her parents’ fate. Now, she may be enjoying her life as a kid who has both hardworking parents. As Klum has $90 million net worth and Seal has $30 million, her future is undoubtedly secured; thus, she never has to opt for a student loan when the time comes.

Hazel Moder – Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder’s Daughter and Rising Star

Hazel Moder is the daughter of the famed actress Julia Roberts and cinematographer Daniel Moder. The 14-year-old star is starting making a name for herself. Having celebrity parents make Hazel exposed to the world of Hollywood.

So at an early age, she is already pursuing an acting career. In fact, she previously appeared in the movies Mother’s Day and All Access. Hazel even earned recognitions for her acting skills in Mother’s Day, which was also led by her mom. Although she is only 14, Hazel is already helping to grow their family’s net worth of $225 million. With this significant amount of money, they don’t have to opt for any loans.

René-Charles Angelil – Celine Dion and Rene Angelil’s Son and Singer

René-Charles Angelil is following the footsteps of his mom, the famed singer Celine Dion. Now making a name in the music scene, the 18-year-old star is starting to have a cult following. He currently has over 90,000 followers on Instagram, and it is continuously growing.

He also has his own channel on Soundcloud, where he posts his music and shows off his rapping skills. If René-Charles also makes a big name like his mother, he will surely need the help of a financial advisor to assist him on his finances.

Robert James Ritchie Jr – Kid Rock and Kelley South Russell’s Son and Musician

It is not surprising that Robert James Ritchie Jr also ended up as musician after having a famous parent in the music scene. The 26-year-old star is the son of the renowned rockstar, Kid Rock and Kelly South.

When he launched his first single from his debut album, everyone thought it was great. As Kid Rock has been in the business for over two decades and has been very successful ever since, it is not far for Robert to attain the same status. With that, he may have his own investment money to secure his future.

Hania Riley Sinclair – Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez’s Daughter

Hania Riley Sinclair is the eldest daughter of Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez. The couple has been in a relationship since 2007 and has two other kids: Pauline and Vincent Sinclair.

Hania is now 11-years-old, so it remains to be seen if she wants to be an actress like her father or a model like her mother. With two hard-working parents, Hania’s future is surely now secured. She may also have insurance to help her along the way when the time comes. Fans may see Hania at times when her father brings her along in movie premieres with her siblings.

Chelsea Belle O’Donnell – Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter

Chelsea Belle O’Donnell is the daughter of Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter. The couple, who are now annulled, has four kids.

Chelsea and Rosie don’t have the best mother-and-daughter bond. In fact, they had a very intense relationship over the years. Chelsea even claimed her mother ousted her from their home several times. However, Rosie started to work things out with her daughter when she got pregnant. Now that Chelsea is a mother herself, she will surely do everything for her kid to give her a good future and credit score.

Maxwell Drew Johnson – Jessica Simpson’s Daughter

Maxwell Drew Johnson is Jessica Simpson’s daughter with Eric Johnson. The 7-year-old kid is now getting everyone’s attention as a budding fashionista just like her mom. At an early age, it is evidently seen that she is growing as gorgeous as her mother.

In fact, Maxwell can be considered as Jessica’s mini-me version. She has the same bright locks and pouty lips as the 39-year-old star. And just like the fashion designer, the celebrity kid also has her eyes on the fashion. In no time, fans may also see Maxwell on the big and small screen, following the footsteps of her mother. With that, she can save for her future so that she won’t opt for student loans when the time comes.

Sebastián Marroquín – Pablo Escobar’s Son and Architect

Although Sebastián Marroquín is the son of the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, he still tried his best to live and have a normal life. The 42-year-old graduated with a degree in architecture and built a family of his own when he married his longtime girlfriend, Mаríа Ángеlеѕ Sаrmiеntо.

Aside from being an architect, Marroquín is also an author. He published the book, titled Sins of My Father, in 2009, saying sorry to all the people that had been hurt by his father. He even met some of his victims to apologize. Marroquín might have opted for a business loan to publish this book to reach thousands of people.

Duncan Jones – David Bowie and Angie Barnett’s Son, Director, Producer, and Screenwriter

The late David Bowie might be very proud of his and his first wife’s son, Duncan Jones. With everything that he had accomplished, the 48-year-old is now a successful film director, producer, and screenwriter.

He is the man behind the successful films, like MoonSource CodeMute, and Rogue Trooper. Jones is now married to the famed photographer Roden Ronquillo. They now have a 3-year-old son, named Stenton David Jones. The small family surely has a great, happy home secured with a home security system.

Jason Gould – Barbara Streisand and Elliott Gould’s Son and Singer

Just like his famous mother, Barbara Streisand, and famed father, Elliott Gould, Jason Gould has made a name for himself and has been successful in his field. The 52-year-old star is now an actor, director, producer, and singer like his mother.

Jason had secured some acting roles in the early days, but it looks like he is now focusing on his music career. If he ever gets as famous as his mother, he may also become as rich as her by putting his money on investments.

North West – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Daughter

Although she has not yet joined the entertainment industry, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, North West, has already started to make a name for herself. Just like her mom, the 6-year-old celebrity kid is now a television and social media personality.

Since North was born in 2013, media has been following her that even her milestones and life have been an open book to the public. At a tender age, it has yet to be known if North will want to be like her mother or her musically inclined father. Whatever she chooses, she is undoubtedly a star in the making. If her parents want her to be financially literate, she may take a finance degree so that she can handle their finances.

Eddy and Nelson Angelil – Celine Dion and René Angélil’s Twin Sons

Celine Dion and René Angélil got married in 1994. At the time, the two had a hard time to conceive, so they opted for In-Vitro Fertilization. They were first blessed with a baby boy, René-Charles Angelil, in 2001. He is now 18-years-old and following in his mom’s footsteps.

After nine years, the couple decided to opt for IVF again, and they became proud parents of twin boys, Eddy and Nelson Angelil. They were only about 5-years-old when their father died of a heart attack. Three years after his death, the Angelil family has secured a good fortune so the kids would never have to opt for student loans when they grow up.

Robin Christensen – Andre the Giant’s Daughter

Robin Christensen is the daughter of the famous wrestler of the World Wrestling Federation in the 1980s, André Roussimoff or a.k.a. Andre the Giant. With a height of 2.24 meters, who wouldn’t notice the professional wrestler?

Andre the Giant started to be known when he had a feud with Hulk Hogan. He won both the WWF Wоrld Hеаvуwеight Chаmрiоnѕhiр and Tаg Tеаm Chаmрiоnѕhiр at the peak of his career. However, he died of congestive heart failure in 1993 at the age of 46. His only daughter, Robin, who now has her own family and living a private life, inherited all his fortunes. She once appeared in a TV documentary about her father in 2018. With her father’s wealth, she will never experience bankruptcy.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Daughter

At a tender age of 13, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt seems to be determined that she wants to be a boy. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter prefers to wear more masculine clothes. Luckily, she has parents that gladly support her.

At one point, Pitt even revealed Shiloh liked to be called “John.” As of now, the kid doesn’t know yet if he wants to be an actress and join the entertainment industry like her parents. However, she has already started earning by having minor roles in some movie projects. In fact, she had participation in Kung Fu Panda 3 and the 2015 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. Shiloh can talk to her parents about money management so that she can start saving at an early age.

Valentina Paloma Pinault – Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault’s Daughter

By having wealthy parents, Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, Valentina Paloma Pinault is also set to be a millionaire herself. Her mom is worth $115 million, while her billionaire dad is worth $25.5 billion. With this whopping amount of money, this family never has to opt for any loans.

At 11-years-old, Valentina may be living a very luxurious life, given that she is the couple’s only child. She was born in wealth; thus, she could get everything she wanted. Valentina still needs to decide whether she wants to be an actress like her mother or a businesswoman like her father, but whatever she chooses, her parents will surely be there to support her.

Homer James Jigme Gere – Richard Gere and Carey Lowell’s Son

Homer James Jigme Gere is Richard Gere and Carey Lowell’s 18-year-old son. At 13, the kid witnessed his parents’ separation until they got officially divorced in 2016. Homer is the actor’s only child. However, he chose to live with his mother, although he still spends time with his father.

In fact, he joined Richard when he went to Italy for a holiday during summer 2018. At the time, they were with the 70-year-old actor’s girlfriend and now-wife, Alejandra Silva. Despite living apart, the two have an incredible bonding. At an early age, Richard and Carey may now teach Homer about investment planning so that he can prepare for his future.

Bria Murphy – Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell Murphy’s Daughter

Bria Murphy, Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell Murphy’s daughter, has been following in his father’s footsteps. The 29-year-old star is now an actress, appearing in 2016 movies like Amateur Night and The Perfect Match. Aside from being an actress, she is also a model like her mom. Bria is doing everything to be better at her craft and be an award-winning actress.

Bria has nine from his father’s previous and current relationships. However, she is Eddie’s eldest daughter. With a total of ten children, Eddie may have a lot of homeowners insurance to pay off.

Lily Mo Sheen – Miсhаеl Sheen and Kаtе Bесkinѕаlе’s Daughter

Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale have a beautiful daughter, named Lily Mo Sheen. The 20-year-old star has the good looks of her parents and their talents as well. The young actress has appeared in a number of movies, like Underworld: EvolutionClick, and Everybody’s Fine.

Unfortunately, Lily also saw her parents part ways. Michael and Kate were never married, so they never needed the help of divorce lawyers when they decided to separate in 2003. At the time, Lily was only 4-years-old. But Lily didn’t let it affect her; she is now pursuing her college degree so that she can have a good life.

Stella Doreen McDermott – Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s Daughter

Stella Doreen McDermott is the second daughter of Tоri Spelling and Dеаn MсDеrmоtt. Her parents got her name from the movie Great Expectations played by Gwyneth Paltrow. Tori and Dean showed their love for their 11-year-old daughter when they threw her a lavish unicorn-themed birthday party, fitting every young girl’s dream. The couple didn’t have to opt for personal loans to do this as they surely had the funds to pay for it.

As Stella is still young, she still needs to decide if she wants to follow in the footsteps of her parents and join Hollywood. However, as nothing is known about her in public, and she avows to have a regular and quiet life, she may never enter the entertainment world.

Bridget McCain – John McCain and Cindy McCain’s Daughter

Bridget McCain is the adopted daughter of John and Cindy McCain. Cindy brought Bridget home from an orphanage in Bangladesh in 1991. At the time, she suffered from a cleft palate.

John often brought Bridget to campaigns when he joined the 2008 presidential election. However, his opponents only used Bridget against his father that made him lose some supporters. Anyhow, John didn’t mind what happened and continuously loved and supported Bridget since she joined their family. Unfortunately, John died of brain cancer in 2018. The family might have had the help of his insurance to cover for everything he needed at the time.

Marston Hefner – Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad’s Son

Marston Hefner is the first child of the famed Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and the known model Kimberley Conrad. The 29-year-old celebrity kid lived in the famous mansion until he was 8-years-old. But just like his father, Marston’s life is full of controversy.

Marston was sentenced to a one-year domestic violence program after hurting his partner, Claire Sinclair, who was also one of Playboy’s Playmates of the Month. However, he tried to redeem himself and published a book about zombies, titled Bleed, in 2016. He might have opted for business loans to make this happen.

Nahla Ariela Aubry –Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s Daughter

Nahla Ariela Aubry is the beautiful daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. The 11-year-old kid evidently gets her good looks from her parents. Her mom is a well-known actress while her dad is a model. The former couple started their relationship in 2005. After three years, Nahla was born.

It remains to be seen what Nahla wants to be when she grows up, but it is not far that people will also see her either on the big or small screen. Just like other celebrity kids, Nahla saw her parents part ways in 2010, when Halle and Gabriel separated. As they were never married, they didn’t need to hire an attorney to work on divorce.

Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis – Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis’ Son, Actor and Model

Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis might have been diagnosed with autism, but nothing could stop Toni Braxton and ex-husband Keri Lewis’ son. Aside from appearing on the television series Braxton Family Values, the 16-year-old kid made his on-screen debut in the Lifetime movie Twist of Faith, along with his mother. With his good looks, Diezel also signed a deal with Wilhelmina Models, one of the world’s leading modeling agencies.

In an interview with Toni in 2016, she revealed Diezel no longer showed signs associated with his condition. Diezel is now entirely okay and working for himself. Just like his mother, he may put his money on investments to make it grow.

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is the second daughter of the power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. In the middle of several divorces between Hollywood couples, these two remain strong and have stayed together for over 20 years. They got married in 1996.

It remains to be seen if Maggie will be following the footsteps of her country singer parents. Although she is often seen with her father, gracing some events and even singing with him, she is now focusing on her studies. Maggie is currently pursuing a degree at Stanford University. At 21-years-old, she may have no plans of joining the entertainment world.

Sydney Brooke Simpson – Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson’s Daughter

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of the controversial O.J. Simpson and the murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson. Despite her former football player and actor father’s controversies, the 33-year-old celebrity kid had lived a quiet and private life.

O.J. didn’t let his kids get involved in the controversies he is into. Now, Sydney has a successful career as an event planner. As she is said to be good at her job, Sydney is earning a decent amount for herself and her family. She might need the help of a financial advisor to help her grow her money and handle her finances.

Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher – Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Daughter

Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher is the eldest child of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. At a tender age of 4, the kid can now speak three languages: Russian, Spanish, and English. The kid is not only fluent in these dialects, but she can also understand those very well.

Mila and Ashton are surely proud parents of Wyatt. However, it remains to be seen if she has an interest in the entertainment world and will follow in her parents’ footsteps. For now, the couple may put their focus on Wyatt’s studies and develop her talents. They are also continuously working hard for her future so that they won’t need student loans for their children.

Olivia Washington – Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington’s Daughter

Olivia Washington has been following her parents’, Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington, footsteps. The 28-year-old star is also a known actress, appearing in movies like The Butler, The Forever Tree, and Sorry For Your Loss. She is also seen on the small screens as an FBI Agent on Mr. Robot and Dee on Empire.

Olivia is used to being in the middle of the spotlight. By the looks of it, she is now a prominent and successful actress, thanks to her bloodline. For now, Olivia can start investment planning so that she can make her money grow just like her parents.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson – Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe’s Daughter

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, or commonly known as Paris Jackson, has been making a name for herself as a model, media personality, socialite, humanitarian, and actress. However, she is best known as Michael Jackson second and only daughter.

Just like her father, Paris had been through a lot of controversies. There were even reports that she tried to take her own life several times. But now, the 21-year-old star is redeeming herself and appeared in the movie Gringo. Insurance companies might try their luck and offer Paris a plan that will suit her.

Suri Cruise – Kate Holmes and Tom Cruise’s Daughter

Although Suri Cruise has yet to join Hollywood, the 13-year-old kid has already made a name for herself and is famous for being Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter. The kid is often on the headlines because of her parents’ high-profile divorce and custody battle.

Suri is currently living with her mother after Katie won her full custody. At her tender age, the kid already has an eye for fashion. In fact, she is often seen wearing the cutest clothes, displaying her great taste and style. Hopefully, Suri won’t max her credit cards by excessive shopping when she grows up.

Hannah Selleck – Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack’s Daughter

Hannah Selleck is the only biological daughter of the renowned actor Tom Selleck to his second wife, Jillie Mack. The two have a strong bond and even share their love for horses. In fact, they have their own horse-breeding stable!

Hannah and Tom have their own horse ranch in Ventura County, and that is quite off investments. Aside from horse breeding, the 30-year-old celebrity kid also does a bit of modeling, although she didn’t fully join the entertainment world like her father.

Billy Stamos – John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh’s Son

Billy Stamos is evidently growing surrounded by great love and care from his parents, John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh. The 1-year-old kid was born in April 2018, two months after John and Caitlin tied the knot in February after dating for two years.

It remains to be seen if Billy will also end up on the small screen like his father, who has been a household name for years. The 56-year-old actor has been known for his roles in television series, like General HospitalFull House, and ER. His mother, on the other hand, is also an actress, writer, and model. This small family may have the best home security system to protect them at home.

Frida Dessi – Brigitte Nielsen and Mattia Dessì’s Daughter

Brigitte Nielsen considers her 1-year-old kid, Frida Dessi, the biggest blessing of her life after giving birth at the age of 55. The Danish actress has been married to the Italian model Mattia Dessi since 2006, but it was only in 2018 that they welcomed their first child.

Brigitte has been known for her roles in the movies Red SonjaRocky IV, and Cobra. She once again returns to the Rocky series in Creed II. Aside from being an actress, she is also a model, singer, and reality television personality. Surely, Brigitte and Mattia will work hard to give their baby the brightest future, making sure that she will never have to opt for any loans.

Louis Bardo Bullock – Sandra Bullock’s Son

Louis Bardo Bullock is Sandra Bullock’s adopted son. The 9-year-old kid came to the actress’ life just in time to make her happy. In 2010, the same year she adopted Louis, the 55-year-old star had been in a roller-coaster-ride of emotions. After winning an Oscar for a Best Actress award for the movie The Blind Side, she had a divorce with Jesse James.

Although Sarah had spent a lot of money for divorce settlements and lawyers, as the highest-paid actress in the world in 2014, she managed to give Louis the most comfortable life. In 2015, she once again adopted another child, named Laila, and she is now 7-years-old.

EJ Johnson – Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson’s Son

EJ Johnson is the son of the basketball legend Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson. Despite having a famous father, the 27-year-old star managed to make a name for himself. He is now known as a television personality, socialite, and fashion expert.

EJ first joined the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. He then had his own spinoff series, EJNYC, one of the first series that featured a young LGBT person of color. He also joined E! News as a fashion commentator. In an interview, EJ revealed he wanted to pursue a career in fashion, and we couldn’t deny him that because of his incredible taste and style. Dubbed as one of the rich kids of Instagram, EJ surely has the funds to pay for his home insurance.

Simone Alexandra Johnson – Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Daughter and Model

You may see Dwayne Johnson with a kid before, and now she is all grown-up and a supermodel in the making. Simone Alexandra Johnson is the daughter of the former professional wrestler, a.k.a. The Rock, and the movie producer Dany Garcia.

The 18-year-old celebrity kid is now with the IMG models and starting to make a name for herself. Despite being in the limelight, Simone has managed to live a life away from the public’s eye. However, she also manages to have a cult following on social media, having over 400,000 followers on Instagram. At her age, Simone is may be now welcoming new suitors, who may opt for insurance because her father will surely never let them fool her.

Bryce Dallas Howard – Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard’s Daughter and Actress

Bryce Dallas Howard is the beautiful daughter of the famed actor and filmmaker Ron Howard and the actress, Cheryl Howard. The 38-year-old star didn’t let herself remain behind her father’s shadow, so she made a name for herself.

Just like her dad, Bryce is a good actress and director. In fact, she has made several great movies, like Jurassic WorldRocketmanSpider-Man 3, and more. She also had a notable role in an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror. With a net worth of $15 million and incredible talent, Bryce will surely never experience bankruptcy.

Dannielynn Birkhead – Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead’s Daughter and Model

Dannielynn Birkhead is the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead. At only 1-year-old, the celebrity kid’s mother died, putting her in the middle of a media frenzy. Dannielynn had been the focus of a paternity case. Now, she is happily living with his father, along with her younger half-sister Daniel Wayne Smith.

Dannielynn is starting to make a name for herself. At 13-years-old, she is beginning to be the face of big fashion brands, like Guess. Larry may now teach her gorgeous daughter about money management so that she can start saving at her young age.

Trey Smith – Will Smith and Sheree Zampino’s Son and DJ

Trey Smith is the eldest son of the celebrated actor Will Smith to his first wife, Sheree Zampino. Unlike his half-siblings, Jaden and Willow, the 26-year-old celebrity kid didn’t choose to be on the spotlight. Although he tried to be in the world of entertainment, he instead worked as a DJ at different Hollywood events.

Trey might be aspiring to be like his dad, who also has a successful music career. In fact, the Aladdin actor had won four Grammy Awards and attained the fame as a rapper, using the name The Fresh Prince. Trey may be now beginning investment planning for his future.

Ray Nicholson – Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard’s Son, Assistant Director and Actor

Ray Nicholson is the son of the famed actor Jack Nicholson and actress Rebecca Broussard. At the age of 27, he is now an assistant director and actor. Ray is known for the movies The BenchwarmersA Reunion, and The Outsider.

Evidently, Ray has been following in his dad’s footsteps. His father’s fame and incredible talent may have incited Ray to push for a career in the entertainment world. Of course, Jack, along with Rebecca, can guide their son along the way. They can also teach him about money management so that his savings will never go to waste.

Jack Marsden – James Marsden and Lisa Linde’s Son, Actor, Producer and Model

At an early age of 18, Jack Marsden has been making a name for himself, aside from being the son of the famous actor James Marsden and actress Lisa Linde. The celebrity kid chose to follow in his parents’ footsteps and joined the entertainment world.

Now, he is getting pretty successful, known for the movies like Cowboys and DemonsPrime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgement, and Going Off Big Time. He is also a model, traveling the world to run on different international runway shows. With a lot under his belt, Jack has all the means to pay for his own mortgage and will never be out of funds.

Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell – Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s Twin Daughters

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick were blessed with twin daughters in 2009 via surrogate. Now, the kids are all grown-ups and 10-years-olds. In 2018, the 54-year-old actress made a rare appearance and tagged along with the kids at the New York City Ballet 2018 Spring Gala.

By the looks of it, Tabitha and Marion have the same gorgeous looks like their mom’s. It remains to be seen if the twin sisters will also join Hollywood or choose to have a life away from the spotlight. But if they decide to be in front of the camera, their mom and dad, who are also renowned actors, will guide them along the way. They may even teach them about investment money to make them prepared for their future.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan – Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady’s Son

John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born to famous parents, the known actress and model Bridget Moynahan and the football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League Tom Brady. However, at the time Bridget gave birth in 2007, the two were already separated.

Hence, John Edward started to have a complicated life. According to reports, Tom was already in another relationship with his now-wife Giѕеlе Bündchen when Bridget told him she was pregnant. But despite the breakup, Tom made sure he would have a good relationship and tight bond with his firstborn. Although John Edward is only 12-years-old, Tom may have taught him about finances to have a good credit score.

Noah Cyrus – ‎Billy Ray Cyrus and ‎Tish Cyrus’ Daughter, Singer and Actress

Aside from Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have another daughter, Noah Cyrus. The 19-year-old star is also making a name for herself as a singer and actress like her sister. It looks like singing is running in Cyrus’ blood.

After working on the movie Ponyo on the Cliff, Noah released her debut single, “Make Me,” in 2016, featuring the voice of Labrinth. She was even named as one of Time’s 30 Most Influential Teens in 2017 and a part of 21 under 21 2019: Music’s Next Generation. At her age, Noah can now start investment planning so that she can match Miley’s whopping $200 million net worth.

Sy’rai Smith – Brandy Norwood and Big Bert’s Daughter

Sy’Rai Smith is the daughter of the hitmaker, Brandy Norwood, and record producer, Big Bert or Robert Anthony Smith in real life. Despite being the only child of these two prominent music artists, life doesn’t come easy for the 17-year-old celebrity kid.

Sy’Rai has been often the topic of many conversations since she was born. Her parents went on their separate ways in 2004. At the time, she was only 2-years-old. As they were not legally married, the two didn’t need the help of any divorce lawyers.  Now that she is all grown-up, Sy’Rai understands things better and is ,living her life as a good student.

Paula Carlene Nelson – Willie Nelson and Connie Koepke’s Daughter, Singer and DJ

Paula Carlene Nelson is the daughter of one of the most recognized artists in country music Willie Nelson and his former and late wife, Connie Koepke. The legendary singer might have influenced his child to pursue a music career after he had brought her on tour. She was also often surrounded by famous country music artists.

Hence, the 49-year-old star followed in her father’s footsteps and became a country music singer herself. However, Paula had been in a big controversy when she got arrested for the possession of marijuana and got imprisoned for a short while. But despite the issues, she still holds her fame and earning money, probably, from her investments.

Isabella Cruise – Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s Daughter and Hair and Makeup Artist

While Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were still married, they decided to adopt a little girl, named Isabella Cruise. The 26-year-old celebrity kid also joined the entertainment world—not as an actress—but as a hair and makeup artist.

Isabella chose to work behind the camera. She is a great makeup artist, posting her work of art on her social media pages. She graduated from the exclusive Delamar Academy of Make-up and Hair. The 22-week ‘Advanced Complete Make-up Artist’ course there costs $22,000 a year. Now, Isabella is married to Max Parker, building her own family, and paying her own home insurance.

Sam Alexis Woods – Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s Daughter

Sam Alexis Woods is the daughter of the legendary golfer Tiger Woods and his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, who was also a former model. Sam was only 3-years-old when her parents got divorced, and at the time when her father was facing significant controversies.

But despite the huge issues, Tiger still manages to provide Sam a good life. With a net worth of $800 million, this may continuously grow because of his investments. Sam will undoubtedly never opt for student loans when the time comes. She is only 12-years-old this time, so it will still be a long while before she goes to college.

Gia Francesca Lopez – Courtney Laine Mazza and Mario Lopez’s Daughter and Voice Actor

The famed celebrity hunk, Mario Lopez, has a lovely daughter, named Gia Francesca Lopez, who will surely be a good-looking girl when she grows up. At a tender age of 9, the celebrity kid is now saving up, and maybe her parents are preparing her for investment planning, by being a voice talent.

In fact, she has voiced the character of Estrella in the animated series Elena of Valor on Disney Channel. Truly, Gia has a good future ahead of her. With an actor dad and dancer-actress mom, Courtney Laine Mazza, it is not far she will join the entertainment world in no time.

Sophie Von Haselberg – Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg’s Daughter and Actress

Bette Midler’s daughter, Sophie Von Haselberg, is now making a name for herself. Just like her actress mom, the 32-year-old star has joined Hollywood. She is best known for the 2015, Woody Allen film Irrational Man.

Sophie is now paying her own home insurance and living independently since having an acting career. But before she embarked in the entertainment world, she finished her degree at Yale University. Sophie knows acting is not a forever career, and she has something else to do in case her current profession doesn’t last that long.

Natalia Diamante Bryant –Vanessa Laine Bryant and Kobe Bryant’s Daughter

Natalia Diamante Bryant is the daughter of Kobe Bryant and his gorgeous wife, Vanessa Laine Bryant. Just like her professional basketball player dad, Natalia is also an athletic one, being a volleyball player. Will she even be a model like her mom?

Natalia used to be studying at The Pegasus School in Los Angeles when her father was still actively playing for the Lakers. But when he retired from basketball in 2016, she is now at Sage Hill High School in California. Kobe is one of the richest basketball players in the world. With a net worth of $500 million, his kid surely doesn’t have to opt for student loans.

Mamie Gummer – Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s Daughter and Actress

Being a daughter of a successful and one of the renowned actresses in Hollywood like Meryl Streep, it does not come as a surprise that her daughter, Mami Gummer, joins Hollywood. Now 36-years-old, she witnessed how her mother became an icon and a legend when it comes to acting.

In fact, she saw and worked with her mom in the movie Heartburn in 1986. Since then, Mamie has been earning for herself. Doing a number of films, theatrical plays, and television shows, she may have learned a thing or two about money management from her mother.

Brooke Hogan – Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan’s Daughter, Actress, Singer-Songwriter and Television Personality

Hulk Hogan must be proud of his daughter with Linda Hogan. Brooke Hogan, 31-years-old, has a pretty successful career as an actress, singer-songwriter, and television personality. She first appeared in the family reality series Hogan Knows Best followed by her own television show, Brooke Knows Best.

She has also released two studio albums, and the first one became a massive hit. Her debut album earned a considerable amount, while the second one quite flopped. She also became the on-screen personality of Impact Wrestling and appeared in several movies, like 2-Headed Shark AttackSand Sharks, and more. With a net worth of $6 million, she may have put her money on investments to make it grow.

Dalma Maradona – Diego Maradona and Claudia Villafañe’s Daughter and Actress

Dalma Maradona used to be in all places when she joined her father, Diego Maradona, to almost everywhere he got traded. The 32-year-old star decided to return to Argentina and make a career for herself. Now, she is a known actress, famous for her stints on La venganza de Ira VampCebollitas, and Orillas.

Although she is now married to Andrés Caldarelli, she still often appears on a lot of famous Latin soap operas. Just like her dad, who is heavily regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time, she has made a fortune for herself so that she won’t need any loans.

Kimberly Stewart – Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart, Socialite, Television Personality, Model and Fashion Designer

Kimberly Stewart is the daughter of the famous rock star Rod Stewart to his former wife, Alana Stewart. However, compared to her dad, she didn’t choose to be on the stage to perform, but instead on television and social events. She even has a degree from the acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Company in London.

Although Kimberly doesn’t have a successful acting career, she managed to make a name for herself as a model and collaborated with colossal fashion brands, like Tommy Hilfiger and Elle. At the age of 40, Kimberly now has a child of her own, Delilah del Toro, her daughter with Benicio del Toro. She will undoubtedly do everything for her kid to keep her safe by owning a home security system.

Gia Giudice – Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice’s Daughter

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice now have a grown-up daughter, Gia Giudice. The celebrity kid is now 18-years-old. She has grown in front of the public’s eye by having a television personality mom. Teresa is known for the reality series The Real Housewives of New Jersey and is a writer of New York Times bestseller cookbooks.

It remains to be seen if Gia wants to be like her mom someday. But just like her mother, she is no stranger to controversies, as her father is also in prison for fraudulent bаnkruрtсу, mаil, and wire frаud. She may do everything to finish her studies and prevent herself from doing the wrong things.

Joseph Baena – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Patricia Baena’s Daughter and Bodybuilder

Just like his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joseph Baena loves bodybuilding and is joining competitions. He also loves to show his perfectly sculpted body on social media by posting photos of himself.

Despite being on the limelight today, Schwarzenegger used to hide his son with his former maid, Mildred Baena. However, the media managed to discover the truth in 2011. Regardless of the controversy, the two still have a close bond that the actor-turned-politician openly talks about his love for his child. Schwarzenegger, too, must be proud of Joseph for getting a degree after recently graduating from a university.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son and Aspiring Football Player

Just like his father, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is an aspiring football player. In fact, the famed football player claimed his son does everything to be as good as him. The two are even both part of the Juventus, the older Ronaldo joined the team in 2018, while the younger one is linked up with the academy.

Cristiano chose to hide the identity of his son’s mother. However, there are rumors he paid the kid’s mom a significant amount of money to give him the child’s full custody. As a lot of people are quite intrigued with the Jr Ronaldo, the professional soccer player said he would reveal more details about him at the right time. In the future, Cristiano may give some credits to his child’s mother.

Lila Grace Moss – Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack’s Daughter and Model

Lila Grace Moss is following in her mother’s footsteps with a career in modeling. At a tender age of 16, Lila is already a part of her mom’s own modeling agency carrying her name. In 2018, it was announced the celebrity kid would be the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty with a campaign shoot with the renowned photographer David Sims. She also managed to be on the cover of the Italian edition of Vogue.

Now that she is earning for herself, Lila may need the help of financial advisors to help her handle her finances.

Alexandra Reeve-Givens – Christopher Reeve and Gae Exton’s Daughter, US Senate Senior Counsel and Law Professor

Christopher Reeve must be proud of his daughter, Alexandra Reeve-Givens. The 35-year-old celebrity kid got a college degree, without opting for any student loans, thanks to the fortune of her parents. Alexandra went to Yale University, where she obtained a degree in law and met her husband.

Now, Alexandra has a son who she named Christopher, following her father’s name. Unfortunately, she saw her father got paralyzed due to a horse-riding accident in 1995 and died in 2004. After two years, her mother, Gae Exton, also passed away.

Dylan and Brandon Jagger Lee – Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s Sons and Models

Dylan and Brandon Jagger Lee both have made a name for themselves aside from being the sons of the rock star Tommy Lee and famed model and actress Pamela Anderson. The two celebrity kids are heavily involved in the fashion industry nowadays and have been the face of Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent.

However, the brothers also have different interests. Brandon wants to pursue a career in acting, while just like his father, Dylan is more musically inclined. With famous parents, it is not far Dylan and Brandon will continue to be known in the industry they will work in. Pamela and Tommy, too, may continue to guide them with their finances to have a good credit score.

Gemma Rose Davis – Kristin Davis’ Daughter

Gemma Rose Davis is the adopted daughter of the Sex and the City actress Gemma Rose Davis. After she put herself in a rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction, the 54-year-old star decided to redeem herself and start a new life. Gemma knew she is ready to become a mother; thus, she opted for adoption and brought home a beautiful baby girl in 2011.

Eight years have passed; Gemma Rose is now 8-years-old and is a mommy’s girl. She is currently busy studying and enjoying bonding with her mom. With the care Kristin is showing her kid, despite everything she has been through, she deserves all the credit for that.

Caroline “Ash” Aberash Parker – Mary-Louise Parker’s Daughter

Mary-Louise Parker decided she was ready to be a mom in 2007, so she adopted a baby girl named Caroline “Ash” Aberash Parker. She intentionally went to Ethiopia and brought a kid home from there. At the time, she was already single.

The 55-year-old star’s adoption didn’t go well with other people. She had received numerous negative comments from people who didn’t understand what she did. Nevertheless, she loves Ash wholeheartedly. The kid, on the other hand, is giving back to her mother by focusing on her studies. She may also work on getting a good credit score when she grows up.

Corinne Foxx – Jamie Foxx and Connie Kline’s Daughter, Model and Actress

You may have seen Corinne Foxx as the playful kid that her father, Jamie Foxx, tagged along at award shows in the early days. Now, the celebrity kid is now grown-up and a beautiful lady. But unlike her dad, the 25-year-old star pursues a career in modeling instead of acting. She was also joining beauty pageants and won as Miss Golden Globe in 2016.

Now that Corinne is making a name for herself and saving for her own fortune, she has all the means to use her credit cards, and of course, pay for it.

Patrick Schwarzenegger – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s Son, Model and Actor

With his good looks and famous parents, it is not a surprise Patrick Schwarzenegger has made a name for himself. The 25-year-old star is now a famed actor and model. He has several acting and modeling gigs, including the men’s clothing company, Project 360.

He is also related to the Kennedy family through her mom. In fact, she is the grandnephew of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. Hence, with a former governor of California father, it is not far that he may also get involved in politics. Whatever path he may choose, Patrick has a bright future ahead of him that he doesn’t need money loans.

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers – Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott’s Daughter and Social Media Influencer

A lot of people noticed Eminem’s daughter for her beautiful face and gorgeous look. Now, the celebrity kid is 23-years-old and a social media influencer. Fans may have started to get curious about Hailie as she is often included on her father’s music and lyrics.

But unlike Eminem, Hailie didn’t choose to be in a music scene but the world of social media instead. She also loves sports as she is an active member of a volleyball team in her high school. With beauty and brains, she is also a part of the Student Council and the National Honor Society. Eminem must be proud of his kid. With her knowledge, she may also have an idea about investment planning.

Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara – Sofía Vergara and Joe Gonzalez’s Son and Model

Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara is Sofia Vergara’s son to her college sweetheart, named José González. She was only 18-years-old at the time she got married and 19 when she had her firstborn.

The 27-year-old bachelor is now making a name for himself. Just like his mom, he joined the entertainment world, first as a model and then as an actor. He had been the face of cover magazines, like Paper, and had a role in AT&T Hello Lab and Guilty Party: History of Lying. Now that he is earning his own money, Sophia may be teaching her kid to learn about money management.

Damian Hurley – Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing’s Son, Actor and Model

Damian Hurley is the son of the businessman Steve Bing and the actress Elizabeth Hurley. Although only 17-years-old, he is already making a mark for himself in the entertainment industry. In fact, he had portrayed the role of Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in a December 2016 episode of the E! television series The Royals. At the time, he was with his mother as she also had a role in the show as the Queen Cobdort of the United Kingdom.

Damian used to accompany his mom at the red carpet events. Now that he has grown-up, he has his own activities to tend to. However, his parents must have been reminding him about investment planning, so his hard-earned money will never go to waste.

Navarone Garibaldi – Priscilla Presley and Marco Garibaldi’s Son and Musician

His mother’s name may ring a bell for being the wife of the late Elvis Presley, but Navarone Garibaldi is Priscilla Presley’s son to the film producer, Marco Garibaldi. Their only child is now 32-years-old and is making a name in the world of music.

Garibaldi is a musician and is the frontman of the rock band group Them Guns. By the looks of it, he is not interested in the world of acting; thus, he chose to be in a music group instead. Navarone is also the half-brother of Lisa Marie Presley, who is also a singer-songwriter. Unfortunately, Navarone saw his mother and father part ways in 2006. But as they were not legally married, they never seek any divorce lawyers’ help.

Lily Costner – Kevin Costner and Cindy Costner’s Daughter and Actress

Kevin Costner used to bring a little girl at Hollywood events. Now, that little girl is all grown-up and is 33-years-old. Just like her father, Lily Costner joined the entertainment world. She has been following his dad’s footsteps and slowly making a name for herself.

Kevin’s daughter to his former wife Cindy Silva is known in the movies The PostmanBlack or White, and The Baby-Sitters Club. But despite joining Hollywood, the actress manages to stay away from the spotlight. She chooses to live a quiet and peaceful life. She also has a singing career and attending singing events. Lily even sings along with her father. Now that she has a life of her own, Lily has all the means to pay for her mortgage.

Kai Dugan – Jennifer Connelly and David Dugan’s Son

Unlike his famous parents, the famed actress Jennifer Connelly and renowned television producer David Dugan, Kai Dugan chose to live a quiet life, away from the spotlight. People might have seen the little Kai accompanying his mother at red carpet events, but now he is all grown-up.

Kai is now 22-years-old, and his mother let him have a normal childhood. However, at some point after his birth, his father left the house as he parted ways with Jennifer. As the two were never married, they didn’t need the help of an attorney to fix legal matters.

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer – Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley’s Daughter

Michelle Pfeiffer adopted a child on her own in 1993, and she’s the beautiful lady named Claudia Rose Pfeiffer. The kid is now 26-years-old and all grown-up. Despite adopting at the time that she was still single, the moment she got married to television writer David E. Kelly in the same year, they raised the child together.

People used to see Claudia with her mom in red carpet events. However, Michelle still wants to let her daughter live away from the spotlight. If ever she wants to join the world of Hollywood, she has all the means to do so by having famous parents. Now, all she has to do is to maintain a good credit score.

Manuela Escobar – Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao’s Daughter

Manuela Escobar is the beautiful daughter of the famed Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao. His dad’s fame made her instantly famous, like a celebrity kid. Now 35-years-old, Manuela used to have a luxurious life when her father was still alive.

However, she started to live a life like a refugee when he died. Manuela chose to have a quiet life and work hard to stay away from the spotlight. She reportedly lives in Argentina and wants to keep everything about herself and her family private. She is not even active on social media, so people only know little things about her. Manuela may have learned about investments to help her bring back the luxurious life she used to have.

Madelaine West Duchovny – David Duchovny and Téa Leoni’s Daughter

Former couple David Duchovny and Téa Leoni shared two beautiful kids, and their eldest is Madeline West Duchovny. Now 20-years-old, the celebrity kid grew up inheriting the gorgeous looks of her parents. However, it remains to be seen if Madelaine will follow in her parents’ footsteps and join Hollywood. If she decides to do so, with her good looks, it is not far that she will make a name just like Téa and David.

Unfortunately, in 2014, she saw her parents filing for divorce. At the time, the celebrity ex-couple needed the help of divorce lawyers to fix everything for them. Despite the separation, Madelaine remains close to his father, as they are often seen watching basketball together.

Harlow Richie – Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s Son

Harlow Richie is the good-looking son of the socialite Nicole Richie and the Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden. The two started dating in 2006. In 2008, Nicole gave birth to their first child. A year later, she gave birth to their second son, Sparrow Madden.

Born to both famous parents, People Magazine bought Harlow’s first photos for a whopping $1 million to show it to the people. Evidently, these kids have lavish lives. Harlow and Sparrow are both growing with good looks. It is still unknown if they have plans to join the entertainment world. If they want to pursue a career in acting or music, they can easily do so with the guidance of their loving parents. Anyhow, they can still live a luxurious even if they don’t, and they will never opt for any loans.

Carys Zeta Douglas – Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ Daughter

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ daughter is now 16-years-old. Carys Zeta Douglas continuously grows with the beautiful looks of her mother. With her poise and stand, she can become a model or an actress if she wants to. However, Carys has yet to make a career choice.

Carys is often seen with her mother, watching fashion shows and going to important events. Evidently, she is enjoying her bond with her mom and her time in the limelight. Now that she is a teenager and will go to college soon, Carys will surely not need student loans by having famous and wealthy parents.

Violet Affleck – Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Daughter

They used to be one of the biggest couples in Hollywood until Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner decided to part their ways. The two opted for divorce in 2017, getting the help of an attorney to fix their legal matters.

However, despite the separation, they remain amicable and co-parents of their three children – Violet Affleck, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, Samuel Garner Affleck. Violet is the eldest of them all. Now that she is 13-year-old, she may understand what her parents are going through. But as Ben and Jennifer are doing everything, like being together for special events for their kids, they make sure they will make them feel like they still have a complete family. The ex-couple is working hard to give them a good life so that they won’t need to opt for any loans.

Piper Maru Klotz – Gillian Anderson and Clyde Klotz’s Daughter

Piper Maru Klotz is the daughter of The X-Files lead star Gillian Anderson and television art director and production designer Clyde Klotz. However, after three years of marriage, the two opted for divorce, getting the help of divorce lawyers.

Now 24-years-old, Piper may have understood why her parents got separated. She didn’t let it affect her and even worked hard to reach her dreams. However, by the looks of it, Piper has no plans to join the entertainment world. Instead, she likes to work behind the camera, joining the art department. In fact, she joined The X-Files Season 10’s creative team in 2016. Now that Piper is earning for herself, she may have a good credit report to show to her parents.

Sean Preston Federline – Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s Son

Despite her rough past with former husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears is blessed with two sons: Sean Federline and Jayden James Federline. The two hired different attorneys to handle their divorce in 2007. They even went to a huge custody battle, until, finally, they reached a mutual agreement.

Their eldest son, Sean Preston Federline, is now 14-years-old. Despite his parents’ separation, he is still able to bond with both of them. It remains to be seen if Sean will be a singer like his mom or a dancer like his dad. Anyhow, he will surely have the guidance of his parents in whatever career path he will choose. They may even tell him about the use of a financial advisor to help him handle his finances when the time comes.

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